Who Is Andrew Santino’s Wife or Girlfriend?

Andrew Santino does not have a girlfriend but has a wife and children. Although the comedian is known to be married, the identity of his wife is yet to be revealed to the public. Danielle Brooks and Sarah Bolger are two people who have been mentioned to be his wife. 

Santino is a 40 year-old American stand-up comedian, actor, and podcaster. He has built a sustainable career for himself in the entertainment industry and his success and fame have drawn attention to his love and personal life. Andrew once posted a video on Twitter wherein he gave a hint that he is married, and ever since then, fans have become curious to know who he is married to.

Who Is Andrew Santino’s Wife?

Andrew Santino has not revealed the identity of his wife, so we cannot state for a fact who his wife is. He has done simply the most in keeping his relationship and marriage away from the media. There are only speculations that his wife could be Danielle Brooks or Sarah Bolger, yet, the information is not verified.

Santino and Danielle reportedly dated for a long time before they allegedly tied the knot. There is no information about Danielle in the public space, including what she does for a living. It is also not known where, when, and how they met. On the other hand, some other sources claim that Andrew Santino’s wife is Sara Bolger, and their argument is based on the fact that the two have occasionally been seen attending events together.

Bolger is an Irish actress who has acted in several successful movies such as A Good Woman is Hard to Find, Breathing Happy, Counterpart, The Lazarus Effect, and Halal Daddy, among others. During the premiere of FX’s Dave, Bolger and Santino were seen together wearing matching outfits and holding their arms around each other’s waist.

However, a source who claimed to be close to the two reported that Bolger only came to the event to support her friend who had an upcoming TV series. To date, nothing has been confirmed about what Andrew Santino and Sara Bolger have together.

Andrew Santino Believably Got Married in 2015

Although he has not disclosed the actual date he got married, Andrew on a 2019 podcast gave a hint about his marriage. According to the comedian, he had as of then, been married for almost four years, which means he got married sometime in 2015. Moreover, in the course of the interview, Santino gleamingly spoke about his wife saying that they still enjoy each other’s company despite having been married for years.

In April 2019, while speaking in Whitney Cummings’ Good for You podcast, Andrew Santino revealed that he and his wife initially had no intentions of getting married when they met. However, after a while, their friendship continued to grow deeper and they gradually fell in love. It was then he realised that she was the one for him so he asked her to marry him.

Speaking further, Santino said he and his wife do not allow uncomfortable moments and silences in their marriage. But they always put in conscious efforts to enjoy each other’s company despite their busy schedules. In addition, he revealed that before they tied the knot, they sought a therapist who helped them address all their concerns about marriage.

Andrew Santino has clearly said that he prefers to keep details of his marriage secret as he does not want to put his personal life under public and media scrutiny. From indications, the comedian enjoys what he shares with his wife and would not want the media to destroy it for him.

Does Andrew Have Children With His Wife?

Many sources have reported that Andrew Santino and his mystery wife have two daughters. A few other reports allege that he also has a son named Miles with Danielle Brooks. But there is no evidence to substantiate these claims and Santino himself is yet to confirm them.

Meanwhile, on 15th November 2021, Andrew Santino disclosed in an interview with Tiger Belly that he did not know if he ever wanted to have kids. He, however, joked that he would try to have kids but if it did not work, then he would just leave. In his words, having a kid is a massive change.

Who Is Andrew Santino’s Girlfriend?

As much as it is known, Andrew Santino does not have a girlfriend. He is a married man and is living together with his wife and children. Talking about his past relationships with women, Andrew Santino is a private person, so there is a lack of information about his love life in the media, both past and present. Hence, nothing much is known about his ex-girlfriends. He chooses to only bring to the fore his professional and career life, other than that, he keeps a very low profile.

Is Andrew Santino Gay?

Andrew Santino is not gay. There have been rumors and speculations that he is gay but there is no truth in this as the actor has addressed it, and the fact that he has a wife who is most likely a female also debunks the claims. The rumor about him being gay has been going on for many years but was further sparked in 2019 when he posted a photo of himself with his fellow comedian Chris D’Elia.

Meanwhile, Santino had earlier responded to a tweet Chris made by saying that “the secret is out”. Also in May 2020, Andrew jokingly tweeted that he was getting married to Chris D’Elia and they were now a couple. All these sparked rumors about his sexual orientation. However, Andrew had before then, in May 2018 made an Instagram post wherein he addressed the rumors.

In the post, the comedian clearly stated that he is not gay and urged fans and the general public to put a stop to the rumors. Santino has further not been found in a compromising situation with a fellow man and as such the rumors can simply be dismissed as unfounded. What’s more, Chris D’Elia is married. He married his first wife Emily Montague in 2006, they divorced in 2010 and in 2022, he remarried his current wife Kristin Taylor.


Is Andrew Santino Married?

Andrew Santino is married. He is believed to have gotten married in 2015 and today his marriage has lasted 9 years.

What Is Andrew Santino’s Wife’s Name?

Andrew Santino’s wife’s name is yet to be revealed. Rumors and unverified sources report her to be either Danielle Brooks or Sarah Bolger. But, there is no confirmation of that.


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