140 Cute And Unique Baby Boy Names And Their Meanings

We all rejoice when a newborn baby is born, but Africans rejoice even more when it’s a boy. But remember that one of the most important things you can do for that innocent baby is to choose a very good name for him. This is one of the core responsibilities of parenthood. Choosing a name especially for male children can be hard for some folks and some might decide to go for baby boy names that are not common.

Names can be determined by a variety of factors including a person’s culture, religion and history. A good name can also be a brand that helps determine just how far a person goes in life or limits them. There are also quite a lot of names that have been made famous or infamous by people who have borne them before. A quick instance is the fact that where Jesus now seems like a great name due to the stories told about Jesus Christ in the Bible, names like Hitler are now quite infamous for the evils and atrocities that they committed in their lifetimes. All these things lend some extra meanings to names but down to the basics, here is a list of some cute and unique baby boy names and their meanings.

Baby Boy Names and Meanings

1. Aabheer: A cowherd

2. Aadarsh: Ideal

3. Aart: Like an eagle

4. Ahmed: Worthy of praise

5. Aarush: First ray of sun

6. Abhay: Fearless

7. Abaan: Old Arabic name

8. Aarao: Aaron was Moses older brother

9. Aachman: Intake of a sip of water before a puja

10. Aplesh: Tiny

11. Abir: Strong

12. Aadarsh: Ideal

13. Agastya: A famous saint in Hindu mythology

14. Ameya: Boundless

15. Arnav: Ocean

16. Aalap: Musical

17. Abagtha: Father of the wine-press

18. Alawi: Descendant of Ali

19. Aballach: Father of Modron

20. Aandaleeb: The Bulbul bird

21. Aaric: Rule with mercy

22. Bir: Courageous

23. Backstere: Baker

24. Badar: Full moon

25. Bhavesh: Lord Shiva

26. Bilva: A sacred leaf

27. Baha: Beautiful, Magnificent

28. Bhavamanyu: Creator of Universe

29. Bhairav: Lord Shiva

30. Bharat: Universal monarch

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31. Baahir: Dazzling, Brilliant

32. Baerhloew: Ruler or lives on the bare hill

33. Bagwunagijik: Hole in the sky

34. Chahel: Good Cheer

35. Chinmay: Supreme Consciousness

36. Cyril Borne: By large number of Saint

37. Chanakya: Bright

38. Cacanisius: Son of Nis

39. Cace: Observant, alert, vigorous

40. Chinmay: Full of knowledge and happiness

Cute Baby Boy Names – Unique Baby Names For Boys

unique Baby Boy Names

41. Chittesh: Ruler of mind

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42. Cheliyan: Rich, Resourceful, prosperous

43. Daafi: One who expels prevents

44. Deepak: Lamp

45. Devang: Part of God

46. Dalil: Another name for God, Evidence, A guide

47. Divyesh: Sun

48. Daiwik: By the grace of God

49. Denise: From Dionysisu, God of wine

50. Dylan: The sea

51. Dyutit: Illuminated

52. Daberath: The word, the thing, a bee, obedient

53. Daelan: Rhyming – a historical blacksmith with supernatural, powers

54. Eadbert: Name of a King

55. Ebrahim: Arabic name

56. Edwin: Prosperous friend

57. Evan: Warrior

58. Fadl: Outstanding, Honourable

59. Galav: To worship

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60. Giles: Youthful downy-beared one

61. Gaurav: Honor, pride

62. Girish: God of mountain

63. Gurmeet: Friend of the guru

64. Gupli: A secret

65. Gurmeet: A Friend of the Guru

66. Gaddiel: The Lord my happiness, Goat of God

67. Haadiya: Guide to righteousness

68. Haani: Happy, Delighted, Content

69. Harshvardhan: One who increases joy

70. Hrishikesh: Lord Vishnu

71. Haashim: Generosity, Prophet’s grandfather

72. Haroon: Hope

73. Hiranya: Gold, Golden

74. Huthayfa: Old Arabic name

75. Ibhya: Possessor of many attendants.

76. Ikshu: Sugarcane, sweetness

77. Ishan: Sun

78. Ishwar: One who is powerful

79. Iri: Hanuman, son of wind God

80. Ishit: One who desires to rule

Names For Baby Boys

unique baby boy names

81. Janav: Protecting men

82. Jagdeesh: Lord Vishnu

83. Jaidev: God of victory

84. Jyran: Lost love

85. Kalinga: One who knows the arts and the skills

86. Kashif: Connoisseur

87. Kartik: Name of a Hindu god

88. Kaushik: Love

89. Kshitij: Horizon

90. Karik: Sparkling

91. Kulik: Well Born

92. Labeeb: Sensible, Intelligent

93. Lavitra: Lord Shiva

94. Lalit: Beautiful

95. Lokesh: Lord Indra

96. Lomash: A sage

97. Mannith: Chosen

98. Maitreya: Friend

99. Mehul: Rain

100. Manvik: Conscious

101. Mihir: Sun

102. Muwafaq: Successful

103. Naajy: Safe

104. Naman: Salutation

105. Naman: Salute

106. Nandish: Lord Shiva

107. Nihal: Happy

108. Naotau: New

109. Narun: Leader of Men

110. Oha: Meditation, true knowledge

111. Omja: Born of cosmic unity

112. Omkar: Divine

113. Oorjit: Powerful

114. Oviyan: Artist

115. Phenil: Foamy

116. Partha: King

117. Pavan: Wind

118. Puneet: Pure

119. Payod: Cloud

120. Qays: Firm

121. Rijul: Innocent

122. Rajat: Silver

123. Rishi: Ray of light

124. Rwiju: Straight, erected

125. Samar: War

126. Samrat: Emperor

127. Shail: Mountain

128. Tarun: Young

129. Tanmay: Engrossed

130. Tejas: Sharp

131. Umang: Enthusiasm

132. Uday: To rise

133. Ujjwal: Bright

134. Veer: Brave

135. Vaibhan: Richness

136. William: Protector

137. Wahib: Generous

138. Yash: Success

139. Zoran: Dawn

140. Zaid: Growth


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