Did Scotty Kilmer Pass Away or is He Still Alive?

Scotty Kilmer is not dead; he is alive, hail, and hearty. The famous American YouTuber, auto mechanic, and author still works as a mechanic while running his eponymous YouTube page, which has 5.39 million subscribers as of this writing. 

Kilmer has also debunked the rumors about his death in a video he titled “RIP Scotty Kilmer.” The video posted on his channel on the 13th of July 2020 has accumulated over 1.8 million views thus far.

One of the negatives that come with being a celebrated figure is probably the rumors and falsehoods that would be peddled about you. Most of the popular people you know have experienced this in one form or the other. Prominently, they are often rumoured to be dead whilst still living, forcing them into a sadly strange situation where they have to read memorial tributes about themselves.

Is Scotty Kilmer Still Alive?

Yes, Scotty Kilmer is still alive. He is not only alive but healthy and going about his business as a YouTuber and auto mechanic. Like most death hoaxes about celebrities, the Scotty Kilmer death rumor started on social media, precisely on Facebook.

It is said that a Facebook user started the rumor with a post that claimed the YouTuber passed on in his sleep. According to the Facebook user, Kilmer Scotty’s wife, Leslie Kilmer, woke up and found the auto mechanic lying lifeless beside her.

People started sharing this story, and it soon circulated on other social media platforms. As one would expect, the rumor was followed by multiple speculations about the well-being of the Youtuber. While some people sought to validate if he was truly dead, others went about looking for information regarding the cause of a death that never happened.

What the YouTuber Said about His Death Hoax

The way Scotty Kilmer addressed the rumors about his death had people panicking. Following days of speculation, the auto mechanic decided to issue a statement about the death hoax. He did this with a video he titled “RIP Scotty Kilmer,” which was uploaded on his YouTube page.

At face value of it, the YouTube video seemed to validate the claim that Scotty had passed on. Those who weren’t patient enough shared this video as evidence of his death. Thankfully, it was only a matter of time before the truth came to light. In the video, the auto mechanic joked about his death hoax, stating that the rumors about his death are largely exaggerated. He added that the story about his wife waking to find him lifeless is also news to him.

The Youtuber noted the speculations that all the videos that had been uploaded on his channel after the rumour about his death came to light were prerecorded. So to show proof he is truly alive, he showed a picture of his phone with the date and time he made the “RIP Scotty Kilmer” video. He thanked the people who were worried that something might have happened to him and reiterated that he is “still alive and kicking”.

Since then, Scotty has uploaded many more videos on his channel where he shares his knowledge as an auto mechanic and provides answers to questions people ask him about their car issues. The YouTuber began learning about cars at the age of 14 when his grandfather Elmer Kimer started teaching him how to fix cars.

Much later in life, Scotty decided to become a mechanic. His wife encouraged him to put together his knowledge, and it led to the publication of his book titled Everyone’s Guide to Buying a Used Car and Car Maintenance. He created his YouTube channel in August 2007.


Is Scotty Kilmer Dead?

Scotty Kilmer is not dead. The American YouTuber is alive and continues to go about his business. The rumor about his death on social media was false, and Kilmer himself debunked the rumors in a video he titled “RIP Scotty Kilmer.”

Who is Scotty Kilmer?

Scott Kilmer is a 70 year-old American YouTuber, author, and auto mechanic born October 2, 1953. He runs a self-titled YouTube channel that has over 6 million subscribers and amassed over 2 billion views.

What Happened To Scotty Kilmer?

Nothing happened to Scotty Kilmer. He was rumored to have been crushed to death by his own Toyota Celica in a social media post, but this has proven to be false.

How Much Does Scotty Kilmer Make on YouTube?

Scotty Kilmer has found success with his YouTube videos that have garnered billions of views. Kilmer revealed that his self-titled channel has brought him nearly $24 million.


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