44 Countries You Can Travel To Without Visa From Nigeria


Did you know that with a Nigerian international passport, you can visit 44 countries around the world VISA FREE or VISA ON ARRIVAL?

“The new 64-page e-passport helps frequent travellers, it’s gender friendly, forestalls identity theft, cheaper for the aged and low income earners, conforms with international best practices.” “Cost of new e-passport for below 18yrs and 60 years and above is N8,750;change of name as a result of marriage or divorce is also N8,750. “The existing e-passport is 32 pp; new one is 64 pp but it is strictly for frequent travelers. Please note, it does not invalidate the 32 pp” Nigerian Passport. You also have to be aware that there’s a stipulated length of time for which you can stay in these countries without a visa, when this period elapses, you’ll be required to obtain a visa. Some countries listed here would grant you visa upon arrival for a small fee. Please feel free to share this with your friends, they’ll find it useful

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See the Visa Free Countries Below

1. Bangladesh (Visa on arrival)

2. Barbados ( Visa free for 6 months)

3. Benin Republic ( Visa free)

4. Burkina Faso ( Visa free)

5. Burundi ( Visa on arrival for 30days)

6. Cameroon ( Visa free)

7. Cape Verde ( Visa on arrival)

8. Chad ( Visa free)

9. Comoros Island ( Visa on arrival)

10. Cote d’Ivoire ( Visa free )

11. Djibouti ( Visa on arrival)

12. Dominican ( Visa free for 21 days)

13. Fiji Island ( Visa free for 4 months)

14. Gambia ( Visa free for 90days)

15. Georgia ( Visa on arrival)

16. Ghana ( Visa free )

17. Guinea ( Visa free )

18. Guinea Bissau ( Visa free for 90 days )

19. Haiti ( Visa free for 90 days )

20. Iran ( Visa on arrival )

21. Kenya ( Visa on arrival for 90 days )

22. Liberia ( Visa free )

23. Madagascar ( Visa on arrival for 90 days )

24. Maldives ( Visa on arrival for 30 days )

25. Mali ( Visa free )

On the next page, you will find MORE EXCITING countries Nigerians can travel to without prior visa arrangement but only with international passport.

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