Marco Hall Net Worth: An Analysis of The Renowned YouTuber and TikToker

Marco Hall’s net worth is $10 million as of 2024. He made his fortune from multiple sources, including boxing, social media, business, and more. Hall started earning the big bucks from his boxing career which kick started in 2011 when the lightweight fighter was 26.

After many years in the boxing ring, Marco started exploring other avenues of making money and that was how he got into social media and merchandising. On social media alone, the boxing champion has created accounts on different platforms including YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and more. Through his merch, he sells branded items including T-shirts and other accessories. Hall has revealed immediate plans to boost his income-generating powers and reportedly, subsequent reviews of his net worth are sure to show some positive changes.

How Much is Marco Hall Worth?

Marco Hall’s net worth is $10 million as of 2024. The Ohio native’s bottom line accrued from an annual income of $3.5 million and he reportedly rakes in a monthly remuneration of over $290k.

He has Multiple Income Sources

Marco has created multiple sources of income over the years and currently, he earns from boxing, he is a social media sensation, YouTuber, and businessman. Hall also has some lucrative endorsement deals with some top brands.

Hall Started his Career in The Boxing Ring

Right from his formative years, Hall has always wanted to become a boxer, thus, it came as no surprise that he went professional as a boxer in 2011. Marco was 26 at his first outing as a pro boxer.

Marco Hall’s career as a boxer was quite memorable as the lightweight fighter fought with some of the big names in the sports including Emil Brooks, Cody Fuller, John Rodriguez, and Angel Figueroa, including Javier Lopez Chavez who has always been his arch-rival.

From the inception of his boxing career to date, Marco has recorded five outings out of which he won four, drew one, and has not recorded any loss. It was when Hall joined boxing champion, Floyd Mayweather Jr. for training sessions that his fame as a boxer became widespread.

Reportedly, Marco has raked in over $5 million from his boxing career, and though may believe him to be retired, the fighter is yet to confirm his official retirement.

He went from Boxing to YouTube

Hall has multiple channels on the YouTube platform. After he had spent several successful years in the boxing ring, Marco Hall decided to go and try his hands at social media, and on the 22nd of October 2012, he launched a self-titled channel @marcohall75 where he shared a total of 10 videos. So far, his debut channel has accumulated over 111k followers and still counting, and the number of views it has amassed is pegged at 1,737,573. The kind of videos he uploaded then were boxing and fitness-related.

Marco Hall’s fate on YouTube changed after he met and married his second wife, Brooke Ashley Hall. Brooke happens to be a social media star in her own right and together, they joined efforts to launch a family YouTube channel @TheBeverlyHalls. The channel came live on the 10th of July 2014, a couple of years after he set up his first self-titled channel.

The couple’s family channel is doing great on YouTube and at the last count, it had amassed over 7.2 million subscribers with a total of 3.9K videos. So far, the number of views has come to 7,529,471,284 and still counting. On average, the YouTuber records about 1.9 million views per post and according to him, it keeps getting better as the days roll by.

Marco Hall and Brook Ashley’s YouTube channel is suffused with family stuff, including exciting adventures, special hangouts, and updates about their daily lives. They also post other kinds of videos like comedy skits, lifestyle, reaction videos, pranks, and more.

One of their most-watched YouTube videos was one where the Hall family was moving into their new home. The abode turned out to be an exquisite Las Vegas mansion complete with marble surfaces, indoor waterfalls, multiple rooms, and bathrooms. We are yet to factor in the luxury walk-in closets that are as big as bedrooms, the beautifully furnished master suite, Top-of-the-range kitchen utensils, the spacious garage, and the inviting swimming pool. Though its worth has never been disclosed, the dwelling is said to be a multi-million dollar property.

Hall’s family YouTube channel has attracted a lot of sponsored videos, thanks to its popularity, and reportedly, a single sponsored YouTube video on his account attracts as much as $20,000, though this is yet to be verified.

Apart from his first two channels on YouTube, Marco Hall and his family have three others that are yet to accumulate significant followers.

TikTok is Marco’s Most Popular Social Media Account

The famed boxer joined TikTok during the latter part of 2019 after he had been operating his YouTube channel for a few years.

On the short video-sharing platform, the Ohio native can be located under the username, @iammarcohall where he has accumulated over 10.9 million followers and 286.8 million likes.

During his early days on the TikTok platform, Marco was content with just sharing pictures and videos of his workout sessions. However, his fortune on the platform changed for the better after he did a training session with legendary boxer, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and shared the video on TikTok. That singular video made fans of the boxing star know about Marco Hall and before long, he started earning followers in their millions.


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As Hall’s popularity on the short video-sharing platform continues to grow, he decided to widen his horizon by including other stuff in his videos. It was at this point that Hall started infusing comedy videos and pranks into his TikTok content and the result was astounding.

Marco Hall’s content is quite exquisite, earning him a spot on the list of the most viral social media personalities on the platform.

Being on TikTok turned out to be a huge blessing for Marco as it opened a floodgate of opportunities for the boxing champion. Through his TikTok account, Marco was opportune to ink lucrative deals with wit A-list brands including Fashion Nova, Manscaped, Bang Energy, and more.

Marco Hall has a Self-titled, Instagram Handle

On Instagram, Marco Hall can be located @iammarcohall and though his IG account does not measure up to his TikTok and YouTube presence, he is still doing admirably well with 616 followers and counting. So far, he has shared a total of 2, 226 posts.

The kind of posts to look out for on Marco’s Instagram handle are stuff about his family, their beautiful mansion, and more. Hall and his wife often share some of their loved-up pictures while on hangouts, at home, or just chilling together.

Another significant thing he leverages his IG handle for is product promotions. The social media sensation collaborates with big brands that wish to leverage his fame in announcing their brand to a wider audience and reportedly, Marco charges a huge sum for such deals. However, the exact amount he makes from promoting products on Instagram has never been disclosed but it is said to be quite huge.

Triller is Another Social Media App where Marco Hall has a Stake

Following the launch of the Triller social media app in 2015, Marco established a presence on the platform five years later in 2020. Triller happens to be a video creation app that allows its users to create, edit, and post short videos. These videos can be shared through the Triller app or a user may decide to share them via any other social media platform like TikTok, Instagram, and the likes.

After he launched his presence on Triller in 2020, Marco Hall went on to ink a one-year deal with the app in November 2021. According to the fine details of the contract, he is to share a total of eight videos on Triller every month and another eight can be shared via other social media apps during the same month. When he is sharing just dance videos, the platform allows only 15 seconds but any other type of video can go as long as 30 seconds.

Talking about the monetization part of his deal with Triller, Marco revealed that the platform agreed to pay him $2k for each month he meets the target and another $2k worth of shares in the company. Being a relatively new platform, Triller is looking for viable means of announcing their app to a wider audience and Marco is doing a great job for them and receiving his due in return.

Marco Hall Boosted his Income Generating Powers by Going Into Merchandising

Launching a virtual merch store has always been a viable means of earning good income for celebrities and Marco is no different from the rest. The famed boxer cum social media star became a businessman during the summer period of 2021 when his merch store became a reality.

Through his virtual store, Marco sells bespoke clothing items, clothing accessories, and more. Some of the items he sells include branded T-shirts, hoodies, and more. Reportedly, the retail price for each T-shirt from Marco Hall’s virtual store is $29 and above and they all come with his logo; they also carry his catchphrase.

The exact amount that accrues through Marco’s merchandising effort as income has never been discussed in the public space but reportedly, it is said to be a major contributor to his bank balance.

He has some Huge Investments in Real Estate

Marco Hall is one shrewd American celebrity who knows how to invest in the real estate sector. One of his latest real estate acquisitions is located at 1108 Wallace Ridge, Beverly Hills California, and according to the social media star, he got it for almost $6 million. This property was purchased around May 2023 and the couple initially kept the details of the house undisclosed until recently.

In addition to his Californian house, Marco can boast two beautiful properties in Nevada. Currently, Marco and his family live in their Ohio-based mansion. The internet star once gave his fans a tour of his abode which turned out to be an eye-boggling experience. The dwelling was well equipped and up to date with the latest modern amenities.

The front of the house has an inviting vast swimming pool. Marco has a total of three garages on this property and they all house the most exotic of automobiles. The hall in the house is not just massive, it is fully air-conditioned. A well-furnished dining area is tucked in the corner and the bedrooms all come with detached bathrooms.

Marco Hall’s Endorsement Deals are said to be Huge

It is the norm for celebrities to attract endorsement deals from A-list brands and Marco has done much in that aspect. The boxing champion cum social media star has attracted a lot of deals from brands who have leveraged his influence in selling their products.

Hall is not a strange face on TV as he has graced the sets of several product ads and some of those TV commercials were in turn shared via his different platforms on social media; this was said to be part of the deal.

Through his website, Hall endorses multiple applications on both Google Play Store and Apple. His site also supports A-list brands such as Victoria’s Secret.

Reportedly, Marco Hall rakes in huge income from ad revenue, promotions, brand advertisements, donations, and more but the exact amount is not known.

Marco Hall’s Future Plans Involves Expanding his Income Generating Capacity

Despite the level of fame and fortune that he has achieved, Marco is not one to rest on his laurels. The boxing champion and internet star keeps striving to do more.

In recent times, he unveiled his plans for the near future, and from what we gathered, he has his nose to the grindstone constantly seeking ways to amplify his current domain as well as augment his proficiency.

The American celebrity recently announced his intention to launch a boxing academy in the United States. According to Marco Hall, the academy would cater to the needs of aspiring fighters.

Going on, Marco said it would be an incubator for the young boxers as its target is to refine their natural abilities, nourish and foster their visions, and prepare them for future triumph.

Hall also revealed his plans to reunite with boxing champion, Floyd Mayweather Jr., though he is yet to disclose the project they are going to be executing together. However, he has assured fans that it is going to be pioneering and groundbreaking.

Talking about his merchandise emporium, Hall said he has expansion plans. In broadening his merch horizon, the internet star said he has devised novel products to add to his already existing ones and according to him, they are sure to appeal to his devoted supporters.

If the gossip making the rounds is anything to go by, then, Marco may be nursing plans to explore the silver screen in the nearest future. According to the grapevine, he is eying the cinema and television.

With all that said, it is glaring that Marco harbors an insatiable appetite for prospects and challenges and he is committed to achieving all.


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