Who is Stephen Ira Beatty? All About Annette Bening’s Son

Stephen Ira Beatty is the son of Annette Bening. Born on January 8, 1992, Annette Bening’s son is a 32 year-old poet and writer.

Stephen is the oldest of three children born to his parents, and he was born Kathlyn Beatty before he transitioned at the age of 14. A writer and teacher, he has been very vocal about issues relating to trans and gay people in general and has earned the support of his family. Although it is mostly in the shadows of his parents that Stephen Ira’s fame resides, there are still many amazing things about him.

Summary of Stephen Ira’s Bio 

  • Full name: Stephen Ira Beatty
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: January 8, 1992
  • Stephen Ira’s Age: 32 years old
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign:  Capricorn
  • Sexual Orientation: Transgender/ Homosexual
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Stephen Ira’s Partner: Christopher Berntsen
  • Stephen Ira’s Parents: Annette Bening (mother) and Warren Beaty (father)
  • Siblings: Isabel Beatty, Ella Beatty, Benjamin Beatty
  • Famous for: Being the son of Warren Beatty and Annette Bening
  • Stephen Ira’s Instagram: @supermattachine

Stephen Ira Beatty Was Born As A Girl Named Kathlyn Beatty 

It was on January 8, 1992, that Stephen Ira Beatty was born, which means he is now 32 years old. He was birthed as a girl named Kathlyn Beatty in Los Angeles, California, to his parents, Warren Beaty and Annette Bening. He was brought up alongside his three siblings, Benjamin Beatty, Ella Beatty, and Isabel Beatty.

Of American nationality and white ethnic extraction, he had a great childhood. It is thanks to this he has come to have a great relationship with his parents and siblings. Stephen has been in the eyes of the public since he was growing up because of the status of his parents, who often take him and his younger ones to various Hollywood events.

As regards his academic pursuits, Stephen Ira had his high school education in Los Angeles at The Buckley School, and then he went to a private college in Bronxville, Sarah Lawrence College, where he studied art-related courses.

Stephen Ira

Stephen Ira, then Kathlyn Elizabeth Beatty, Parents, and siblings (Image Source)

Stephen Ira Beatty Transitioned at the Age of 14

As indicated, it was as a girl named Kathlyn Beatty that Annette Bening’s son was born. But then, he has since changed his name to Stephen Ira after he began changing his sex from female to male when he was 14 years old in 2006. The artist has been on hormonal therapy since then.

When he openly stated that he was now trans at the age of 20, he described himself in a YouTube video as a trans man, a homosexual, queer, and faggy queen. He also stated that he was a nerd, a writer, an artist, and finally, a guy who needs a haircut.

Although details regarding his transition have not been well captured, his parents have made it known that he has managed the entire process really well. According to his Oscar-winning mother, who said she has always wanted to protect her kids since she was very young, the process was very challenging, but her son handled it with great style and intelligence.

His father has also thrown his weight in support of his son and his trans journey. According to Warren Beatty, he is very proud of his son, whom he described as a genius. The notoriously private actor added that Stephen, like all his other kids, is his hero.

Since his transition, Stephen Ira has been a very vocal member of the LGBTQ community. In 2015, he got involved in the case of Leelah Alcom, a teenager who took her own life at the age of 17 after her parents took her out of school when it came to their notice that she identified as a girl. Stephen made a tweet stating that parents have no business having kids if they know they can’t handle trans kids.

His Parents Are Famous In Hollywood

As indicated, the parents of Stephen Ira are big names in the American film industry. His father, Henry Warren Beatty, was born on March 30, 1937. The 87 year old has a career that has spanned over six decades and is considered to be one of the main filmmakers to lead the New Hollywood, something that began in the late 1960s.

Beaty’s career, which began in 1956, has seen him produce many films and TV shows, and for his effort, his films have amassed more than 50 Academy Award nominations. Also an actor, he has been involved in everything from the theatre to films and TV productions.

Stephen’s mother, Annette Carol Benning, is also a big name. She was born on May 29, 1958, and began her career in 1980. She has also been involved in stage, TV, and film productions and has enjoyed a successful career that is decorated with many awards, including the Golden Globes, British Academy Film Awards, and Screen Actor’s Guild Awards. She has also received some nominations, including the Academy Awards, Primetime Emmy Awards, and then Tony Awards.

At the time of the birth of their son, Bening, and Beatty were not yet married, but his mother’s previous marriage to choreographer James Steven White had already ended in 1991.

Stephen Ira Was Brought Up With Three Siblings

Stephen Ira Beatty is the first of the four children of his parents. The second child of the family is 29 years old Benjamin Beatty, who was born on August 23, 1994, in Los Angeles. He has decided on following the same path as his famous parents, and he is now an actor who has appeared in several films, including the 2018 film UFO and Hail, Caesar, in 2016.

The next of Stephen Ira’s siblings is Isabel Beatty, who, unsurprisingly, is also a talented actress just like her parents, and also a writer. She was born on January 11, 1997. The actress has featured in several productions, including Murder Tag in 2018, and a year later, she was in Baggage.

The last child of the family is another girl, Ella Beatty. She was born on April 8, 2000, and is now 24 years old. She has not broken away from the artistic family from which she emerged; she is also an actress who has made an appearance in the 2020 short film, The Big Special. She is also appearing in the 2024 mini-series, Feud.

All four siblings are closely knitted and are very supportive of each other.

Stephen Ira Is A Poet and Filmmaker

Stephen Ira makes a living as a performer, poet, social media personality, and filmmaker, taking after his father.

Better than anything else, he seems to be more into writing. He has written several poems in magazines, including the Paris Review and Fence, and has published a chapbook, Chasers, which he released in March 2022. He has performed at different venues through the years, including La Mama and Dixon Place. He works as the editor of Strange, a popular speculative magazine.

Also, a teacher who teaches writing to children, Stephen Ira, has worked on a documentary film with his partner, Chris Bernstein. The work titled I Have to Think of Us as Separate People, premiered in 2019.

In performance, he has taken part in some stage productions, including Underwater Wedding (2016), Famous People (2019), Endymion Dreams the Moon (2019), and Holding Still For As Long As Possible (2020).

He Is Currently Dating Christopher Berntsen

While he is not married, it is no secret that the celebrity kid and poet is in a relationship with his partner, Chris Berntsen, who was born Christopher Berntsen. While it is known that the two are very close and they have been together for a few years, they have not revealed how they met and began dating.

Stephen and Chris live together in their home in New York, where they also work. Chris is a photographer and filmmaker, but he has not revealed much about himself. The two seem to be happy together, and they have also collaborated on various projects and supported each other in their separate works.

Back in 2012, Stephen made a revelation on social media that he was in a relationship with a boy and that he missed his boyfriend. That was all he gave at the time, without making any revelation about the name and identity of the person.


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