We all rejoice when a new born baby is born, but we rejoice even more when it’s a boy. But remember that one of the most important things you can do for that innocent baby is to choose a very good name for him; this is one of the core responsibilities of parenthood. Choosing a name can be hard for some folks and some might decide to go for names that are not common. Here is a list of some cute and unique baby names and their meanings.

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1. Aabheer: A cowherd

2. Aadarsh: Ideal

3. Aart: Like an eagle

4. Ahmed: worthy of praise

5. Aarush: first ray of sun

6. Abhay: Fearless

7. Abaan: Old Arabic name

8. Aarao: Aaron was Moses older brother

9. Aachman: Intake of a sip of water before a puja

10. Aplesh: Tiny

11. Abir: Strong

12. Aadarsh: Ideal

13. Agastya: A famous saint in Hindu mythology

14. Ameya: Boundless

15. Arnav: Ocean

16. Aalap: Musical

17. Abagtha: Father of the wine-press

18. Alawi: Descendant of Ali

19. Aballach: Father of Modron

20. Aandaleeb: The Bulbul bird

21. Aaric: Rule with mercy

22. Bir: Courageous

23. Backstere: Baker

24. Badar: Full moon

25. Bhavesh: Lord Shiva

26. Bilva: A sacred leaf

27. Baha: Beautiful, Magnificent

28. Bhavamanyu: Creator of Universe

29. Bhairav: Lord Shiva

30. Bharat: Universal monarch

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31. Baahir: Dazzling, Brilliant

32. Baerhloew: Ruler or lives on the bare hill

33. Bagwunagijik: Hole in the sky

34. Chahel: Good Cheer

35. Chinmay: Supreme Consciousness

36. Cyril Borne: by large number of Saint

37. Chanakya: Brigh

38. Cacanisius: Son of Nis

39. Cace: Observant, alert, vigorous

40. Chinmay: Full of knowledge and happiness

Cute Baby Boy Names – Unique Baby Names For Boys

unique baby boys1

41. Chittesh: Ruler of mind

42. Cheliyan: Rich, Resourceful, prosperous

43. Daafi: One who expels prevents

44. Deepak: Lamp

45. Devang: Part of God

46. Dalil: Another name for God, Evidence, A guide

47. Divyesh: Sun

48. Daiwik: By the grace of God

49. Denise: From Dionysisu, God of wine

50. Dylan: The sea

51. Dyutit: Illuminated

52. Daberath: The word, the thing, a bee, obedient

53. Daelan: Rhyming- a historical blacksmith with supernatural, powers

54. Eadbert: Name of a King

55. Ebrahim: Arabic name

56. Edwin: Prosperous friend

57. Evan: Warrior

58. Fadl: Outstanding, Honourable

59. Galav: To worship

60. Giles: Youthful downy-beared one

61. Gaurav: Honor, pride

62. Girish: God of mountain

63. Gurmeet: Friend of the guru

64. Gupli: A secret

65. Gurmeet: A Friend of the Guru

66. Gaddiel: The Lord my happiness, Goat of God

67. Haadiya: Guide to righteousness

68. Haani: Happy, Delighted, Content

69. Harshvardhan: One who increases joy

70. Hrishikesh: Lord Vishnu

71. Haashim: Generosity, Prophet’s grandfather

72. Haroon: Hope

73. Hiranya: Gold, Golden

74. Huthayfa: Old Arabic name

75. Ibhya: Possessor of many attendants.

76. Ikshu: Sugarcane, sweetness

77. Ishan: Sun

78. Ishwar: One who is powerful

79. Iri: Hanuman, son of wind God

80. Ishit: One who desires to rule

Names For Baby Boys

unique baby boys

81. Janav: Protecting men

82. Jagdeesh: Lord Vishnu

83. Jaidev: God of victory

84. Jyran: Lost love

85. Kalinga: One who knows the arts and the skills

86. Kashif: Connoisseur

87. Kartik: Name of a Hindu god

88. Kaushik: Love

89. Kshitij: Horizon

90. Karik: Sparkling

91. Kulik: Well Born

92. Labeeb: Sensible, Intelligent

93. Lavitra: Lord Shiva

94. Lalit: Beautiful

95. Lokesh: Lord Indra

96. Lomash: A sage

97. Mannith: Chosen

98. Maitreya: Friend

99. Mehul: Rain

100. Manvik: Conscious

101. Mihir: sun

102. Muwafaq: Successful

103. Naajy: Safe

104. Naman: Salutation

105. Naman: Salute

106. Nandish: Lord Shiva

107. Nihal: Happy

108. Naotau: New

109. Narun: Leader of Men

110. Oha: Meditation, true knowledge

111. Omja: Born of cosmic unity

112. Omkar: Divine

113. Oorjit: Powerful

114. Oviyan: Artist

115. Phenil: Foamy

116. Partha: king

117. Pavan: Wind

118. Puneet: Pure

119. Payod: Cloud

120. Qays: Firm

121. Rijul: Innocent

122. Rajat: silver

123. Rishi: Ray of light

124. Rwiju: Straight, erected

125. Samar: War

126. Samrat: Emperor

127. Shail: Mountain

128. Tarun: Young

129. Tanmay: Engrossed

130. Tejas: Sharp

131. Umang: Enthusiasm

132. Uday: To rise

133. Ujjwal: Bright

134. Veer: Brave

135. Vaibhan: Richness

136. William: Protector

137. Wahib: Generous

138. Yash: Success

139. Zoran: Dawn

140. Zaid: Growth