Who Is Trevor Bauer’s Wife or Is Rachel Luba His Girlfriend?

Trevor Bauer does not have a wife because he is not married. He also does not have a girlfriend at the moment but is romantically linked with Rachel Luba, an American sports agent who is his representative.

Trevor Bauer is a 33-year-old American professional baseball pitcher who currently plays for Yokohama DeNA BayStars. His close relationship with his agent, Rachel Luba, one of the most successful and famous agents in the US, has made many people speculate that they have something more than business going on. This article has divulged all the truths there is to know in this regard.

Is Trevor Bauer Married?

Trevor Bauer is not married and, therefore, does not have a wife. The MLB pitcher has a weird perception of marriage and, in fact, does not believe in its concept. According to him, marriage has some sort of conclusiveness in it that he is not comfortable with.

Meanwhile, Bauer is known to have his own unique way of handling his playing contracts that other players would think weird. He does not always sign long-term contracts but goes for short-term contracts, given the freedom they provide as opposed to the assurance and security long-term contracts offer.

From indications, Trevor has carried his sporting philosophy over to his love and relationship life. Sometime in 2019, he said that he believed he would make a very bad husband if he were to be married at that point. To date, Bauer has yet to change his ideology on the concept of marriage.

Is Trevor Bauer’s Girlfriend Rachel Luba?

There is no evidence to confirm that Rachel Luba is Trevor Bauer’s girlfriend. A certified female baseball agent, Rachel Luba was born on 27th July 1992 in California. She has a law degree from the University of California, Los Angeles, and also graduated from Pepperdine University, where she bagged a postgraduate degree in a yet-to-be-disclosed course.

Luba is currently the youngest-ever certified female agent in the history of baseball. She represents a number of notable MLB stars, including Yasiel Puig, David Hess, Eric Jaggers, and Trevor Bauer. She launched her own sports agency, Luba Sports, in 2019. However, as much as it is clear, she and Bauer are not in a romantic relationship.

Trevor Bauer does not have a girlfriend, as he is currently not dating anyone. The baseball pitcher does not publicly discuss his love life. Apart from Rachel Luba, he has not been romantically linked with any other woman ever since he rose to fame. As earlier stated, he has issues with the concept of a committed relationship and marriage.

In his opinion, the exclusivity that comes with being in a committed relationship makes it very difficult for him to leave it whenever he is fed up and becomes unhappy. Although his view is considered warped by many, one thing Trevor has done is make his wishes very clear before he could ever go into a relationship with anyone.

Bauer stated during a profile segment with Ben Reiter and Sports Illustrated that his three dating rules include that no partner must develop feelings for him but will have to remain unattached because of his emotional unavailability. The second rule entails that no potential partner should make a social media post about him when they are together. The third rule is that he must continue to sleep with other people even while in the relationship.

With these rules, it is no longer surprising that at the age of 33, Trevor Bauer is not in any committed relationship, as it would be difficult to find a woman who would give in to these three harsh dating rules.

Trevor Bauer and Rachel Luba’s relationship

The news about Trevor Bauer and Rachel Luba’s relationship began to make rounds in 2020 when their photos in a more than friendly manner or a rather suggestive way circulated on the internet, sparking rumors that they have something romantic going on between them. Some people took to social media and expressed their displeasure about the two mixing business with pleasure.

Meanwhile, a few others believed that both of them are adults and have the liberty to do whatever they want as long as it is consensual. Their relationship allegations heightened when Luba testified in Bauer’s favor during his sexual assault case. However, in response to the critics, the sports agent has stated that the picture was them celebrating a contract she had just helped Bauer secure.

On his part, Trevor Bauer also stressed that his relationship with Rachel Luba was both professional and platonic. But that seems not to have put an end to the speculations. What is clearly known about Trevor Bauer and Rachel Luba is that they are professional colleagues. Rachel is Trevor Bauer’s agent and has been working with him since 2019.

Who is Trevor Bauer’s Accuser?

Trevor Bauer’s accuser is Lindsey Hill. She is a Cincinnati woman, but other than that, nothing else is known about her. Lindsey exclusively came to public knowledge after the sexual assault claims became public. The charges she leveled against Bauer earned him a suspension pending the outcome of the investigation, and the suspension saw him out of the field for about two years.

What Was He Accused of?

Trevor Bauer was accused of sexual assault. It was in June 2021 that Lindsey Hill filed a lawsuit against him with the Pasadena Police Department, accusing him of sexual assault. Effectively, the accusation put Trevor under police investigation while Lindsey proceeded to file an ex-parte restraining order against him. At first, she was granted the order, but it was subsequently withdrawn because it was materially misleading.

Through his representative, Luba, Trevor Bauer clearly stated that everything that happened between him and Lindsey Hill was consensual. In his statement to the court, he revealed that Hill had ardently pursued him for rough sex, and he gave in to her request. But after the first incident, Hill requested more and more and was more specific that subsequent ones be rougher than the first time.

According to Bauer’s lawyer, this was only an avenue for Hill to extract huge amounts of money from the player. Hill’s lawyer released several photos of Hill where she was seen in a battered state. Meanwhile, Bauer sued Hill for defamation, and she also filed a countersuit accusing Bauer of sexual battery. Both suits were settled in October 2023, and Bauer released a video in the same month saying that he is happy to be moving on with his life.


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