Ayra Starr’s Parents, Sisters and Brothers

Ayra Starr’s parents are Mr. and Mrs. Aderibigbe, and she has two brothers, Ade, and Dami Aderibigbe, while her younger sister is Jesutunmise Aderibigbe.

Ayra Starr’s parents, brothers, and sister are all instrumental in her success as a singer today. They all played a great role in supporting and encouraging her when they discovered her talent. Their inspiration and support pushed her to success, and today, she is happy and thankful to them. This article will tell us more about Ayra Starr’s parents, brothers, and sister, what they do for a living, and how they influenced her.

Who Are Ayra Starr’s Parents?

Ayra Starr was born in Cotonou to Nigerian parents Mr. and Mrs. Aderibigbe from Kwara and Delta States, Nigeria. Because of her father’s business, her family relocated frequently during her high school years, making it difficult for her to build lasting friendships.

This is the much available information about her parents. Her interest in singing stems mostly from her upbringing in a musical household. And her parents supported her in her chosen career. Ayra Starr‘s father died in 2018, and their mother did a good job raising her and her siblings.

Who Are Ayra Starr’s Siblings?

Ayra Starr and her brothers and sister share a special bond together. Ayra, Dami, and Ade entered the university together, and they were the youngest in the university they attended at that time. They are all young, promising, and beautiful.

The kind of love they have for each other can be seen in the extent to which they support each other in their various careers. When they were kids, they formed a music band and would attend music competitions as a band.

Their love for music started a long time ago, and they are still into it one way or the other. With the help of her parents and siblings, Ayra Starr grew up in a sweet home. Let’s meet Ayra Starr’s siblings to know what they do for a living.

Dami Aderibigbe

Also known as Milar, Dami is a songwriter, guitarist, producer, and composer who inspired Ayra to become a musician. Born in the year 2000, he is two years older than Ayra and the family’s eldest child. Dami wrote some of Ayra’s songs and greatly influenced her musical career. Milar is a multitalented person who started his career in music before Ayra. He is passionate about this art.

He is doing pretty well for himself and has not allowed pride to creep in and spoil their bond. The bond they share together as a family has contributed greatly to their success today. If their family is not united and does not have faith in Ayra, she may not have reached this far. All thanks to Dami, who has been the first source of inspiration and encouragement.

Ade Aderibigbe

Ade is a younger brother to the singer Ayra. Born in 2004, he is two years younger than Ayra. He, just like his other siblings, encouraged her in her chosen career. He said in an interview that when they discovered that Ayra could sing, they all supported and appreciated her, but at some point, it became noise to them. However, he was part of the band they formed while they were growing up.

Just like his other siblings, Ade is doing well for himself. He goes by the name Bushboy Marcaveli (Bushboy Marc). Ade is the founder of Bushboy Films, a production company. His company has overseen the production of many music videos and also produced some videos for his sister.

Jesutunmise Aderibigbe

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Jesutunmise is the youngest of four siblings. She is the second daughter and also part of the music band they formed. She, just like her brothers, saw the talent her sister has and encouraged her by participating in her music videos and clips. Jesutunmise loves music as well, and above all, she loves her sister and brothers to the moon.

She is a TikToker and may have other things she does for a living. She may also have some other sources of income. Saltiana, as Jeutumnsie goes on TikTok, once made a post to clear the air on who her siblings are. Some trolls said that Ayra is the only rich one in the family. Saltiana gave him a piece of her mind.


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