Who Is Andrew Santino’s Sister, Parents and Family?

Andrew Santino’s family is made up of his sister Ali Macofsky, who is also a comedian, and his parents Anthony Santino and Elizabeth Margulies.

Andrew Santino is an American stand-up comedian, actor, and podcaster popularly known for his roles in the movies and TV shows Sin City Saints, Mixology, I’m Dying Up Here, The Disaster Artist, and Beef, among others. His successful entertainment career has been drawing his family members into the limelight, and this article has revealed all there is to know about them.

Inside Andrew Santino’s Family

Andrew Santino comes from a family of four, which includes his parents Anthony Santino and Elizabeth Margulies, and one sibling, a sister named Ali Macofsky. His family is a close-knit one that gives him a lot of support, especially as it regards his professional career.

Despite his busy schedule, Andrew occasionally makes time to spend with his family and they have once been photographed sharing good moments. Andrew never fails to mention that his family’s support of his career right from the beginning has in no small measure, contributed to his rise to fame and success in the entertainment industry. From all indications, he has a good relationship with his parents although he is not a social media person that usually flaunts his loved ones. Santino barely finishes an interview without a mention of how his family was a great support system to him.

Andrew Santino’s Parents

Andrew Santino’s parents are Anthony Santino and Elizabeth Margulies. They are American nationals of mixed ethnic backgrounds. The celebrity parents are very supportive of their only son. Andrew once revealed that his parents played remarkable roles in his life and career as a comedian.

Andrew Santino parents
Andrew Santino’s parents, image source

Born in Sicily, Italy, Andrew’s father has two nationalities; Italian and American. While he is originally from Italy, he gained American nationality after many years of living in the United States. Anthony Santino worked as a railroad engineer at the Port of Chicago before he emigrated to the USA. Other than that, nothing else is publicly known about him.

Andrew’s parents reportedly met when Anthony was working as a railroad engineer at the Port of Chicago. Details of the kind of relationship they had and whether or not they tied the knot and later got divorced are not known.

Meanwhile, records have it that Anthony was not involved in the raising of his son as he was raised singlehandedly by his mother Elizabeth. Regardless, the comedian seems to have settled things between him and his father before his rise to fame.

Who Is Andrew Santino’s Mom?

Andrew Santino’s mom is Elizabeth Margulies, fondly known as chuckle-cougar. She is an American national born and raised in the United States of America. Nothing much is known about Elizabeth Margulies’s early life and background including when she was born. What she did for a living to raise her son is not known.

Who is Andrew Santino’s Sister?

Andrew Santino’s sister is Ali Macofsky. The two are the only children born to their parents – Anthony Santino and Elizabeth Margulies. Just like Andrew, Ali Macofsky is also a stand-up comedian and actress but while her brother has been in the industry for over a decade, she is still an up-and-coming star.

Ali Macofsky
Ali Macofsky, image source

Regardless, Ali Macofsky is gradually making a name for herself in the industry and has built a significant social media fanbase across her accounts. Ali and Andrew have a good sibling relationship and have appeared together in some of their comedy videos.

What is Andrew Santino’s Ethnicity?

Andrew Santino is of mixed ethnicity. He is of half-Italian and half-Irish descent, and his nationality is American. While his father is an immigrant from Italy, his mother is a US native. Andrew’s multiracial background is believed to have influenced his exceptional comedy style as he often embodies his family and cultural background into his routines. Andrew grew up in the River North neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois.


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