Who is Tara Setmayer’s Mother Jacquelyn Setmayer?

Jacquelyn Setmayer is the mother of Tara Setmayer, an American Writer, former CNN political commentator, and contributor to ABC News. Jacquelyn is a Caucasian American woman from Paramus, New Jersey. 

Tara Setmayer got widespread exposure on CNN and is well-recognized as a political commentator and a former GOP communications director on Capitol Hill. Jacquelyn Setmayer singlehandedly raised her daughter Tara and has maintained a healthy relationship with her to date.

Summary of Jacquelyn Setmayer’s Bio

  • Full name: Jacquelyn Setmayer
  • Gender: Female
  • Ethnicity: Mixed
  • Nationality: German, Italian
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Jacquelyn Setmayer’s Children: 1 (Tara Setmayer)
  • Jacquelyn Setmayer’s Parents: Emil Setmayer
  • Famous for: Being Tara Setmayer’s mother

Who is Jacquelyn Setmayer?

Jacquelyn Setmayer is the mother of Tara Setmayer, the popular American political commentator. Jacquelyn Setmayer is a Christian woman of Caucasian ethnicity. She has  German, English, and Italian ancestry, and is of American nationality. Details of Jacquelyn’s birth are not found anywhere in the media. Given that she did not find fame in her own right, it is quite difficult to find information about her personal life in the media.

Jacquelyn Setmayer and her daughter Tara
Jacquelyn Setmayer and her daughter Tara, image source

The name of Jacquelyn’s father is Emil Setmayer and he worked as an officer of the Paramus Police Department. Emil served for 40 years and retired as a captain in the 03 Volunteer Fire Department. It is not known what Jacquelyn’s early life looked like until she found fame following her daughter Tara’s successful career in the media.

Is Jacquelyn Setmayer Married?

The fact that there is no single piece of information about Tara’s father available on the internet has made many assume that her mother, Jacquelyn, never got married. To seemingly give credence to this claim, evidence shows that Jacquelyn did not change her birth surname, which her daughter, Tara, further adopted.

Although we do not have any evidence to prove this, one thing that is clear is that Jacquelyn Setmayer raised her daughter singlehandedly. It is also not known if she had any other child apart from Tara. The CNN personnel occasionally talks about her mother but has not for once made mention of her father nor of having any siblings.

Apart from the report that he originates from Guatemala, nothing is known about Jacquelyn Setmayer being married to Tara’s father. Meanwhile, it has been mentioned that Jacquelyn worked very hard to provide for her daughter. According to Tara, her mother did all she could to take care of her.

Jacquelyn Setmayer and Her Daughter Share a Very Close Bond

Jacquelyn gave birth to Tara on 9th September 1975 in Queens, New York, and she is presently 48 years old. She grew up with her mother in Paramus, a borough of Bergen County in northern New Jersey and there, she attended Paramus High School.

She proceeded to The George Washington University in Washington, D.C, where she obtained a degree in Political Science with a focus on Journalism and Public Policy. Tara had good times growing up with her mother, with whom she shared a very close bond.

According to the former CNN personnel, her mother gave her a lot of confidence from childhood, which helped her in building a successful life for herself. She also revealed that her mother is so proud of her, having contributed largely to the person she grew up to become.

Tara previously worked as a CNN political pundit and the Republican Communications Director on Capitol Hill. She was featured on ABC’s Good Morning America, ABC’s The View, and HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, among other shows. She has immensely contributed to ABC News.

Tara Setmayer is married to her husband, Marcelle Love. They got married in September 2013 in Sicily, Italy, and Jacquelyn currently lives with them in their home in the US.


Who is Jacquelyn Setmayer?

Jacquelyn Setmayer is the mother of Tara Setmayer, the American political commentator, podcaster, and writer. Jacquelyn Setmayer is a former Broadway dancer and movie extra who has also appeared in TV commercials.

Who is Tara Setmayer’s Father?

Tara Setmayer’s father is an Afro-Latina man from Guatemala whose name remains unknown. Tara was raised by her single mom and maternal relatives and has never revealed much about her father.

Who is Tara Setmayer’s Husband?

Tara Setmayer’s husband is Marcelle Love, a federal law enforcement officer. The couple got married on 4 September 2013 in a ceremony held in the Italian city of Sicily.

Who are Tara Setmayer’s Children?

Tara Setmayer does not have any children.


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