Leanne Morgan’s Net Worth

Leanne Morgan’s net worth is estimated at $2 million as of 2024. She accrued her wealth majorly from her earnings as a stand-up comedian. On the 11th of April 2023, she released her first Netflix comedy special titled Leanne Morgan: I’m Every Woman to astounding reviews.

Leanne, who is also an actress and author, made a decent part of her net worth from other ventures like her podcast and online merchandise. Read on for a detailed breakdown of how she made her money and her income sources.

How Much is Leanne Morgan Worth?

Leanne Morgan is worth an estimated 2 million dollars as of 2024. Over two decades, she has built a successful career in the entertainment industry as a comedian, which is the primary source of her income.

She is known for her extremely rib-cracking, relatable stand-up comedy routines, which mostly focus on her life and experience as a mother and wife. According to records, Morgan charges an estimated speaking fee range of $100,000 – $200,000

Leanne Started Her Comedy Career in 2001, and That Has Remained Her Major Income Source

Upon graduating from the University of Tennessee with a Child and Family Studies degree, Leanne Morgan first worked as a jewelry saleswoman. She was making door-to-door sales just in a bid to make ends meet. During this time, she used to make jokes with her clients, and with time, she realised they well relate to her jokes and started booking her for comedy gigs.

Her clients told her categorically that she needed to do stand-up, which further gave her the courage to go for it. Today, Morgan is one of the most sought-after comedians in America. She is best known for her comedy style of combining the hilarious storytelling of her life and Southern charm.

Meanwhile, from attending women’s jewelry parties, Leanne started performing at Rotary events and Kiwanis clubs. It was on one of the occasions that a man approached her and asked that she be his centerpiece in his club. She went professional with her comedy career in 2008 when her family moved to San Antonio, Texas, United States.

In the same year, she was invited to perform at the Las Vegas Comedy Festival, after which she proceeded to travel to different parts of the country and across for performance. It was also in the same year that she traveled to Canada to perform at the Montreal Comedy Festival. She is currently managed by Levity Talent.

Morgan has appeared in several comedy shows such as Dr Dhil on CBC, the Hilarious Housewives segment on the ABC talk show, Paula’s Party, and The View, and The View. Some of the notable comedy groups she has worked with are Southern Fried Chicks and Country Cool.

In 2015, Leanne Morgan participated in the reality comedy competition Funniest Mom and finished in second place. The comedian has also worked in a radio station. Alongside comedian Reno Collier, she co-hosted a comedy radio show, Chewing the Fat. Morgan’s stories of parenthood and casserole meal trains stick out compared to the darker stories in typical standup sets.

She Also Makes Money From Her Podcast and Other Businesses

Moreover, Morgan has a podcast titled Sweaty and Pissed, which she co-hosts with a nurse practitioner called Karen Nickell. In the podcast, the two women discuss diverse topics relating to women, such as menopause and child-raising. Also, Morgan has starred in several comedy specials such as Netflix comedy special Leanne Morgan: I’m Every Woman and So Yummy, streaming on VidAngel.

Furthermore, Leanne Morgan is a businesswoman. She owns and runs online merchandise that deals in T-shirts, caps, hoodies, sweatpants, and the like. The stand-up comedian might also have a few other businesses and investments that are not public knowledge including which have contributed to rounding up her net worth to an estimated $2 million.

Leanne Morgan is also a writer and her first book titled What in the World? is set to be published in September 2024. She has landed a role in her first movie, a forthcoming Amazon release starring Reese Witherspoon and Will Ferrell.

She Has an Active Presence on Social Media

It is also believed that Leanne Morgan makes money from social media. She has gathered more than 3 million followers across her social media platforms, and her online stand-up special, So Yummy, has reached more than 50 million views on YouTube. Given her active social media presence, Morgan’s fanbase continues to grow.

Thanks to her unmatched talent, Leanne Morgan has built an enviable fortune for herself via her comedy career. She has a well-relatable sense of humor and never fails to leave her fans and audience in stitches.

Who Opens for Leanne Morgan?

Andrew Stanley, the son of Andy Stanley, an Atlanta megachurch pastor, usually opens for Leanne Morgan. Leanne is a dedicated Christian, and as one, she sees comedy as a way to share love, joy, and light with the world that badly needs it. “God, somebody needs to laugh today. Please let me be a blessing.” This is the line the comedian reveals she says right before each time she walks on the stage.

How Long Does Leanne Morgan’s Show Last?

Although it may vary slightly in length, Leanne Morgan’s show reportedly runs between 90 minutes to two hours. Since 2023, Morgan has become one of the top acts in the world of comedy, captivating fans with her uniqueness and a one-of-a-kind show. Morgan commenced her 2nd 100+ show tour, Just Getting Started, in February 2023. She has many comedy tours lined up, and her fans can visit her self-titled website to get updates from her.

Despite her age, Leanne Morgan is still moving up the ladder in her comedy career. Variety named her one of the top 10 Comics to Watch for 2023. Her comedy special made it to the Top 10 on Netflix and became one of the highest-watched specials on the platform throughout 2023.

Where Does Leanne Morgan Live?

Leanne Morgan currently lives in Knoxville, Tennessee, United States of America, and from there, she pursues her entertainment career. Morgan lives together with her husband, Chuck, and their two daughters, Maggie and Tess. Her son Charlie and his wife Mary also live in Knoxville but not in the same house as her.

The comedian, therefore, frequently has access to meet with and spend time with Charlie and her grandkids. Meanwhile, before they moved to Knoxville, Leanne Morgan and her family previously lived in Bean Station, where her husband Chuck owned and operated a used mobile home business. They later moved to San Antonio, Texas, and then to Knoxville.


Who is Leanne Morgan?

Leanne Morgan is an American standup comedian, actress, and author.

What is Leanne Morgan’s Age?

Leanne Morgan’s age is 53 as of 2024. She was born on 3rd October 1970.

What is Leanne Morgan’s Height?

Leanne Morgan’s height is 5 feet 6 inches, which is the same as 168 cm.


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