Where Is JiDion From and Why Was He Arrested?

JiDion is from Houston, Texas, in the United States. Born Jidon Armani Adams on December 12, 2000, JiDion is now 23 years old and was arrested on Instagram Live after he was accused of criminal trespass in Houston.

Jidon gained fame as an Internet personality and YouTuber known for his comedic and prank videos. He ran his channel from 2018 to 2023 and built a following of close to 8 million before starting a Christian YouTube channel. Before switching to Christian content, he was a rather controversial fellow who got involved with the law in 2022.

JiDion Is From Houston, Texas

Jidon Armani Adams, the YouTube personality, is from Houston, Texas, United States where he was born on December 12, 2000. The 23-year-old was also brought up here. He got his education at Clear Lake High School in Houston, where he graduated from in 2019.

While in school, Jidon played American football but did not continue professionally. Instead, he switched to content creation. He started his channel in July 2018, and in only a few years, his channel grew to over 7.84 million subscribers.

Was He Arrested for Trespassing?

Yes, JiDion was arrested after he was accused of trespassing at the University of Houston. The YouTuber went to the college, where he carried out a prank and declined to leave. This led to a warrant of arrest being issued for him.

Where Is JiDion From

The often controversial internet influencer, who has made a name carrying out pranks on people that were mostly thought to be on the extreme, met his Waterloo following the warrant of arrest when he was nabbed while he was on Instagram Live. Initially, fans thought his arrest was another prank, but details about the incident that led to his arrest later emerged.

It soon became clear that the arrest was real and not another prank like his followers thought. Further details have it that he went to the university on Valentine’s Day and invaded the class of a professor in the college together with another influencer, Damii.

JiDion handed a flower and a teddy bear to the professor, who rejected them and sent the two away from the class, but they refused, prompting her to threaten to call security on the influencers. It was after this that they left, but that was not the end of the matter. They were eventually charged with criminal trespassing on the college grounds. During his arrest, Adams asked the police to pose for a thumbnail. Although he was later released, there was nothing much that was known about the arrest.

JiDion’s Mugshot

One more thing that drew more attention to the YouTuber beyond his arrest was his mugshot. The internet influencer shared the mugshots from his arrest online, where he is seen grinning brightly.

JiDion Mugshot

He accompanied the mugshot, which got so much reaction from the online community, with the caption “HPD 3 JiD 0.” The caption is about the number of times he has been arrested by the Houston Police Department.

He also added the hashtag #NewProfilePic to the image, which was seen by many as part of his antics. Jidon Armani Adams later complained that while he wanted to change his profile picture, Twitter (now X) didn’t allow him.

What Happened to JiDion?

JiDion has been involved in many controversies over the years before he finally decided to delete his content and go back to producing Christian content on YouTube. Before turning a new leaf, the YouTuber was involved in many controversies that landed him behind bars and also got him banned from various places, both online and in real life.


He was expelled from Twitch in 2022 as a result of what was termed extreme harassment. Before then, he had an episode in Best Buy where he was sent out because he came to the store shirtless. Other places where he was banned include all NBA and WNBA events as a result of some of his extreme stunts.

Another antics of JiDion that landed him in trouble was when he decided to get a haircut during the US Open quarterfinal match between Nick Kyrgios and Karen Khachanov. The development forced security to escort him from the arena.

To the shock of his followers and fans, he has since stopped pranking people and runs a Christian channel where he describes himself as a “Retired Menace, full-time follower of Jesus.”

Where is JiDion today?

JiDion has since been released from prison, and he is now in his hometown of Houston, Texas. It is not clear how long he spent behind bars before he was released, but it is clear that it was not a long time.


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