Mercy Johnson’s Net Worth and the House She Calls Home

Mercy Johnson’s net worth is estimated at $5 million which has afforded her the luxury of living in a grand mansion in one of the posh areas in Lagos.

The Nigerian actress and producer made her fortune from her acting gigs, business ventures, politics, and endorsement deals. Through her various endeavors, she has successfully earned a spot as one of the richest actresses. Mercy Johnson climbed the ladder of fame in 2004 after her debut in the Nollywood movie The Maid. The actress, who has been active for over a decade, has featured in over 380 movies and still counting. She has been able to maintain her ground in the industry, interpreting her roles effortlessly.

Acting is the Major Source of Mercy Johnson’s Net Worth

Mercy Johnson’s net worth is currently estimated to be $5 million. Some sources suggest that the given figure could be less or more. Until it is ascertained that she is worth more or less than this, the amount still remains what is known to the public as her current net worth. Below are some of the ventures that made Mercy Johnson a multi-millionaire.

She Made Her Debut In 2004

In 2004, Mercy Johnson auditioned for a role in The Maid. She interpreted the role effortlessly, and this paved the pathway for her in the Nollywood industry. For a few years after she started acting, she bagged minor roles in movies like Under The Sky, Lost to Lust, and many more which helped her in climbing the success ladder. With her perfect on-screen interpretation of roles, she has grown to become very popular in the Nigerian movie industry, ranking among the A-listers.

From her movie debut to date, Mercy Johnson has appeared in various award-winning films that have shot her to fame. Below are her acting credits, which helped her gain widespread popularity:

Movies That Contributed To Mercy Johnson’s Net Worth And Popularity

Below is a summary of some of the movies that shot the actress to fame:

The Maid

The Maid was the first movie that the actress acted in in 2004. She was featured as Jane in the movie and interpreted her role effortlessly. The movie portrayed her as a church girl who was sent to live with the Williams (Clems Ohameze and Eucharia Anunobi) as a house help.

The maid turned out to be possessed by an evil spirit, which led her to sleep with Mr. Williams. The movie, which was directed by Kenneth Nnebue, features Nollywood stars like Eucharia Anunobi, Clems Ohameze, and Emeka Nwafor.

Dumebi The Dirty Girl

The film Dumebi the Dirty Girl gained the actress wide fame because of the way she interpreted her role. The movie, which was filled with lots of comedy, featured her as a village girl (Dumebi) that was sent to find the father of her child, who is a financial consultant in the city. Being so naive and carefree, her problems started when she forgot her child in a cab.

She ran into more trouble when she set out on a quest to look for her child. The fun-filled comedy film features key actors and actresses like Kenneth Okonkwo, Tchidi Chikere, Nuella Njubigbo, and many more.

Seven And A Half Dates

Mercy Johnson was cast as Bisola in the movie Seven and a Half Dates. Bisola is a workaholic who didn’t have time for men. This got her parents worried and her father, Mr. Gomez, decided to set her up on ten blind dates with some of his friends’ sons. She met many calibers of men while on the dates, including the one with the bad breath, the talkative, the pastor’s child, the misogynist, and the latecomer.

On her seventh date, she met a random stranger, with whom she fell in love. The movie’s cast includes Toyin Abraham, Jim Iyke, Frank Donga, and many more.

Baby Oku In America

Baby Oku in America is a comedy film that portrays Mercy Johnson as a village girl that was impregnated by an American-based man, Chet Anekwe. She was invited over to America by him, and she went with her wild attitude. The actress, seeing that one can call the police when a woman is maltreated by her husband, used it as a means to frustrate him.

She got into a series of troubles and caused a nuisance in her neighborhood, which made her husband take to his heels. The movie was a major hit because the actress featured in it with a real baby bum. It features Nollywood stars like Uche Ebere, Mary Igwe, Ani Amatosero, Maureen Okpoko, and many more.

A rundown of other acting projects that shot her to fame

  • The Maid- 2004
  • Area Mama- 2007
  • Kiss My Pain- 2008
  • Corporate Maid- 2008
  • Live To Remember- 2008
  • Weeping Soul- 2011
  • Heart of A Fighter- 2011
  • White Hunters- 2011
  • Mercy The Bus Driver- 2012
  • Brave Mind- 2012
  • Dumebi The Dirty Girl- 2013
  • Baby Oku In America- 2013
  • Native Fowl- 2014
  • 30 Days in Atlanta- 2015
  • Thy Will Be Done- 2015
  • 10 Days In Sun City- 2017
  • Seven and a Half Dates- 2018
  • Jimeji- 2018
  • Royal Maid- 2021
  • The Ghost and The Tout Too- 2021
  • Tears Of A King- 2022

The Actress Charges A Huge Amount Per Movie Role

Mercy Johnson has developed herself to become one of the best actresses of all time, thanks to her talent. Having perfectly interpreted her roles in over 380 movies, Mercy Johnson is easily one of the highest-paid and richest actresses in the country.

Information about how much the actress was paid in her days of little beginning in the Nollywood industry is unknown. Several sources have it that the actress has worked her way up to the position where she earns N1.5 to N2 million per movie role. Following the claims, she was among the Nigerian actors and actresses that were banned from acting in 2013 following their expensive charge per movie.

Other actors and actresses that were in the same category are Omotala Jalade Ekeinde, Ramsey Nouah, Stella Damasus, Jim Iyke, Richard Mofe Damijo, Emeka Ike, Genevive Nnaji, Nkem Owoh, and many more. They were all on the verge of being banned from the Nigerian Nollywood industry but were pardoned after an apology in March 2014. Currently, what the actress charges per movie role is unknown to the public.

Other Sources Of Mercy Johnson’s Net Worth

Apart from her flourishing career in acting, Mercy Johnson also has other sources of income through which she has built her huge net worth of $5 million. She is highly involved in many ventures which have turned out to be profitable and have significantly added to her wealth.

Movie Production

Mercy Johnson has expanded her portfolio in the acting industry into movie production. In 2019, she made her debut as a movie producer in the movie titled The Legend of Inikpi and released the movie in 2020. The movie, upon its release, earned about N30 million at the Nigerian box office.

The epic movie depicts the culture of the ancient people of Igala and Benin. The cast of the movie includes stars like Sam Dede, Paul Obazele, Ada Ameh, and many more Nigerian Nollywood stars.

Mercy’s Menu

In July 2019, the actress launched Mercy’s Menu, a kitchen talk show. Mercy who serves as the host of the show invites people to share their marriage experiences and things that they do to make their marriage fun. They also share insights on the tactics that they use on a daily basis to make their marriage and home sweet.

Mercy Magic

As an entrepreneur, Mercy Johnson runs Mercy Magic, a unique blend of herbal mixtures, produced to facilitate the reduction of tummy fat and help with general body trimming. The product, which contains 28 tea bags, is a 2-in-1 pack that contains a slimming and a flat tummy tea pack. It takes about four weeks for the product to detoxify the body and cause perfect weight loss. Each pack of Mercy Magic costs about N30,000.


The governor of Kogi State, Yahaya Bello, appointed Mercy Johnson as the Senior Special Assistant (SSA) on Entertainment, Arts, and Culture. Howbeit, she still carried out her on-screen roles and businesses effortlessly.

Comedy Skits

Mercy Johnson has also expanded her acting gig into making comedy skits. She has been involved in a series of comedy skits with Nigerian comedy skit maker, Zicsaloma (Isaac Aloma Junior). She also makes short skits with her children.

Brand Endorsements Deals

Mercy Johnson’s net worth was also obtainable through the mouthwatering endorsement deals that she has bagged so far. The famous actress has signed deals with top brands and takes to her social media handles to promote the brands. She once signed an endorsement deal with one of Nigeria’s telecommunication companies Globacom. In October 2016, she became the face of Chi Limited’s Premium brand for Hollandia Evaporated Milk.

Mercy Johnson is known to promote the brand on her various social media platforms. She signed a mouthwatering deal with Pennek Nigeria Limited, a Lagos-based real estate investment company. The actress also signed an endorsement deal with Virony and Mr. Chef Iodized salt. In 2021, she became the brand ambassador of Teesas App, a Lagos-based start-up delivering educational content in national and local languages.

In 2021, Mercy Johnson signed an ambassadorial deal with a children’s skincare and cosmetic brand known as Zandas Kiddies and Fragrance. The actress is also the brand-influencer of Jennys Glow Nigeria product, a skincare product. She bagged an endorsement deal at her husband’s real estate company known as Henod Luxury Homes in 2021. Below is a rundown of the brands Mercy Johnson endorses:

  • Globacom
  • Hollandia Evaporated Milk
  • Pennek Nigeria Limited
  • Virony
  • Mr. Chef Iodized salt
  • Teesas App
  • Zandas Kiddies and Fragrance
  • Jennys Glow Nigeria product
  • Henod Luxury Homes

Highlight Of Mercy Johnson’s Net Worth Sources

  • Acting and movie production
  • Mercy’s menu
  • Mercy Magic
  • Politics
  • Comedy skits
  • Mercy Johnson Okojie’s Foundation
  • Brand endorsements deals

Mercy Johnson Okojie Foundation

When the actress celebrated her 29th birthday, she revealed her plan to start a campaign to help widows and homeless children off the street. She kicked off the Mercy Okojie Foundation together with her husband after her birthday. They have used the foundation as a means to touch many lives.

They once hosted widows in Uromi, Edo State, her husband’s community. They gave out items like foodstuffs, clothes, and many more.

Mercy Johnson Has Bagged Numerous Awards And Nominations

With over a decade of effortless interpretation of roles, Mercy Johnson has been able to bag numerous awards and nominations.


  • 2009 – Best actress in a supporting role at the 5th African Movie Academy Awards for her performance in the movie Live To Remember.
  • 2009 – Best supporting actress at the Best of Nollywood Awards for the movie Live To Remember
  • 2011-2012 – Googles most searched Nollywood celebrity
  • 2011 – Best Actress in a Leading Role at Nollywood Movies Award for the movie Weeping Soul
  • 2013 – Mercy Johnson was awarded the Best Actress in Comedy by the Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards (AMVCA) for Dumebi The Dirty Girl
  • 2014 – Popular Choice Female at the Nollywood Movies Award
  • 2018 – Best actress of the year by Eloy Awards for the movie Seven and a Half Dates


  • 2009 – Nigeria Entertainment Awards for Best Actress
  • 2010 – Best Supporting Actress by the Best Of Nollywood Awards for the movie The Maidens
  • 2010 – Best Actress West-Collaboration by the Ghana Movie Awards for Shakira
  • 2011 – Best Actress at the Nigeria Entertainment Awards
  • 2011, 2012, and 2015 – Best Actress Africa Collaboration at the Ghana Movie Awards
  • 2012 – Best Actress at the Nigeria Entertainment Awards – by the Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards
  • 2013 – Best Actress In Leading Role at The Nollywood Movie Awards – by the Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards
  • 2014 – Best Supporting Actress at the Best Of Nollywood Awards – by the Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards
  • 2014 – Best Lead Actress at Nollywood Movie Awards – by the Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards

Inside The Luxurious Lifestyle Mercy Johnson’s Net Worth Affords Her

With such huge net worth, Mercy Johnson earned the right to live a posh life.

The Actress Lives In A Luxurious Mansion

The actress lives in a luxurious mansion in Thomas Estate, Ajah, Lagos State, Nigeria. The house, which cost a fortune, was purchased by her husband in 2013. She revealed that her husband unveiled the house to her as a surprise after their stay in the United States. Though she rarely shows the interior part of her house, it is known to contain six bedrooms.

While the house cost a fortune, it has a simple exterior and is made of wooden floors and warm pastel designs. The house has some unique features, such as a standard swimming pool, a garage, a bar, a terrace, and a gym.


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