Who Is MaryAnne Smith? All About Lovie Smith’s Wife

MaryAnne Smith is mostly known as the wife of American football coach Lovie Lee Smith. The two have been together since they met in college and have been married for over four decades. They are parents to three sons; Mikal, Miles, and Matthew Smith.

For many, MaryAnne and Lovie are an inspiring couple who has defined what it means to be in a committed relationship. Even though many people got to know MaryAnne as the loving and supportive wife of Lovie Smith, there is more to who she is. She had a life before she met Lovie and her existence does not revolve only around the football coach.

MaryAnne Smith’s Bio

  • AGE: 63 Years Old
  • BIRTHDAY: January 18, 1959
  • BIRTHPLACE: Des Plaines, Illinois, United States
  • BIRTH SIGN: Capricorn
  • ETHNICITY: White American
  • FATHER: Unknown
  • MOTHER: Unknown
  • SIBLINGS: Bill Ford

MaryAnne Smith was Born in 1959 in Des Plaines, Illinois

MaryAnne Smith is a white American born on the 18th of January 1959. She is currently 63 years old. Records have it that she was born and brought up in Des Plaines, Illinois. Growing up in Des Plaines, she attended Forest View High School, a public secondary school that was located in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

Much is yet to be learned about the family Lovie Smith’s wife came from, not even the names of her parents are known to the public. Be that as it may, we can confirm that she is not the only child of her parents. As culled from a 2004 Chicago Tribune report about her, she has a brother named Bill Ford. It was said that he is a senior law partner at a firm in Joliet.

What Does MaryAnne Smith Do for a Living?

MaryAnne Smith mostly works as a philanthropist. A very public-spirited individual, she co-founded the Lovie and MaryAnne Smith Foundation (LAMAS) with her famous husband in 2010. She oversees the operations of the non-profit organization.

Among other things, LAMAS is committed to helping young adults fulfill their educational aspirations. For MaryAnne and her husband, providing college scholarships to young people is the best way to give back to society.

MaryAnne Smith is also involved in other charitable causes like supporting the American Diabetes Association and Ronald McDonald House. Recently, she and her husband supported Parker Dickerson, who lost both his parents to cancer.

How Long Has MaryAnne Been Married to Lovie Smith?

MaryAnne Smith and Lovie Smith
MaryAnne Smith and Lovie Smith: image source

MaryAnne and Lovie Smith have been married for over four decades. The couple got married in 1980 and have remained together since then. Their love story began in college, at the University of Tulsa which they both attended. As the story goes, they met on a blind date arranged by MaryAnne’s best friend and college roommate at Tulsa.

Recalling their first date, Lovie Smith’s wife related that their first date happened at a pizza parlor. According to her, she knew they would be getting married before the date was over. Things happened quickly between the two that they got engaged barely a month after they started dating. While still in school, they got married and it has been a blissful union for them.

All through their years of marriage, the couple has never been involved in any infidelity scandal. From what they have said about each other, it is pretty clear that their genuine love for each other is the secret behind their successful union.

How Many Children Does MaryAnne Smith Have?

MaryAnne Smith with her husband, sons, daughter-inlaws, and grandkids
MaryAnne Smith with her husband, sons, daughter-inlaws, and grandkids: image source

MaryAnne Smith is a mother of three sons, all of whom she had with her husband Lovie Smith. The names of her sons are Mikal, Miles, and Matthew Smith. The philanthropist loves her sons as much as she adores her husband.

Her first son Mikal Lee Smith was born before she got married. The 46 years old was born on the 16th of November 1976. Like his father, he played college football and was once an assistant coach in the NFL.

Her second son Matthew Smith is 36 years old. Born on the 26th of August 1986, Matthew works as a lawyer and sports agent. He graduated from Northwestern University in 2009.

The youngest of MaryAnne Smith’s sons, Miles Smith, is 33 years old. He was born on the 27th of September 1989 and also works as an American football coach. Miles is a graduate of Lake Forest College where he studied history.


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