GUO Transport Online Booking and Price List

GUO Transport Company Ltd. is a part of G. U. Okeke & Sons Ltd. which was established in 1980. It is one of the major intercity and interstate transportation service providers in Nigeria and it operates a fleet of contemporary, environmentally friendly vehicles that serves more than 200 locations throughout Nigeria and West Africa.

GUO provides millions of passengers with safe, fun, and economical travel each year. The company has established itself as a leader in the transportation sector. It’s widely known for its regularly scheduled passenger service, but it also offers a variety of additional services to its clients, including inexpensive same-day and early-next-day haulage and package delivery to many locations in Nigeria. This article will explore the price list and how to book GUO Transport online.

GUO Motors Booking Platforms

Some platforms for booking GUO motors include:

  • GUO Motors official website: Customers can book their buses directly through the official website.
  • Online travel agencies: Platforms like Jumia Travel, Wakanow, and Travelstart offer bus booking services and may include GUO Motors as one of the available options.
  • Mobile apps: Apps like GUO Motors app, Wakanow app, and Jumia Travel app allow customers to book GUO Motors’ buses on their smartphones.
  • Travel agents: Customers can also book GUO Motors’ buses through travel agencies that have partnerships or arrangements with the company.
  • Social media: Customers may be able to book GUO Motors’ buses through their social media accounts, such as Facebook or Twitter, by sending a direct message or contacting the company’s customer service.
  • Phone booking: Customers can also call the GUO Motors customer service hotline to book their bus tickets over the phone.

GUO Motors Booking Process

The GUO Motors booking can be done online or at any GUO Motors branch in Nigeria. If you choose to visit a branch of GUO Motors for your booking, then below is the process you need to follow.

  • Find the nearest GUO Motors booking office or terminal. You can check their website or contact their customer service for the locations.
  • Visit the booking office or terminal during their working hours. Typically, GUO Motors operates from early morning to late evening, but it is recommended to check their specific timings beforehand.
  • Once at the office, approach the counter and inform the staff about your intention to make an offline booking. They will provide you with a booking form or ticket request form.
  • Fill out the form with the required details such as your name, contact information, departure and destination points, preferred travel date and time, and any other relevant information.
  • Submit the completed form along with the payment for the ticket. GUO Motors usually accepts cash, but it is advisable to confirm with the staff about their acceptable modes of payment.
  • Upon receiving the payment, the staff will issue you a physical ticket or a printed confirmation receipt for your booking. This ticket will contain the details of your journey, including the date, time, and seat number.
  • Keep the ticket or confirmation receipt safe as you will need it to board your bus on the specified date and time.

It is important to note that GUO Motors may have specific terms and conditions for offline bookings, so it’s recommended to familiarize yourself with their policies and any additional requirements beforehand.

GUO Online Booking

  • Determine your travel details: Decide on the destination, travel date, and time you wish to book.
  • Visit their website: Go to the official website of GUO Motors, which is You can also find their booking portal on various ticketing websites.
  • Choose your pickup location and destination: Enter the pickup location and destination in the provided fields. GUO Motors operates across several cities in Nigeria, so make sure to select the correct ones.
  • Select travel date and time: Specify the date and departure time according to your preference. Keep in mind that availability may vary, especially during peak travel periods.
  • Choose the type of bus: GUO Motors offers different types of buses, such as executive and standard buses. Select the type that suits your comfort and budget.
  • Enter passenger details: Provide the required information for each passenger, including name, phone number, and other necessary details.
  • Make payment: Pay for your booking using the available payment options, which may include debit/credit card, bank transfer, or mobile payment.
  • Confirmation: After successful payment, you will receive a confirmation email or SMS containing your booking details and ticket information. Ensure to save this information for future reference.
  • Ticket collection: Depending on the service, you may need to collect your physical ticket at a GUO Motors terminal before your travel date. Alternatively, some routes allow e-ticketing, where you can present your confirmation email or SMS at the time of boarding.

It is recommended to read the terms and conditions, cancellation policy, and any additional instructions provided during the booking process to ensure a smooth travel experience with GUO Motors.

GUO Night Bus Booking

GUO Transport
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The process for booking a GUO night bus can vary depending on the platform you choose to use. However, here is a general step-by-step guide for the booking process:

  • Visit the GUO Transport website or download the GUO Transport mobile app, if available.
  • Create an account or log in to your existing account.
  • Enter your travel details, including the departure city, destination city, date of travel, and preferred time.
  • Select the “Night Bus” option or filter the search results to show only night buses.
  • Browse through the available night bus options and select your desired bus.
  • Choose your preferred seat(s) from the seating chart, if applicable.
  • Review the booking details, including the departure time, travel duration, and fare.
  • Provide your personal information, such as name, contact details, and any additional passenger details if booking for multiple passengers.
  • Proceed to the payment page and choose your preferred payment method, such as credit/debit card, online banking, or mobile wallet.
  • Enter the necessary payment details and complete the payment process.
  • Once the payment is successful, you will receive a confirmation email or SMS with your booking details and e-ticket.
  • If you booked through the mobile app, your e-ticket should be available within the app.
  • Print out your e-ticket or present it on your mobile device at the departure point to board the night bus.

GUO Transport Price List

UTAKO TO PORT HARCOURT Adult: ₦11,875, Child: ₦9,375
UTAKO TO LAGOS – AJAH Adult: ₦11,875, Child: ₦9,375
UTAKO TO ABA Adult: ₦11,875, Child: ₦9,375
UMUAHIA TO LAGOS – AJAH Adult: ₦9,975, Child: ₦7,875
PORT HARCOURT TO LAGOS – AJAH Adult: ₦10,450, Child: ₦8,250
PORT HARCOURT TO ABUJA Adult: ₦12,350, Child: ₦9,750
JIBOWU TO UMUNZE Adult: ₦9,500, Child: ₦7,500
JIBOWU TO UMUAHIA Adult: ₦10,925, Child: ₦8,625
JIBOWU TO PORT HARCOURT Adult: ₦10,925, Child: ₦8,625
JIBOWU TO OWERRI Adult: ₦12,825, Child: ₦10,125
JIBOWU TO OGOJA Adult: ₦11,400, Child: ₦9,000
JIBOWU TO ENUGU Adult: ₦12,825, Child: ₦10,125
JIBOWU TO EKWULOBIA Adult: ₦12,350, Child: ₦9,750
JIBOWU TO ABUJA Adult: ₦11,400, Child: ₦9,000
JIBOWU TO ABA Adult: ₦10,925, Child: 8,625
ENUGU TO LAGOS – AJAH Adult: ₦10,070, Child: ₦7,950
ENUGU TO ABUJA Adult: ₦9,120, Child: ₦7,200
EJIGBO TO UMUNZE Adult: ₦8,075, Child: ₦6,375
EJIGBO TO UMUAHIA Adult: ₦9,025, Child: ₦7,125
EJIGBO TO OGOJA Adult: ₦10,450, Child: ₦8,250
EJIGBO TO ABAKALIKI Adult: ₦8,550, Child: ₦6,750
EJIGBO TO ABA Adult: ₦9,500, Child: ₦7,500
AWKA TO ABUJA Adult: ₦9,025, Child: ₦7,125
ASABA TO LAGOS-IYANA-IPAJA Adult: ₦8,075, Child: ₦6,375
ASABA TO LAGOS – COKER Adult: ₦8,075, Child: ₦6,375
ASABA TO LAGOS – AJAH Adult: ₦8,075, Child: ₦6,375
AJAH TO UMUAHIA-MBAISE Adult: ₦10,925, Child: ₦8,625
AJAH TO OWERRI Adult: ₦10,450, Child: ₦8,250
AJAH TO ENUGU Adult: ₦10,450, Child: ₦8,250
AJAH TO ABUJA Adult: ₦12,825, Child: ₦10,125
AJAH TO ABAKALIKI Adult: ₦10,450, Child: ₦8,250
AJAH TO ABA Adult: ₦10,925, Child: ₦8,625
ABAKALIKI TO LAGOS – AJAH Adult: ₦10,450, Child: ₦8,250
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GUO Transport Offices:

GUO Transport has offices and branches across strategic states in Nigeria. Below is a list of GUO Transport offices, their locations, and the services they offer.

GUO Transport Lagos

GUO Transport has various terminals in Lagos State, which is one of its major operational hubs within the country. The Lagos offices handle various transportation services, including intercity and interstate travel, logistics services, and cargo delivery. They provide comfortable buses for passengers and have a reputation for offering reliable and efficient transportation solutions. Below is a list of the Lagos offices.

  • 3 Agunbiade Oke-koto Street, Agege, Lagos.
  • KM 22 Epe – Expressway, Abraham Adesanya Est. Junction, Ajah, Lagos
    Alaba International Mkt, 29, Ojo Ebegbede Road, Opp. Chemist Bus-Stop, Alaba, Lagos
  • 36 Alhaji Orire Street, Wema Bank Bus Stop, Coker, Lagos
  • 67A Ikotun-Egbe Road, Opp Power Line B/Stop, Ejigbo.
  • 1 Ipaye Street, Iba, Lagos
  • 10 Ijegun road, Ikotun
  • KM 168 Abeokuta Expressway/No 1 Tijani Street beside Access Bank, Iyana Ipaja Bus Stop, Iyana Ipaja, Lagos State.
  • 2 Jibowu Street along Ikorodu Expressway, Jibowu, Lagos.
  • 1st Gate B/Stop Badagry Express Way, MAZA-MAZA-WC
  • 164 Okota Road, Lagos
  • Otto, Lagos

The GUO Transport Lagos office is known for its commitment to customer satisfaction, punctuality, and safety. They have a team of professional drivers and staff members who ensure smooth operations and excellent service delivery. The office is also responsible for ticketing and customer service support. Passengers can book their tickets or make inquiries at the Lagos office, either in person or through their website or customer service hotline.

GUO Transport Abuja

The GUO Transport Abuja office is located at Plot 193 Gwagwalada Road, Opp. Gwagwalada Police Station, Gwagwalada, Abuja. This location is easily accessible and well-connected to various parts of the city. Other offices and terminals are listed below.

  • House 110 Opposite Goshen International Academy, 4th Avenue along Chambia Plaza Road, Gwarinpa
  • Lora Mall Plaza, Plot No 132 Gado Nasko Road Phase 2 Kubwa, Abuja
  • Suite 9, Bomma Plaza, Sharp Corner by Criss Park Junction, Abuja-Keffi Exp. Way.
  • GOUBA Plaza, 15 A. E. Ekukinam Street, Utako District, Abuja.
  • Lagos Park, Zuba, Abuja

The office provides various services, including ticketing, parcel delivery, and customer support. GUO Transport offers comfortable buses with air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and entertainment options for passengers. They operate routes to different cities across Nigeria, facilitating travel for individuals and groups.

GUO Transport Port Harcourt

GUO Transport has a branch office in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. The office is located at Port Harcourt – along Aba Road (at the intersection with Lord Emmanuel Drive, b/w Thermocool & Happy Bite), Opposite Air Force Base, Port Harcourt.

GUO Transport Port Harcourt provides various transportation services, including inter-state transportation, intra-city shuttle services, and courier services.

GUO Transport Enugu

Guo Transport Enugu office is a branch of Guo Transport Company Limited that provides intercity bus services across various locations in Nigeria. The Enugu office is located at No. 3 Market Road by Holy Ghost Cathedral (Opp. Ogbete Main Mkt.) Enugu.

It serves as a ticketing office and a pickup/drop-off point for passengers traveling to and from Enugu and other destinations serviced by Guo Transport. The office is open during regular working hours and offers customer support services to assist passengers with bookings, inquiries, and other travel-related matters.

GUO Transport Customer Care Line

The general GUO Transport customer care line is (+234) 700-0121-000. Here is a list of other customer care lines for each terminal.

  • Aba Terminal 08075090629
  • Zuba Terminal 09053820340
  • Zaria Terminal 09053820345
  • Yola Terminal 08075090653
  • Warri Terminal 08075090627
  • Utako Terminal 08075090643
  • Umunze Terminal 08076092468
  • Umuaka Terminal 09053820351
  • Umuahia Terminal 08113790584
  • Sokoto Terminal 08052772082
  • Port Harcourt Terminal 08150647900
  • Owerri Terminal 09053820353
  • Orlu Terminal 09053820348
  • Onitsha Terminal 08075090618
  • Okota Terminal 08075093154
  • Ogoja Terminal 9053820341
  • Obollo Afor Terminal 09053820344
  • Nnewi Terminal 08075090684
  • Maza Maza Terminal 08075090683
  • Mararaba Terminal 09053820346
  • Maiduguri Terminal 08075090644
  • Kubwa Terminal 08075093156
  • Kano Terminal 08075090646
  • Kaduna Terminal 08075090647
  • Jos Terminal 08075090654
  • Jibowu Terminal 08075090682
  • Jalingo Terminal 08113790580
  • Iyana-Ipaja Terminal 08150647906
  • Ikotun Terminal 0805090639
  • Ihiala Terminal 08075096032
  • Iddo Terminal 08075090637
  • Ibadan Terminal 08075090641
  • Iba Terminal 08075090649
  • Gombe Terminal 08075090652
  • Enugu Terminal 08075090636
  • Ekwulobia Terminal 08175090687
  • Ejigbo Terminal 08117000390
  • Coker Terminal 08117000391
  • Cele Terminal 08075090634
  • Bauchi Terminal 08076092462
  • Awkuzu Terminal 07035227941
  • Awka Terminal 08075090642
  • Asaba Terminal 08113849230
  • Alaba Terminal 08075090685
  • Akokwa Terminal 09053820358
  • Ajah Terminal 08075090656
  • Agege Terminal 08075090686
  • Abakaliki Terminal 08075090650
  • Accra +233599145050
  • Madina +233244134534
  • Tema +233230905352

How Much Is GUO Transport from Lagos to Abuja

GUO Transport has different prices from Lagos to Abuja, depending on the terminal. The company charges ₦11,400 from Lagos (Jibowu) to Abuja for adults and ₦9,000 for a child, while from Lagos (Ajah) to Abuja, costs ₦12,825 for adults and ₦10,125 for a child.

GUO Logistics

GUO Transport
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Previously called Guber Express Courier Services, GUO Logistics is a logistics firm with a long history. It is a subsidiary of the parent company, GUO Transport Co. With over 10 years of industry expertise, it has been able to transform the way its clients access logistics in Nigeria and beyond.

GUO Logistics is at the forefront of offering creative value to clients by seamlessly integrating technology into their processes. It also offers a broad reach, with fulfillment centers strategically positioned in major cities around Nigeria, allowing its customers to deliver their items to the correct place in record time. GUO Logistics is headquartered in Onitsha, Anambra State, with a corporate office in Lagos.


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