Who Is David Haydn-Jones and Is He Married?

David Haydn-Jones is a 46-year-old famous Canadian-born American actor known for his versatile performances in both film and TV shows. He is alleged to be married to Danica McKellar.

David has built a successful acting career over the years. While he has gained recognition for his work, particularly for his role as Arthur Ketch in the popular TV series Supernatural, he is a private individual when it comes to his personal life. Information regarding his marital status is that he is currently married to Danica Mckellar. Here is how much we know about the actor and his personal life.

David Haydn-Jones’s Bio

  • AGE: 46 Years Old
  • BIRTHDAY: September 25, 1977
  • BIRTHPLACE: Kyle, Saskatchewan, Canada.
  • BIRTH SIGN: Libra 
  • ETHNICITY: Mixed

What Is David Haydn-Jones’s Age Today?

David Haydn-Jones is 46 years old today. Although his birth details have been widely reported, there are conflicting details regarding them. He was born on September 25, 1977, but while some reports have it that he was born in Kyle, Saskatchewan, Canada, others have it that he was born in the UK and that his parents moved to Canada when he was 15 years old.

Be that as it may, the prolific actor comes from a mixed ethnic background, with his father being Welsh and his mother an American woman from Texas. Not much is known about his family background and it is unknown if he is the only child of his parents. Meanwhile, his parents are rumored to have divorced when he was young, and he was raised by his mother.

Not much is known about his early childhood days also, however, David may have attended and completed his early and high school education while in Canada. While he was growing up, he fell in love with acting and took dance and music lessons as a youngster. After he completed his high school education, he attended McGill University, where he pursued architecture.

While at the university, Hayden-Jones studied literature and theater as electives. He was drawn to the nearby bars, where he frequently performed because of his preference for sketch comedy. He also performed in plays by Moliere, Gilbert & Sullivan, and Shakespeare.

He Shunned A Career in Architecture For Acting

Haydn didn’t go into architecture when he finished from McGill, as his passion for film and acting drew him farther away from that calling. After completing his education, he embarked on a successful acting career, both in theater and on the screen. David formed a comedy duo with one of his closest pals and together they moved to Toronto.

They gave performances at several comedy clubs before making it to Montreal’s well-known Just for Laughs Festival. David got “discovered” while performing at the prestigious Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal. His initial 3-year attempt resulted in a Hollywood invitation.

David swiftly relocated to Los Angeles after making his TV debut on American dramas like “Melrose Place” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” and his acting career has just begun to soar to new heights there. He has played the romantic heartthrob in three well-received Hallmark movies which are “Bridal Wave,” “A Cookie Cutter Christmas” and the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries film, “A Bramble House Christmas.” He is one of that network’s favorite leading men.

In his most recent Hallmark movie, “My Christmas Dream,” he starred opposite Danica McKellar, his alleged wife, and one of the studio’s favorite leading actresses. Due to his ability to play both the “everyman” and the leading man opposite such excellent costars as Taraji P. Henson and Amy Acker, to name a few, David is increasingly being compared to the illustrious Cary Grant.

David Haydn-Jones Movies and TV Shows

David Haydn-Jones has appeared in various movies and TV shows throughout his career. As stated earlier, he gained popularity for his role as Arthur Ketch in the hit TV series “Supernatural.” David has also made guest appearances in other popular TV shows such as “Criminal Minds,” “NCSI,” and “Magnum PI.”

In addition to his television work, David Haydn-Jones has also appeared in several movies. He starred in the film “My Christmas Dream” and had supporting roles in movies like “A Bramble House” and “Bridal Wave.” His performances demonstrate his versatility as an actor, taking on different characters and genres across both the small and big screens.

Overall, David has appeared in over 50 movies and TV shows combined. He has built a solid presence in the entertainment industry with his memorable performances. Below is a list of some of the movies and TV shows credited to his name.

List of David Haydn-Jones’ Movies and TV Shows

Year Title Role
2023 Swing Into Romance
2021 Five More Minutes Logan
2019 The Fiddling Horse Zachary Rothschild
2019 Mama Bear Drug Lord
2019 Love Under the Rainbow Jack
2017 A Bramble House Christmas Finn Conrad
2017 Taken (1 episode) Peter Darien
2016 My Christmas Dream Kurt
2015 Bridal Wave Dr. Phillip Hamilton
2014 A Cookie Cutter Christmas James
2013 The Toyman Killer Detective Ray Santana
2011 Dear Santa Derek Gowen
2011 Taken from Me: The Tiffany Rubin Story Chris Rubin
2010 All Alone Kyle Manning
2009 Modern Family (1 episode) Director
2008 Time Bomb Maclean
2008 Secrets of the Summer House
2006 Fatal Trust Mark Lucas
2006 The Last Kiss Mark
2005 Supernatural (20 episodes) Arthur Ketch
2005 Medium (1 episode) Mr. Morehouse
2003 NCIS (1 episode) Captain Jim Mills
1998 Charmed (1 episode) Chris Barker
1998 The King of Queens (1 episode) Carl (1 episode) as Groom
1997 Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1 episode) Hobson
1990 I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle

Who Is David Haydn-Jones’ Wife?

David Haydn-Jones’ wife is alleged to be Danica McKellar. David has been widely reported to be married, but in terms of his personal life, he is a private individual. Not much information is publicly available about who he is married to, not even a clue on his Instagram page, @davidhaydnjones. Be that as it may, he has been rumored to be married to Danica McKellar.

Danica Mae McKellar is an American actress, mathematics writer, and education advocate.  She is known for her role as Winnie Cooper in the television series The Wonder Years from 1988 to 1993, and from 2010 to 2022, and she has voiced Miss Martian in the animated superhero series Young Justice.

McKellar was born on January 3, 1975, in La Jolla, California, and she is currently 49 years old. She grew up with her parents, Mahaila McKellar and Christopher McKellar, and a younger sister named Crystal in Los Angeles where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree summa cum laude in Mathematics in 1998.

Although David and Danica are perceived to be married by some sources, that, however, remains unconfirmed by either of the subjects involved in the rumor. David Hayden-Jones is indeed a married man, however, like many celebrities, he has managed to keep his personal life away from the public domain. It remains to be seen if his wife is actually Danica McKellar.


Who is David Haydn-Jones?

David Haydn-Jones is a 46-year-old Canadian-born American actor known for his versatile performances in both film and TV shows.

Is David Haydn-Jones Married?

David Haydn-Jones is reportedly married, but very little is known about the union. He is said to be married to Danica McKellar.

What is David Haydn-Jones’ Age?

David Haydn-Jones is 46 years old. The actor was born on September 25, 1977.

What Movies Has David Haydn-Jones Played in?

David Haydn-Jones has appeared in numerous movies since he made his debut decades ago. They include I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle (1990), The Last Kiss as Mark (2006), Fatal Trust (2006), Secrets of the Summer House (2008), Time Bomb (2008), All Alone (2010), Mama Bear (2019, The Fiddling Horse (2019), Five More Minutes (2021), and Swing Into Romance (2023), among many others

Where was David Haydn-Jones born?

David Haydn-Jones was born in Canada, particularly in the town of Kyle in Lacadena Rural Municipality in the province of Saskatchewan.


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