Is Patty Mayo Real?

Patty Mayo is a real person named Patrick Thomas Tarmey, but he is not a bounty hunter in real life or even a law enforcement agent. Patty Mayo was born on July 6, 1987, and the 36 year-old gained fame as an internet personality, entrepreneur, and model.

Known for his pranks, one thing that added to Patty Mayo’s fame is his character as a bounty hunter in videos where he arrests criminals for bounty. He has built a strong following across platforms for his personality as someone who goes after fugitives for a commission. Nonetheless, there have been questions on his true identity and whether he is a real bounty hunter or if he is adopting the role for entertainment.

What’s Patty Mayo’s Real name?

The real name of Patty Mayo is Patrick Thomas Tarmey. He has maintained the name for a very long time, and it was much later in his life, when he started his career as a social media star, that he became known as Patty Mayo.

Born on July 6, 1987, and brought up in Boston, Massachusetts, the 36 years old had a regular job but later decided to call it quits and moved to Los Angeles, where he decided to become a full-time YouTuber.

He launched his channel in 2013, where he has been scripting his shows, ‘Southland Bounty Hunters’ and ‘Dutchberry Sheriff’s Office.’

Is Patty Mayo Real?

Patty Mayo is a real person. He was born Patrick Thomas Tarmey on July 6, 1987, which means he is now 36 years old. He was originally born in Boston, Massachusetts, but now lives in California. There is hardly any serious information about his childhood and educational pursuits.

He started out as a model before he became famous as a YouTuber. He is recognized for his bounty hunting “skills,” bringing entertainment. He also has powerful narrative skills, and he also includes pranks to make his videos even more interesting.

While Patty is a real person, he is not a real bounty hunter. He only adopted the character in his videos, and that has gotten many to believe he might as well be a real bounty hunter. All his videos are scripted, and everyone who is involved has an assigned role even before filming begins. The shows became known for are “Southland Bounty Hunters” and “Dutchberry Sheriff’s Office.”

In his real life, Patrick Thomas is a married man who is now married to Big Brother houseguest and TV personality Raven Leigh-Anna Walton. The Big Brother alum and Patty Mayo dated for three years before getting engaged in December 2022, and then in September 2023, they tied the knot.

Is Patty Mayo a Real Cop?

In the same manner that he is not a real bounty hunter, Patty is also not a real cop. There was the belief that he was linked to the Oregon Sheriff’s office because of his activities in Deschutes County. However, the Sheriff’s office has since come forward to clear the air that even though they are aware of what he does, he does not have any affiliation with the office.

They cleared the air that he is only an actor who only wears the law enforcement uniform as a costume. Those who appear in his videos are members of his production crew and actors and actresses who only appear for a fee. This means that all the alleged criminals that he arrests are not criminals but just actors who are paid to play criminals.

In a post available on the Oregon State Sheriff’s Association website, Mayo was warned that he could not continue to film in public places without getting the proper permits for security and road closures. That said, his use of the police uniform for his YouTube videos does not constitute impersonating a police officer.

What Happened To Patty Mayo?

Patty Mayo stayed away from social media and the internet for quite a long time before he finally returned. He went on a hiatus in 2017 but was back in 2018 for reasons he did not share with his followers and fans of his show. The show continued as normal after his return.

By 2023, so much had started changing about how he did things. He started diversifying his shows with fewer bounty-hunting videos and more personal stuff. He started sharing more about his personal life. He revealed that the reason behind the change was that he was easy to forget things as a result of a head injury he sustained many years ago, which has made him always forget things.

The YouTuber has not stated the circumstances behind the brain injury, but he is known to love adventure, and being a lover of diving, it is possible that he sustained the injury from one of his daring adventures.

Patty Mayo also revealed that he is beginning to make some changes in his life, which he considers to be the normal progression of life. Initially, he indicated that although there would be less of his personae as Patty Mayo, he was still yet to decide whether he was quitting bounty hunting for good or just needed a little time away before he returned again. However, he later made it known that he had retired and had turned the channel into something new.

Patty Mayo’s Net Worth

Patty Mayo’s net worth is currently estimated at close to $3 million. He made his fortune from his overwhelming career as a social media star, YouTube vlogger, model, and entrepreneur.

One of the first ways that the internet sensation started making money was through his career as a model, but this did not seem to go very far before he delved into YouTube. He started his YouTube channel in November 2003. By the time the channel reached a decade, he had already amassed more than 1.5 billion views and over 10.8 million subscribers.

With an estimated earning of anything from $1,200 to $6,000 for every 1 million views on the platform, it means his cumulative views have earned him hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Patty Mayo also has a strong social media presence, which has also earned him a good income. He has more than 370 thousand followers on Instagram. Patty can earn between $3,000 and over $15,000 for his followers per sponsored post on the platform.

Another great way that he makes money is through the Patty Mayo merchandise, which he sells on various platforms, including Redbubble. Although he has not indicated how much he makes from this, it is believed that it is quite significant.


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