100 Cool Female Warrior Names

Female warriors are named after aggressive mythical creatures, while others are from female warriors that created a solid impact on the protection of her people. Names were given to the female warriors because they were just as fierce on the battlefield. Some female warrior names share the same meaning but are from different characters. More so, some of these names are cool because of their historical association or their intriguing meaning.

To keep the historical effect of these female warrior names, parents transfer these names to their babies. Most of these names are gotten from queens of ancient empires that mastered the acts of war and war instruments in defeating enemies. Below are the female warrior names that you can give to your baby girl and their meaning:

Cool Female Names That Mean Warrior

Names have a very strong role to play in a person’s life, and parents are always out to give those ones that are of a significant impact on the baby’s life. Babes who go by warrior names are mostly characterized by strength, bravery, and the ability to overcome tough conditions of life. To instill these attributes into your children, here are some fearless warrior names to give to your baby girls.

1. Alexandria

The name means the defender of mankind or defender of men, taken from the historical Alexander the Great. It is one of the most popular names given to female babies born in the United States of America.

2. Andrea

Andrea means courageous one or warrior. It is the feminine form of Andrew, one of the 12 apostles of Jesus Christ. The name is seen by Italian clerics as one of the early officers of Jesus Christ. It is mostly given to girl babies born in Christian homes.

3. Audelia

Audelia is a British female name that means noble strength. The name is mostly given to female children born in the British royal family. The name is also an alternative name to Audrey. In the ancient British empire, any young lady that exhibits the act of strength and nobility earns the name Audelia.

4. Aifa

The name means a great warrior woman of myth. This is mostly given to Irish babies born by great mothers who were once warriors, as they are expected to grow up and take after their mothers.

5. Briella

Briella is a feminine short form for Gabriel which means God’s heroine. The name has a Christian significance which relates to Angel Gabriel, a guardian angel that defends the children of God against attacks from evil. Families with such beliefs tend to give their female child Briella and the male Gabriel.

6. Gertrude

This is presently a female name that came from Shakespeare which means Hamlet. The name is attributed to the Queen of Denmark, who took the name, Gertrude. Her actions in the play depict the reasons for taking up the name. Most British families give the name Gertrude to their baby girls.

7. Harlow

The name Harlow means a pile of rocks or a hill and can be given to both male and female children. Based on the natural attachment to the meaning, it is given to children who are believed will climb the highest mountain. Famous people with the name Harlow include Jean Harlow, a 1930s movie star, and a model Shalom Harlow.

8. Louella

The name Louella has both a French and American meaning attached to it. In French, the name means famous warrior or renowned fighter. It is mostly given to strong female warriors and renowned fighters of French origin. In today’s world, the name is given to female children based on the American meaning of the Famous elf.

9. Louisa

This is the female version of the name Louis which means Famous warrior. It is attributed to the 1868 novel written by May Alcott Louise titled Little Women.

10. Malin

This is a female name that has a British meaning as a little strong warrior. The name can also be traced down to the Scandinavian in Sweden. It is mostly given to babies born in harsh conditions.

11. Mildred

The name Mildred means power or strength, which can be traced down to the Anglo-Saxons in England. Between 1912 to 1920, the name ranked sixth most used in the United States of America. Children who mostly bear this name are those that exhibit a form of strength.

12. Myla

This is a female warrior name that means soldier. It is another form of the name Mila or the Latin word Miles, which also means soldier. In Germany, children that are believed will make good soldiers are called Milo which also means soldier.

13. Valeria

Valaria is a name with three meanings which are strong, brave, and healthy. It can be traced down to ancient Rome and Italy, mostly on Latin nomenclature. Children who go by this name are female babies that exhibit strength, braveness and are born with good health.

14. Wyetta

This is an old English feminine name that means war strength. It is a perfect name for a female baby born during the war.

15. Zelda

This is a female name that means a warrior gotten from the Japanese Nintendo game character. The game Legend of Zelda presented a warrior who defeats enemies of the state. It is usually given to female babies that are believed to be the protector of the family.

16. Emlyn

Emlyn means war rivalry and can be given to male and female children. Female babies with this name are mostly babies born on a Saturday.

17. Gerry

This is a feminine form of Gerald which means the ruling spear. The name is mostly given to female children from the English Royal family.

18. Jamari

The name Jamari is of Native American origin, meaning a warrior woman. Babies that bear this name are usually from Native America and the linage of warriors.

19. Owena

Owena is of the Welsh origin and feminine version of Owen, meaning young warrior.

Viking Female Warrior Names

Vikings, meaning pirate raids, were mostly sea travelers from Norse in Scandinavia. They were mostly known for invading cities and countries with strong male and female warriors. Due to their quest to invade and settle in foreign lands, they are now seen in  Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Iceland, Greenland, Denmark, and many English countries. Many parents go for Viking names for their babies to show respect to the ancient Viking heritage. Below are the female Viking warrior names that you can give to your baby girl:

20. Thyra

Thyra is a Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish name originating from the Old Norse, meaning Thor’s fight.

21. Brynhild

This female name means Armored fighting woman and can also be spelled as Brynhildr, Brunhild, Brunhilde, and Brunhilda. The name was born by a character who is a princess from the early German heroic legend. The name is mostly given to female children of the Vikings.

22. Skadi

Skadi is a name that originated from the Nordic Mythology, meaning goddess of hunting and the winter. She is known for her skills in hunting and war actions. Female children that will answer this name are babies presumed to have great skills in hunting.

23. Lagertha

The name which originated from the old Norse is also called Ladgerda and means she who is strong. She was once known as a Viking shieldmaiden, the wife of the popular Lord Ragnar Lodbrok, and onetime ruler of the country now known as Norway. It is mostly given to daughters of Viking kings special guards.

24. Freyja

Freyja, which originated from Old Norse, was given to the goddess of love, beauty, war, and death, meaning noble lady. The name is mostly given to female babies born in the United Kingdom.

25. Brenn

Brenn is a name given to both baby boys and girls, having different meanings for each gender. For a baby girl, it is of British, English, Gaelic, Irish, and Norse origin, meaning burning, raven, black-haired, stinking hair, and sword. The name is mostly given to a Vikings female child born at night.

26. Hervor

Hervor is a name that originated from Norse, meaning truth, woman, and also from Sweden, meaning army, warrior. The name was borne by a valkyrie who trained as an archer, horse rider, and swordsman after her father’s death. The name is mostly given to Swedish baby girls.

27. Brendette

This is a female name of Old Norse origin meaning sword. Brendette is the same as the Old Norse name Brenda mostly given to strong babies of Norse origin.

28. Brimlad

The name Brimlad can be traced down to the Anglo Saxon meaning seaway. The name is mostly given to babies born with blue eyes.

29. Brita

Brita is a name that originated from Sweden, meaning the exalted one, strength, to help. It is believed that Brita is one who is respected a lot and is ever ready to offer a helping hand. The name is mostly given to female babies from noble families.

30. Freydis

Freydis originated from the Old Norse and was given to a female Vikings warrior from Norse mythology. The name means lady and goddess and is mostly given to babies who are expected to be fearless.

31. Sigrid

Sigrid is a name of Scandinavian origin mostly borne by females from Old Norse, meaning victory, wisdom, and beauty.

32. Unn

Unn can be given to both female and male babies meaning the beloved one. The name originated from the Old Norse and is mostly given to female babies from Scandinavian-speaking families.

33. Ebbe

This is a female name that can be traced to the Old Norse and Old English, meaning brave, strong boar. In the ancient Norse empire, female warriors that depicted bravery in battle were given the name Ebbe. It can be given to a female child from a brave and strong family.

34. Erlene

The name from the Old Norse origin means a noblewoman. It is mostly given to women that ruled in a powerful and noble manner. Female children from noble families will have the best fit for the name.

35. Garda

This is a girl name of an Old Norse origin that means shelter. It is an alternate form of Gerda and is given to a female warrior that protects the shelter of her people. This is a suitable name for any baby girl.

36. Hedda

Hedda is of German origin and means refuge in war or struggle. It is a noble name for female warriors that provided shelter during the war and guarded the war refugees.

37. Olga

The female name Olga got its meaning of holy, blessed from the old Norse. The name was served from the name Helga. The name is the best fit for female babies that are hoped to b blessed and live a holy life.

Greek Female Warrior Names

The history of Greek is a long and interesting one which makes it a great choice in choosing a name for your baby. Below are the unique Greek warrior names that can be given to a baby girl:

38. Althea

The name Althea means the healing power. The name is attached to a female warrior that possesses the ability to heal.

39. Artemis

This is a name that originates from the goddess of the moon and of the hunt, meaning a butcher. The goddess possesses the power to manipulate the moon in times of war.

40. Athena

The name means goddess of wisdom and war. It was first borne by a Greek goddess that directs her own on the right acts of war and wisdom to attain victory.

41. Cassandra

Cassandra meaning the one who shines and excels over men, is usually given to female warriors in ancient Greek that escort men to war and then ensure their safety.

42. Enyo

Enyo means a war goddess. It originated from a Greek goddess that craves blood and is an ally of Ares, the ancient Greek god of war.

43. Nikita

Nikita, which means unconquered, is mostly given to females that are strong and win in any form of enemy encounter.

44. Olesia

It means man’s defender and is usually borne by females that always protects the interest of the male gender.

45. Philomena

The name Philomena means lover of strength. Babies that bear this name are known to show a lot of energy after birth.

46. Valentina

The name Valentina means strong, vigorous, powerful. It is known to be given to females that displayed acts of strength and to babies born in a family that is known for vigorous acts.

47. Hermoine

Hermoine means messenger of the gods. In Greek, sh is known as the daughter of Helen of Troy and King Menelaus of Sparta.

48. Telema

The name Telema means distant fighter. It is the feminine version of the name Telemachus.

49. Alala

The name Alala means war-like. According to the Greek methodology, she was the sister of the Greek god Ares.

48. Helen

The name means sunray or shining light. It is the name of the Greek goddess that uses the sun rays in fighting her enemies.

49. Selene

Selene means the goddess of the moon. The name originated from the Greek methodology of Selene, an ancient lunar goddess and the daughter of one of the greek gods Hyperion and goddess Theia. Selene is worshiped during the full and the half-moon and can inflict darkness on her enemies.

50. Iris

According to Greek mythology, the female warrior name means rainbow. Her heroic history is attached to Thaumas and Electra, who are her parents and are known as messengers of war. Iris today is a lovely name given to cute female babies.

51. Clio

This female warrior name was coined from various Greek words that mean to recount, make famous, and celebrate. In Greek methodology, she is the goddess of poetic inspiration and the daughter of Zeus and Mnemosyne. She is known for her ability to take revenge to make one famous.

52. Gaia

The meaning of the Greek name Gaia is mother earth. In ancient Greek, Gaia was a primordial goddess of the earth in greek. She was a female warrior that had the ability to manipulate the earth to favor her own during the war.

53. Ptolema

Ptolema was coined from the Greek name Ptolemaios which means war-like or aggressive. Many Greek-Egyptian rulers, as well as astronomers, took this name in the past. The name is mostly given to babies of royal or elite families.

54. Aella

The name Aella means whirlwind. In the Greek methodology, Aella was a member of the legendary race of female warriors who escorted Hippolyta, the daughter of Ares, to her fight against Heracles.

Japanese Female Warrior Names

Onna-Musha is a word used to describe Japanese female warriors. They were trained to fight alongside the male warriors whenever the need arose. A single Japanese female warrior name can mean different things depending on the kanji used. Below are Japanese female warriors names for your little one:

55. Miho

Miho presently is a rare name in Japan but signifies a compassionate warrior. The female warrior is known to have strong morals.

56. Tsunade 

The female warrior name means confidence, someone like the young thunder. She is known for her confidence and the use of thunder in Japanese fiction books. The name is mostly given to females born in Christian homes.

57. Ran

This is a female name that means Orchid. It was borrowed from an animal character that is known for its skills in the use of swords on battlefields.

58. Jinx

The name Jinx means to charm or spell. In Japan, most people believe in the activeness of charm or spell and therefore use it as a female name to get protected.

59. Jubei

This is one of the famous female warrior names in Japan, which means heap up, pile-up, or heavy. Its famous nature is from Jubei Mitsuyoshi Yagyu, who is a well-known samurai during the Japanese feudal era of 1607 to 1650.

60. Elektra

It is one of the cute female warrior names that mean strength, speed, agility, stamina, and reflexes. She is known to be a pro in Ninjutsu and other martial arts, including gymnastics. The name will be a good fit for a girl that masters the skills of ancient ninja warriors of Japan.

61. Oyuki

This female warrior name means generous, sympathetic, and idealistic. It is a character from the series of Lady Snowblood who displayed a great act of samurai with skills.

62. Ito

She was a great samurai who became the prime minister of Japan at a time. The meaning of her name is from her skills in the use of the bow, which means thread, yarn, and string.

63. Jingu

The female warrior is known to be a dangerous warrior that means cute and smart. She became the empress of Japan in 200 AD during the death of her husband.

64. Akai

The female warrior name means powerful. She is known as Akai Teruko, who is known for her war tactics in the 16th century. The warrior commanded her army up to the age of 70years.

65. Kaihime

This female warrior name Kahime means lady or princess. It was given to princesses that are good in the acts of war in the Japanese 16th century.

66. Maike

The samurai name means dance, flirt, wheel, and circle. She is a character from the manga Immortal Blade born into a family of warriors where she mastered the use of swords.

67. Yumiko

The name Yumiko means bow and arrow child. The also has many meanings depending on the Kanji used in writing it.

68. Masako

The Japanese name goes with the meaning truth, elegant, prosperous child. In Japanese history, she was a female warrior who ruled after her husband Minamoto Yoritomo from 1199 to 1333.

69. Nakano

The Japanese female warrior name Nakano means central field. She is a known warrior during the era of Edo in Japanese history.

70. O-ren

This is a female Japanese warrior name that means lotus, love, or romance. She is a fictional character in Kill Bill that is known for war tactics and skills.

71. Tomoe

The Japanese female warrior name means earth, death, and blessing. She is popular female samurai who fought in the era of the Genpei War in the 14th century.

Native American Female Warrior Names

Native American warrior names are coined mainly from their history and show their strength, spirituality, and nature. They are made up of many tribes. Though their names are not popular, they are still unique. Below are the Native American female warrior names for baby girls:

72. Dahteste

The Native American name means warrior woman. According to history, she was known to be a Chokonem Apache woman warrior and an English translator in the early 19th century.

73. Lozen

This is an Apache war name which means one who steals horses during raids. Lozen was known to be the sister of the Apache chief that engaged the U.S government to prevent them from entering into their land in the 18th century.

74. Awinita

The name Awinita is of Cherokee origin, meaning young deer. The young native American is known for her barbaric acts in battle in the early 18th century.

75. Ghigau

This is a title given to women by merit or prestige. It means Beloved woman or War woman. You attain this title in Native American when you prove your worth on the battlefield as a woman.

76. Nita

The female warrior name of the Choctaw origin means bear. A female bear is known for her fierce actions in killing its prey.

77. Wilma

The female warrior name has its origin from Cherokee and means resolute protector. A female warrior that fights to protect her boundaries. Wilma is known for her skillful war acts that have benefited her people in the 19th century.

78. Esadowa

The name Esadowa originated from the Wichita native and means heap wolves. It is a female warrior name that is attached to the strength of wolves.

79. Koko

The name Koko means the night. According to Native American history, she was good in the act of war and mostly engaged her enemies at night.

80. Nina

The name Nina is a Quechua name that means mighty or fire. It is attributed to Nina of the 15th century, who is known for her might on the battlefield. In recent times, it has taken the same role in the fictional characters of literary works.

81. Nokomis

This is a Chippewa name that means grandmother or daughter of the moon. The name is from the strong belief of the people of Chippewa on the existence of warrior mother spirit, who uses certain natural attributes to help them defeat their enemies.

82. Odina

The name is of Algonquin origin, meaning mountain or no war. The name is a female version of the name Odin that is popularly known as the god of poetry and believed to occupy Valhalla, a place warriors are sent to be slain.

83. Zitcala

The name Zitcala originated from Lakota, and it means white owl. In the native American culture, white owls represent royalty and strength. It is mostly given to female warriors from royal families.

84. Pillan

The name Pillan means the god of stormy weather. According to the culture of the Native Americans, there is a god that controls the rains and other climatic changes. They give the name to babies they believe are these gods manifesting in human flesh.

85. Simi

The name Simi means valley of the wind. It is believed that there is an existence of a female warrior that can manipulate the winds in their favor in times of war.

86. Yareli

The name Yareli goes with the meaning of the water lady. It is a female warrior name that is given to the goddess of the river as they are known to be very fierce in war.

African Female Warrior Names

The African continent is a huge one made up of many countries and tribes. These countries and tribes have once engaged in wars alongside their female folks. Below are the female warrior names that one can give to their child.

87. Amanirenas

The name Amanirenas is of Arabic origin, meaning wishing. According to history, she was an African female warrior who was blind in one eye and brave. She is the queen of Nubia and a well-known warrior of her time. She commanded an army of over 30,000 soldiers.

88. Amina

Amina is an Arabic name meaning honest and faithful. She is the daughter of King Nikatau and also a warrior queen. She is the one that helped in expanding the territory of the Hausa from the northern part of Africa across all parts of Africa.

89. Sarraounia Mangou

The name in the Hausa language means queen or female chief. She mobilized her army to attack the French army during the french Voulet-Chanoine Mission. Although she was defeated, she stood her ground against the French invasion.

90. Dora Milaje

In the ancient South African era, Dora Milaje means expert warriors. They are well-trained female warriors in any kind of combat. Their strength was shown in the movie black panther.

91. Nefertiti

She is one of the most beautiful queens who ever ruled Egypt. Her name means beautiful woman. She championed the fight for religious revolution with her husband in the 18th Dynasty King of Ancient Egypt.

92. Cleopatra

Cleopatra is a name that originated from ancient Greek meaning glory of her father. This is one of the ancient queens of Egypt who was known for her irresistible quest for her father’s throne. Having opposed her brother’s desire to take over leadership, she further sought support from Julius Ceaser and the entire Roman Empire.

93. Nandi

Nandi is a name of African origin, meaning strong-willed. According to South African history, she is one of the African women that had a powerful, controversial life. She had a child out of wedlock for the King of Zulu and was left to carter for her child alone.

94. Muhumuza

Muhumuza is a name of African origin, meaning provider of peace. She is the wife of King Kigeli IV of Rwanda and one of the famous African queens who fought against the colonial administration in Africa. She was further seen as a spiritual leader of the Nyabinghi cult and is believed to be the reincarnation of Queen Nyabinghi, another famous African female warrior.

95. Yaa Asantewa

Yaa Asantewa is a name that has its roots in modern-day Ghana, meaning the defender of justice. This is one of the fierce female warriors that existed in Africa. She is the woman that commanded the rebel group that fought the British government against their colonial administration and defended the golden stool, the symbol of the Ashante nation.

96. Kandake

This is one of the extraordinary female warrior names that has taken a title in the Kush Kingdom, meaning queen mother or the royal woman. Kandake Amanirenas is a famous queen known for her skillful war tactics in defending her kingdom against the Roman Empire that was in the quest of conquering every nation of the world.

97. Moremi

This is a Yoruba female name that means brave and beautiful woman. According to history, princess Moremi was born into a Royal family and is known for her extreme protection over her people. She had to make sacrifices to the river spirit to gain knowledge and the strength of her people’s enemies and how best to engage and conquer them.

98. Nzinga 

Nzinga is An African name that originated from Angola, meaning a beloved person who came from the river. Nzinga Mbandi was a fearless warrior and a good negotiator that stood against the Portuguese and their slave trade business in entire central Africa. She ruled over two large Kingdoms known as Ndongo and Matamba and is respected even today in present Angola.

99. Hangbe

The name has roots in the Benin Republic, meaning pioneer, helper. In the Benin Republic, she formed a female military unit known as Ahosi or Mino (Dahomey Amazons). This tribe can be seen in Abomey in the Southern Benin republic. They are very dangerous warriors whose skills can’t be matched.

100. Ranavalona

The name Ranavalona means folded, kept aside. She can be classified into one of the female warrior names that ever existed in Africa whose reign was a controversial type. Immediately she became the leader of Madagascar, she practically killed anyone that adopted the British culture and religion. She placed Madagascar as an independent state and returned their lost culture and religion.


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