What Happened with Loni Willison? Her Journey From Model To Homelessness

Loni Willison is a former American fitness model also known for being the ex-wife of Jeremy Dunn Jackson, an American actor and singer. Willison has, over many years, been struggling with drug addiction and is currently homeless, roaming the streets of Los Angeles.

In recent years, Loni Willison has been found in some unimaginable locations and situations. After living what is best described as a reputable and high-profile life, which was the envy of many, life seems to have thrown some switches at the former model, changing her social strata and lifestyle in every word of it. Read on for the latest information about Loni Willison and her current whereabouts.

Who is Loni Willison?

Loni Willison is a former fitness model and actress born on 21st May 1983 in Hemet, California, United States of America. She is currently 41 years old in 2024. Nothing is publicly known about his family background and members.

Loni was once a household name in the American modeling and entertainment industry, but the present generation is not familiar with her face as she no longer appears in front of the camera. During the time she was active, Willison is best known for portraying the character of Kila Mickaels in the 2005 film, Expose.

Moreover, she was a fitness instructor and was featured in several magazines as a cover girl. She once graced the cover of Australia’s Glam Fit magazine and had some articles written about her on Flavour, Iron Man, Glam Fit, and more. At one time, Loni worked as an assistant plastic surgeon.

Loni Willison was Previously the Wife of Jeremy Jackson

Talking about her personal life, Loni Willison is the ex-wife of Jeremy Jackson, an American actor and singer born on 16th October 1980. Jackson is best known for his role as Hobie Buchannon on the television show Baywatch, where he appeared in its 159 episodes. He is also a singer, and some of his known songs are I’m Gonna Miss You, I Need You, You Really Got It Going On, You Can Run, etc.

It is not disclosed where and when Loni and her former husband Jackie met, but they dated for a while and then tied the knot on the 12th of December 2012 on a Californian beach. Their union lasted barely two years before they got divorced and went their separate ways. The reason for the crash of their marriage was reported to be domestic violence.

Meanwhile, Loni’s ex-husband had also, since the divorce, struggled with drugs, alcohol, and steroid use.

What Happened to Loni Willison?

Willison started suffering a mental breakdown in 2016 as a result of drug addiction. She and Jeremy had a seemingly perfect marriage, going by photos seen online, but that was not the case. The former model claimed she underwent domestic violence, which she said was the major reason for their breakup. According to her, Jackson attacked and strangled her many times, and on one such occasion, he broke two of her ribs.

Their matter was reported to the police, who carried out a series of investigations, although it wasn’t clear whether or not Jackson was arrested at that time or what the resolutions were after all. This incident took Loni more than two months to recover from, after which she quit her job as an assistant surgeon at a cosmetic surgery center in LA.

At the same time, she also stopped taking modeling gigs because she was yet to get herself together. However, she said she never wanted to sue Jackson or press charges against him because she was scared and did not want to see him go to jail. In her own words, everything went downhill just after she married Jeremy Jackson.

How Did Loni Willison Become Homeless?

The most popular news headline about Loni Willison at the moment is how she went from modeling to homelessness. According to reports, it was after her split with Jeremy Jackson that she started experiencing a mental breakdown, which made her resort to drugs. She sought refuge in drugs, and in no time, she developed an addiction to crystal meth.

As a result, her mental illness continued to get worse. Meanwhile, the former model had rented a different apartment in West Hollywood, California, following the end of her marriage. And coupled with her bad mental state at the time, she was also jobless. So, after some time, she could not afford to pay for the apartment any longer.

In addition to that, Loni reported encountering several robberies and being electrocuted in her home, which also contributed to the reason she left the apartment.

Where is Loni Willison Now?

Loni Willison is currently homeless. She now lives on the streets of Los Angeles, California, United States of America. She has, on different occasions, been spotted on the streets in unpleasant and demeaning places, looking very tattered and nothing close to the glamorous model that once graced our screens. Willison became homeless sometime in 2016.

Then, in 2018, one of her friends tried to get her into a rehab facility, but she absconded only to reappear two years later, in 2020. In October 2020, Willison was spotted around Venice Beach in Los Angeles, California. Not only was she seen walking barefoot in the area but also carrying cardboard on her head and wheeling a shopping cart filled with what is believed to be her belongings.

In the same scene, she was seen puffing on a cigarette and snacking on Pringles Friday. This time, she looked a little bit less untidy than the previous times she had been spotted in public. Furthermore, Loni was in March 2021 seen in Santa Monica Beach, where she was diving in the trash. She did this in a bid to get some food and eventually pulled out rice cakes from one of the trashcans.

She was also seen pulling out other trash in the bin, such as an empty bottle of perfume which she attempted to use on her body. From every indication, Loni Willison has a mental illness, even though an eyewitness report said that she was quite calm and didn’t seem miserable despite her ugly situation. “She was nice to anyone she spoke to and was smiling,” the eyewitness said.

Meanwhile, in an interview she granted with DailyMailTV in 2018, Willison said that she does not need any sort of help or financial assistance from anybody, including her family and friends, and also does not want to speak with anyone. “There’s nothing that anybody can offer me. There is no helping”, she stated categorically despite her seemingly bad living conditions and mental instability.

Loni Willison has been homeless for six years now. Before that, she was living the Hollywood dream, appearing on red carpets and working alongside high-profile personalities.


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