What to Know About Zoe Francois’ Husband, Graham Francois

Graham Francois is the husband of Zoe Francois, an American pastry chef, cookbook author, TV host, and photographer. Zoe and Graham Francois got married on August 24, 1991, and have spent 32 years together. They have two children – Henri Francois and Charlie Francois.

Zoe Francois’ husband was born on December 1, 1960, and is 63 years old. He is a Java Developer, Software Developer, Software Analyst, and Solution Architect.

Graham Francois’s Bio

  • AGE: 63 years old
  • BIRTHDAY: December 1, 1960
  • BIRTHPLACE: United States, America
  • ETHNICITY: America

Graham Francois was Born on December 1, 1960

Graham Francois was born on the 1st of December 1960 and is 63 years old as of 2024. Although there is no data about his place of birth and his ethnicity, it is believed that he is an American citizen. Like his celebrity wife, Graham keeps a very, very low profile. Information about his parents, siblings, and any other family relatives is unknown at the moment.

Graham Francois
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Graham currently resides in Minnesota. However, we are unclear if that is where he spent his early childhood. Information regarding the schools he attended during his childhood is also not available to the public. But it is confirmed that he studied at the University of Vermont, where he got his degree. Words have it out there that he majored in Architecture.

How Long Has Graham Francois Been Zoe Francois’ Husband?

Zoe and Graham Francois have spent 32 years together as husband and wife. This was made known by Zoe when she took to her Instagram account and posted beautiful pictures of them together to celebrate their 31st wedding anniversary.

The love birds got married on August 24, 1991, with little or no details about the wedding ceremony and its attendants. Graham and Zoe live a very private life giving little or no clues about their relationship or family affair.

To that end, we cannot speculate when and how they met and how long they were together before they finally tied the knot. We are also not able to get information about their previous relationship before they met each other. However, one thing looks certain even without them saying it. They are a happy couple together.

He Has Two Male Children With His Wife, Zoe Francois

Graham and his wife Zoe have two male children. However, to a huge extent, the couple has done very much to keep their children’s details far away from public scrutiny.

The two male children are called Henri Francois and Charlie Francois. We are able to gather that Graham and Zoe’s sons are in their early 20s, with Henri confirmed by Zoe to be the oldest of them both. Henri Francois, Graham Francois’s first child, is in his mid-twenties. His birthday is celebrated on May 4th every year.

Henri looks like his father and has curly hair, just like him. Details about his birthday or place of birth have not been revealed by either of his parents. It is also not revealed the schools he has attended or what he currently does for a living.

Charlie Francois, the youngest of Graham and Zoe’s male children, is 23 years old. He was born on March 11, 2001. There are also no details about his place of birth and what he is currently up to.

What Does Graham Francois Do for a Living?

Graham Francois (R-L) and his wife Zoe Francois
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Graham Francois is an Architect by profession. He currently serves as the Senior Principal at Slalom Consulting LLC, a position he has held since December 2020. Slalom is a business and technology consulting firm headquartered in Seattle, Washington, with annual revenue that exceeds two billion dollars.

With 15 years of Java, 17 years of web development, and more than 20 years of marketing, design, and business expertise, he is a flexible and seasoned leader who boasts a rare blend of technical, design, and business knowledge. He is a strategic thinker skilled at infusing the planning, design, and development of applications with a business perspective.

Before his role at Slalom Consulting, Graham was a Solution Architect at Solution Design Group from April 2014 to January 2018. He has expertise working with customers to define needs, and he is equally at ease dealing with engineers, product managers, and business stakeholders.


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