Who Is Pasquale Barbaro’s Wife Melinda Barbaro and Where Is She Now?

Melinda Barbaro (Born 1985) is a 37 year-old Australian businesswoman better known as the wife of Pasquale Barbaro, the late gangster who was assassinated in 2016. Before his death, Pasquale was a notorious Sydney crime figure, and according to ABC News, he was a part of the Calabrian mafia.

Pasquale was facing a court trial for the production of crystal methamphetamine before he was gunned down. There are reports that he was killed because he was a police informant. Melinda Barbaro and her husband lived a life surrounded by crime and immoral acts, but upon his death, she revealed that behind the hoodlum the public saw in her late husband, there was a fiercely religious man.

Despite the challenges that trailed their union, she loved him and has dedicated her life to raising their two kids and protecting them from public scrutiny.

Summary of Melinda Barbaro’s Bio

  • Full name: Melinda Barbaro
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: 1985
  • Melinda Barbaro’s Age: 37 years old
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Nationality: Australian
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity (Catholic)
  • Marital Status: Widowed
  • Melinda Barbaro’s Husband: Pasquale Barbaro
  • Melinda Barbaro’s Children: two
  • Famous for: being the wife of Pasquale Barbaro

Who is Melinda Barbaro?

Melinda Barbaro is the estranged wife of the heavily tattooed drug dealer Pasquale Barbaro who was gunned down in an apparent assassination in 2016. Though the exact details of her birth are not public knowledge, Melinda was reportedly born sometime in 1985. Her late husband was born in 1981 and died at the age of 35.

The finer details about Melinda Barbaro’s childhood and early years are kept private. As such, her parents and other family members, including any possible siblings she has, have been kept away from the public. This is expected if the lifestyle she led with her late husband is put into consideration.

Melinda Barbaro is a Businesswoman

The academic history of Melinda Barbaro is missing from the public record, and this makes it difficult to deduce the career path she might be in. However, there are reports that she has carved a career niche as a businesswoman.

No further information is available about the field she is into as a businesswoman, but she seems to be doing quite well for herself. Unlike her late husband, Melinda seems to be into a legitimate business as she has not recorded any run-ins with the law.

What Happened to Melinda Barbaro and Pasquale Barbaro?

Melinda Barbaro and Pasquale Barbaro were once married, but the details of their relationship, including when and how they met, have been kept private. Their marriage was also a private affair, and we cannot say exactly when they tied the knot.

Pasquale Barbaro image source

Several credible sources described her as the estranged wife of the late gangster, which suggests that their marriage must have been shaking before Pasquale was killed. Nevertheless, the interviews granted by Melinda hardly showed any evidence of a troubled marriage.

In fact, she had revealed that in his last days, Pasquale had approached her for money to acquire a casket he would want to be buried in. The coffin reportedly cost about $10,000.

Melinda Barbaro’s Late Husband, Pasquale Barbaro, Was a Very Religious Man

Apparently, Pasquale Barbaro was a decent religious father by day and a gangster at night. According to Melinda herself, her late husband used to read the Bible to their kids during the day, but at night, he would transform into a real gangster, playing with and filming naked women who worked as escorts.

Pasquale was a devoted Catholic and never backed down on his faith. Despite his life of crime, he always found time for God. He also had religious items and statues, including that of La Madonna and Jesus, scattered all over his home. He also went to church at every opportunity he got.

“Yes he loved his Versace shirts and Rolexes but he went to church to pray and was fiercely loyal and protective to me and our children,” Melinda told The Daily Telegraph.

Notably, the coffin Pasquale wanted to acquire for his own burial was going to have religious statues scattered all over it. The $10,000 worth of mahogany coffin was dripping with luxury, and he had asked for it just a few days before his death.

Pasquale Barbaro was Assasinated in November 2016

Two hooded men fatally shot Pasquale in Earlwood, Sydney, Australia. The ugly incident took place in November 2016, and Sydney police have since arrested several suspects in connection to the shooting.

Pasquale was a notorious criminal, and this status goes beyond his generation, as his grandfather, uncle, and cousin had criminal records. Interestingly, they all bore the same name, Pasquale Barbaro. Pasquale left prison in 2013 after serving time for his involvement in methamphetamine production, and according to Melinda, that was when he started dying.

There were reports that he was assassinated for breaking the silence code known as ‘omerta.’ According to Keith Moor, a crime journalist, Pasquale’s assassination was inspired by the fact that he was a police informant, but Melinda has debunked such claims.

A Miniseries Has Been Made To Chronicle Pasquale Barbaro’s Life of Crime

Channel 7 has turned Pasquale Barbaro’s life and death into a miniseries. The miniseries scheduled for release on September 13, 2021, would chronicle the life of the Australian Gangster, but while some members of the public who knew him were excited to see it, Melinda was not happy about it.

Melinda made it known that the show’s producer’s didn’t do the life story any justice. In her statement, she maintained that her husband was not part of any gang and was not a police informant, as they claim. She also expressed her anger over the trashy manner in which the miniseries portrayed their lives to the public.

Melinda’s concern about the two-part series is heightened by the fact that she feels it will cause emotional trauma to their children. Portraying their father in a demeaning manner while they are still trying to come to terms with his death might have a bad effect on the kids.

Where is Pasquale Barbaro’s Wife Now?

For the sake of her children, Melinda has maintained a privacy policy on her personal life since the death of her husband. She is, more than ever, dedicated to raising her kids away from public scrutiny, which she feels might have a negative effect on them.

She doesn’t want her children to grow up with the wrong ideas about their father. These ideas are what she is afraid might come from public attention. Thus, she has chosen to stay off the radar. She is also not visible on any social media platform.


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