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David Oyelowo is a classically trained British stage actor and screenwriter. He is of Nigerian origin but was born in the United Kingdom. David has been an expert in his field and has been growing but his recent role in Selma as Martin Luther King Jr. has succeeded in making him a worldwide figure as it earned him a Golden Globe nomination. It is quite obvious, from the look of things, that his career is on the verge of making new and huge waves across the globe.

You may have been hearing a lot about this electric actor but there are a lot more we’d bet you didn’t know about him. Keep scrolling down to see all you need to know about the talented actor.

David Oyelowo’s Bio

David Oyelowo was born on 1st April 1976 in Oxford, to Nigerian parents of Yoruba ethnicity. As a kid, he had a very courteous character, an attribute which earned him some blows and poundings from the bullies while in school. Growing up, he spent 7 years of his childhood in Nigeria. When he was six, his family moved from Tooting Bec to Nigeria, but went back to Britain seven years later, when David was 14.

He says that the years he spent in Nigeria helped him to act the role of Martin Luther King Jr. The British-Nigerian actor is also of a royal lineage, a truth he discovered during his stay in his native country.


Acting Career

David is not one of those whose passion for acting started at a young age, but a golden fish they say has no hiding place. The British born was a Theatre Studies student at City and Islington College when he was persuaded by his teacher to go into acting. Heeding the suggestions, he enrolled in an acting course at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA), where he was trained for 3 years. It was 1999 and Oyelowo was ready to take over.

David bagged stage roles in Royal Shakespeare Company where he played different Shakespearean characters. He broke records in the year 2000 as the first black to act as ‘The King’ in a Royal Shakespeare Company production. In 2001, his award-winning lead role in Henry VI was the first time a king was portrayed by a black actor in a Royal Shakespeare Company production.

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Oyelowo made it to the big screens in 1998 when he starred in series Brothers and Sisters and Maisie Raine. He became a big shot in the industry when he starred in drama series Spooks, where he played the role of an MI5 officer.

David Oyelowo’s Net Worth

With his unparalleled strides in the movie industry, David Oyelowo’s estimated net worth of $6 million will be considered as low when compared with his earnings in a few years. A greater part of his net worth comes from his earnings from TV roles.

The British Nigerian is surely going places with his outstanding talent.

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Wife, Children, Family

A lot of people may be surprised he has up to four kids. This is because the actor does well to keep his personal life private. He met his wife Jessica in 1998 while still in school at the National Youth Theatre, where things grew from friendship to a romantic relationship.

The couple later got married on a date not made known to the media. They have three sons and one daughter together.

Height and Body Measurements

Oyelowo has not just got the talent but also the body to go with it. He stands at a height of 1.75 meters (5 ft 9) which is quite proportional to his weight of 78 kg.


1. It was actually his love fantasies that got him into acting. David Oyelowo said theatre didn’t cross his mind until he was invited to a youth theatre by a girl he had a crush on; from there theatre caught his fancy and on he went.


2. He co-wrote the BBC movie Graham and Alice (2006)

The image seen above is a mini romantic-comedy-heist movie he wrote with Priyanga Burford.

3. He is a Christian

It is quite unusual to hear that any Hollywood actor professes to be a Christian but he declares his religious faith openly. David and his family are staunch Christians who live according to the Christian doctrine.


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