God Is Good Motors (GIGM) Price List, Online Booking and Customer Care Contact Number

God is Good Motors is a transportation company grounded in the business of transportation and general logistics. As one of the leading transportation companies in Nigeria, GIGM is constantly developing innovative ideas for improving the transportation business. The company embraces change in the dynamics of the transportation business environment and is open to learning more improved principles.

GIGM focused more on ease of transportation to revenue generation through a steady embrace of technological advancements on the buses they send out on the roads. Having a hold on the transportation system of other African countries, GIGM tries to be committed to giving out first-class transportation to customers whom the company regards as the number one stakeholder.

God is Good Motors Was Founded by Edwin Ajaere

The company, formerly known as God is Good Mobility, was changed to God is Good Motors in 2015. It was founded in 1998 by Edwin and Stella Ajaere. In 2010, their son, Chidi Ajaere, took over the administration of the company. It launched its first booking website in 2016. The company has experienced tremendous growth and expanded outside Nigeria in 2019 with operating terminals in Accra and Kumasi, two of the largest cities in Ghana. According to God Is Good Motors, the interface of their website in February 2020 hinted at the launch of an intra-city transport service that would be technology-powered.

 God is Good Motors Price List

God is Good Motors is a company that maintains integrity in service delivery. The company is keen to render good service to its customers and accepts a financial loss in achieving this mandate. It is one of the leading transportation companies in Nigeria with the lowest price to compare with the quality of service delivery to passengers. The pricing is categorized into two classes of passengers: the regular passenger and the first-class passengers.

Below is a comprehensive list of their prices for the two categories of customers:

Destination Price (N)
Departure From Lagos to Regular Passengers First-class Passengers
Abuja (Utako) N 11,000 N 13,000
Anambra (Awka) N 8,500 N 9,500
Imo (Owerri) N 8,500 N 9,200
Rivers (Port Harcourt and Tai LGA camp) N 9,500 N 10,500
Abia (Umuahia, Bende LGA Camp & Aba) N 10,100
Bayelsa (Yenegoa) N 8,500
Enugu (Enugu & Nsukka) N 8,500 N 9,600
Delta (Warri, Anocha & Asaba) N 7,900 N 9,000
Edo (Auchi, Akpakpava, Uselu & Ekpoma) N 7,000 N 9,000
Akwa Ibom (Uyo) N 9,300 N 13,000
Kaduna (Kaduna & Abuja Road Camp) N 11,300 N 13,000
Departure From Abuja to Regular Passengers First-class Passengers
Lagos (Ajah, Akowonjo, Cele/Okota, Festac, Ikotun, Iyana Ipaja, Jibowu, Old Ojo Road, Oyingbo, Volks) N 11,300 N 12,000
Imo (Owerri) N 9,300 N 10,800
Enugu (Enugu & Nsukka) N 8,300 N 10,000
Rivers (Port Harcourt) N 10,900 N 12,300
Delta (Warri & Asaba) N 8,500 N 10,000
Anambra (Awka) N 9,300 N 10,300
Edo (Akpakpava, Uselu & Ekpoma) N 8,300 N 9,700
Abia (Umuahia, & Aba) N 10,500 N 13,000
Departure From Edo to Regular Passengers First-class Passengers
Lagos N 6,400 N 7,200
FCT Abuja N 8,000 N 9,100
Departure From Imo to  Regular Passengers First-class Passengers
Lagos N 7,600 N 8,700
Abuja N 8,700 N 11,600
Departure From Anambra to Regular Passengers First-class Passengers
Lagos N 6,800 N 9,600
Abuja N 6,800 N 7,800
Departure From Akwa Ibom to Regular Passengers First-class Passengers
Lagos N 9,100 N 11,000
FCT Abuja N 9,400 N 11,800
Departure From Bayelsa (Yenagoa) to Regular Passengers First-class Passengers
Lagos N 6,800 N 7,800
FCT Abuja N 7,800 N 9,500


List of States and Cities God is Good Motors Operates In

To efficiently carry out their services to their customers, God is Good Motors operates in thirty-three terminals across Nigeria and Ghana.

Below is a list of all the GIGM terminals:

State/City Terminals Address
Aba 5, Asa Road, Former Old Nitel Building, Aba, Abia State
Umuahia New Central Park, Ohia, Enugu-Port Harcourt Express Way, Umuahia, Abia State
Maraba Abuja Keffi Road, By Abacha Road Junction, via NYanya-Mararaba, Opp. Chrisgold Plaza or Oando Filling Station, Abuja.
Zuba Market Space 206, Zuba Market, Abuja
Madalla-Zuba Near Mobile Filling Station, Along Kaduna Express Road, Madalla-Zuba, Abuja
Utako Plot 113, Utako District, FCT, Abuja
Kubwa Block 43, Gado Nasko Way, Opp. 2/2 Court, Kubwa, Abuja
Uyo 3, Monsignor Akpan Avenue, Itam Industrial Layout, Opp. Timber Market, Itam, Akwa-Ibom State
Awka Elite Shopping Complex, Opp. Crunchies Fries, Enugu/Onitsha Express Way, Awka, Anambra State
Bayelsa Opp. Wema Bank, Kpansia, By INEC Junction, Yenegoa, Bayelsa State
Auchi Auchi-Okene Express Way, By Old Staff Quarters, Auchi Poly, Edo State.
Benin-Central 12, Akpakpava Road, By First Junction, Benin City, Edo State
Ekpoma Benin Auchi Road, Ekpoma, Opp. Grill Center, Edo State
Asaba Asaba-Onitsha Express Way, By Head Bridge, Delta State
Warri 138, Effurun Sapele Road, By Airport Junction, Effurun, Delta State
Enugu 7, Market Road, Opp. State Library, Holy Ghost Park, Ogui, Enugu State
Owerri 31, Relief Road Junction, Off Egbu Road, Owerri, Imo State
Ajah Near Police Station, Ajiwe, Ajah, Lagos State
Lekki 1, Wole Ariyo Street, Off Admiralty Way, Beside First Bank, Lagos State
Festac Festac Gate Bus Stop
Ikotun 29, Ikotun Road, Opp. Ikotun LG, Ikotun Bus Stop, Lagos State
Iyana-Ipaja 164, Lagos-Abeokuta Express Way, Beside Diamond Bank, Lagos State
Jibowu 20, Ikorodu Express Road, Jibowu, Lagos State
Old Ojo Old Ojo Road, By the Police Station, Lagos State
Volkswagen Volkswagen Bus Stop, Lagos State
Yaba Yaba Central Park, Opp. Psychiatric Hospital, Yaba, Lagos State
Cele 103, Okota Road, Cele, Lagos State
Kaduna Lagos Garage, Mando, Kaduna State
Kaduna South 1, Bible Society Road, Adjacent 911 Bakery, Romi New Extension, Kaduna
Port-Harcourt 228, Aba Road, By Bori Camp, Beside INEC Office, Port Harcourt, Rivers State
Jos Angwan Soya Zaria Road Bypass, Opp. Jankwanu Bingham University Teaching Hospital, Plateau State
Accra Kwame Nkrumah Circle, Accra, Ghana


God is Good Motors Online Booking Platform

The online booking platform of God is Good Motors was designed to help customers plan their travel ahead of time. It allows passengers to secure their traveling time to have a better-planned life. Parents can, in the comfort of their homes, book a bus for their children. The booking platform is segmented into two parts which include:

  • Booking through the website.
  • Booking through the use of GIGM mobile Application.

How to Book Tickets on The Company’s Website

Through its embrace of technological advancements in the transportation system, the transport company launched an online platform for booking a bus. Online payment options available for customers includes Interswitch, Unified payment, and also a book-on-hold system. Below are detailed steps to book a ticket on God is Good Motor’s website:

  • Log on to the website by clicking here.
  • Fill out your travel information, i.e., Departure State, Departure Terminal, Destination Terminal, Number of Tickets.
  • Click on the “Book Now” icon.
  • On the next page, click on the “View Seats” icon beside your preferred bus and departure time.
  • Choose your seat of choice and click on “Continue.”
  • Input all your details, including the details of your next of kin.
  • Carefully read the “Terms and Conditions.”
  • Choose your preferred payment portal option depending on your card type, i.e., Inter switch or Unified Payments.
  • Select your card type on the Web Pay page and fill out your card details.
  • Your card number is all the digits in front of your debit card.
  • Your CVV2 is the three security numbers behind your card usually set apart
  • Your card pin is your debit card pin which you use at the ATM.
  • Click on the “Pay” icon.
  • You will receive a confirmation SMS and Email from God is Good Motors to show that your booking is completed.

How to Book Tickets on The Company’s Mobile Application

Regular customers make use of the mobile booking application. It takes a few seconds to get the booking done.

  • Download the GIGM mobile app for Android or IOS by clicking here.
  • On the next page, click on book a seat.
  • Choose from One-Way Trip or Round-Trip depending on your travel plan.
  • Fill the form provided (Travelling from, Travelling to, Departing on, Traveller).
  • Click on Book Now.
  • The next option is to select a seat.
  • Next is filling in your personal information, including your Full Name, Phone Number, and the Next of Kin’s information.
  • Below the page is your payment option or the mode of payment.
  • The app will take you to a new page on payment, then input your debit or credit card details.
  • The next is getting your printable information from the application.
  • Take the printout to the bus terminal.

Other Methods Of Booking Tickets With God Is Good Motors

God is Good Motors still maintains the traditional means of booking, which means making payment at any GIGM terminal. The method allows passengers to make a physical payment at the terminal and stay behind for immediate take-off to their destination. Below is the process of making physical payments:

  • Walk into any GIGM bus terminal.
  • Meet the cashier and make inquiries to know the amount to pay.
  • Fill in the manifest appropriately.
  • Make payments and collect your receipt.

God is Good Customer Care Channels

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To serve their customers properly, God is Good Motors is devoted to proper customer service delivery. To achieve this, the company provided several connecting channels to the customer care service located at all the company terminals.

Below is the customer service channels available for customers:


Customer service Channels

Aba Terminal 07031195208, [email protected]
Umuahia Terminal 08150846944,
[email protected]
Mararaba Terminal 08150846941,
[email protected]
Zuba Terminal 08150846952,
[email protected]
Utako Terminal 08150846946, [email protected]
Kubwa Terminal 08150846940,
[email protected]
Uyo Terminal 08150846947,
[email protected]
Awka Terminal 08150846933,
[email protected]
Bayelsa Terminal 08150846951,
[email protected]
Auchi Terminal 08150846932,
[email protected]
Benin­ Central Terminal 08150846930,
[email protected]
Benin ­Head Office 08150846945,
[email protected]
Ekpoma Office 08150846934,
[email protected]
Asaba Terminal 08150846931,
[email protected]
Warri Terminal 08150846949,
[email protected]
Enugu Terminal 08150846935,
[email protected]
Owerri Terminal 08150846942,
[email protected]
Ajah Terminal 08150846929,
[email protected]
Festac Terminal 08150846936,
[email protected]
Ikotun Terminal 08150846937,
[email protected]
Iyana-­Ipaja Terminal 08150846938,
iyana­[email protected]
Jibowu Terminal 08150846939,
[email protected]
Volkswagen Terminal 08150846948
[email protected]
Yaba (Central Park) Terminal 08150846950
[email protected]
Kaduna Terminal 08150846953,
[email protected]
Port ­Harcourt Terminal 08150846943
[email protected]


GIGM customer care general channel that works on a 24/7 basis includes:

  • Email: [email protected].
  • Twitter Handle: twitter.com/gigmotors.
  • Facebook page: facebook.com/GIGMOTORS.
  • For Calls: 08139851110.

How to Reach GIG Customer Care Service Through The Website

The following steps are essential to make a complaint, suggestions, or commendations as a standby customer care agent is on the ground to receive the feedback.

  • Log into the website by clicking here
  • Scroll down to the customer feedback section.
  • Fill the form available:
    1. Category (Enquiry, Query, Emergency, and Feedback).
    2. Full Name.
    3. Phone Number.
    4. Email address.
    5. Message.
  • Click on Submit to send your information to the customer care service department.

God is Good Also Offer Logistics and Cargo Services

God is Good Motors diversified into logistics and cargo services in Nigeria. The services rendered by this arm of the company comprises shipment tracking services, corporate courier services, domestic courier solutions, and eCommerce Logistics services through a website and mobile application. God is Good Logistics is also on Business to Business (B2B), Business to Customer (B2C), and multiple channel retailer logistic solutions. The company values the time for delivery and good condition of the items. Express couriers services are also available for customers at affordable prices.

Below are the pick-up points available in God is Good logistics:

Terminal Point Pick up points
  • Leno petroleum Nig. Ltd, along with Aba – Port Harcourt ExpressWay Aba.
  • Nigerian Navy Finance and Logistics College, Owerrinta
  • Royal Cruise Restaurant By Isiala Ngwa Junction.
  • Royal Supermarket. 91, Aba-Owerri Road, Aba.
  • Lekki 1 Admiralty Way by First Bank
  • Jakande Mobil Filling Station
  • Ikota Mega Chicken
  • Ziuss filling station, Ibeju Lekki.
  • Sango Tedo Nero Bus stop
  • Lakowe Total Filling Station
  • Bunvic Invest. Filling station by Epe junction
  • Ikate Bus stop by a traffic light
  • New road junction, after Igboefon traffic light by Eti-Osa Local Government secretariat.
  • Pinnacle Filling station by 2nd roundabout, Marwa
  • Fowobi Filling Station Ijebu Itele along Shagamu-Benin expressway, Ijebu ode
  • Oando Filling Station, Chisco Bus-Stop(Former 4th Roundabout) Along Lekki-Epe Expressway, Lekki
  • Total Filling Station, Eleko Beach Junction, Along Lekki-Epe Expressway, Ibeju Lekki
  • Front of Mayfair garden estate opposite debase oil and gas filling station, Ibeju Lekki.
  • Sterling Bank by Isheri Bus-stop, Isheri-Idimu road
  • Forte oil by car wash bus-stop Isheri-Egbeda road
  • O.O Petroleum, Ile-Epo Alhaji Bus-stop
  • First royal petroleum 40 Akowonjo road Egbeda
  • Zone 4 filling station Egbeda Bus stop
  • Vulcanizer Bus-stop Akowonjo Road
  • Oando filling station salami bus-stop Shasha road
  • Dapsey filling station opposite Omolore street Moshalashi bus-stop Shasha
  • Mobile filling station Oremeta bus-stop Shasha
Asaba & Onitsha
  • Holiday Resort Hotel, Onitsha
  • Iluobe Filling Station, Issele Uku Junction. Delta State
  • Rainoil Filling Station, Summit Junction Along Asaba- Benin Expressway
  • Railoil Filling Station, Coker Junction Asaba.
  • Tony Chuks filling station, Umunede Junction.
  • Ziuss filling station, Along Asaba-Benin expressway after old immigration office.
  • Hensmor Nig. Ltd Uromi Junction, Benin/Asaba Expressway, Agbor.
  • Laga Petroleum and Gas Ltd Agbor Junction, along Agbor-Benin Expressway.
  • Ifedico Oil and Gas Station, Onitsha Ugbo Junction along Onitsha Ugbo – Benin Expressway.
  • Ekpoma Terminal,Ekpoma
  • Elizac Fast Food,Irrua
  • Paragon Filling Station, Okpella
  • Old Danco Filling Station, Benin-Auchi Road.
  • NNPC Filling Station, Opposite Irrua Specialist Teaching Hospital, Irrua.
  • Jettu Junction, Along Auchi-Okene Expressway.
  • Iluobe Filling Station, Agbede.
  • Kimiowei Oil Ltd Kaiama
  • Tony Greenfield Filling Station before Igbogene junction
Benin (Akpakpava)
  • Otopec Filling Station ITV Glass House Airport
  • Road Forte Oil Sapele Road by Hallmark
  • Danco Filling Station by Mat-Ice, Ekehuan Road
Benin (Uselu)
  • Otopec Filling Station ITV Glass House Airport Road
  • Forte Oil Sapele Road by Hallmark
  • Danco Filling Station by Mat-Ice, Ekehuan Road
  • Showboy Filling Station opposite Okada Town Junction, along with Benin-Lagos ExpresswayMowe NNPC Filling station
  • Zius Oil New Lagos Road
  • Forte Oil, Isihor
  • Total Filling Station, New Benin
  • Uniben main gate by the pedestrian bridge
  • NNPC Filling Station, Nike Lake Road Abakpanike.
  • Chili’s Food Limited. 2a/2b Nike Lake Road. Nowas Transekulu
  • Under the flyover, Enugu night mile.
Festac (Mazamaza)
  • NNPC filling Station by Rainbow along Mile2 express road
  • Mega Chicken by Apple Junction.
  • Total filling Station, by roundabout Iwo road, New Ife Road, Ibadan
  • Amala spot, opp Mobil filling station, after Ibadan Toll gate, along Lagos-Ibadan expressway
Iyana Ipaja
  • Mobil Filling Station Ijaye road by Wemco Road Ogba.
  • Omole Estate (1st Gate)
  • Berger NGAB Filling station
  • Mowe NNPC Filling station
  • Total Filling Station, along Sagamu-Benin expressway, Sagamu.
  • Conoil filling station, Igando
  • Odo Eran Junction, Lasu-Isheri Road.
  • BRT bus station, Council bus stop, Ikotun-idimu road.
  • Maryland Oando Filling Station
  • Magodo Mobil Filling Station
  • Berger Oando Mowe
  • Mowe NNPC Filling Station by Lotto Bus stop.
  • Total Filling Station, along Sagamu-Benin expressway, Sagamu
  • Imo State Library bus stop
  • NNPC by Onitsha Road
  • Coisco Nig Ltd Obgaku
  • Fountain Rock filling Station Mgbidi
  • OKIKE Oil Ltd Mgbidi
  • Frank Girly Filling Station opp Emmanuel college by Aba road
  • Total filling station opp First Bank, Ihiala
  • Uli center, opposite Uli university Junction
  • Master Energy Filling Station, No 1 Naze by Federal Polytechnic, Nekede
  • Virgin Forest Energy by Amawire, Orji
  • IMSU Bus stop by Chukwuma Nwoha Junction(roundabout)
Port Harcourt
  • YKC Filling Station, by Woji roundabout, Woji.
  • Kilimanjaro Restaurant Agip road, Agip roundabout, Rumeme.
  • Perpetual Fast Food, Igwuruta Roundabout, Along Port Harcourt International Airport Road Igwuruta.
  • Pepperoni Restaurant, Winppy Junction by Ada George road
  • Total Filling Station opposite CIWA, Portharcourt-Aba road.
  • Richpon Fuel Station by Rukpokwu roundabout.
  • Big Treat Bakery Rupokpu Roundabout.
  • Hoeffers fast food, Akanu Ibiam Road, by Government House Road.FACFOG PLAZA  East/West Road Choba
  • Sabuga filling station,Okigwe by Enugu Express
  • 3cHub by Umuahia Town.
  • Arab Junction by Berger Roundabout
  • Pin Wonyin Junction by MRS Filling Station
  • University Junction/SDP Junction Gwagwalada
  • Giri Junction by NNPC Mega Station
  • Bakka Oil Filling Station Gwagwalada
  • Conoil Filling Station by River park estate Lugbe
  • Madayana Filling Station, Abaji
  • UBA Foods, Along Abuja-Lokoja Expressway, Lokoja
  • Obikason Filling station Ikot Epene RD Itak
  • Kemson Oil filling station, Ikot Ekpene
  • Sapele-Amukpe roundabout, Sapele.
  • Tony Greenfield Filling Station before Igbogene junction


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