Who Is Aja Crowder, Channing Crowder’s Wife?

Aja Crowder (born June 10, 1986) is a 37-year-old American reality TV star, realtor, and the wife of Channing Crowder, a former college and professional football player who was a linebacker in the National Football League for six seasons during the 2000s. 

Aja and her husband have been married for over a decade and are still going strong. Over the years, they have demonstrated their undying love for each other and have been spotted severally while engaging in public displays of affection. They have been blessed with three children named Channing III, Ava, and Chaz.

Summary of Aja Crowder’s Biography

  • Full name: Aja Crowder
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: June 10, 1986
  • Aja Crowder’s Age: 37 years old
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Gemini
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Aja Crowder’s Husband: Channing Crowder
  • Aja Crowder’s Children: Channing Crowder III, Ava Milan Crowder, and Chaz Lee Randolph Crowder.
  • Aja Crowder’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 7 inches
  • Aja Crowder’s Height in Centimetres: 170cm
  • Aja Crowder’s Weight: 64kg
  • Body measurements in inches: 34-27-34 in
  • Body measurements in Centimetres: 86-68-86 cm
  • Aja Crowder’s Net worth: $1.5 million
  • Famous for: Being Channing Crowder’s wife
  • Aja Crowder’s Instagram: Aja Crowder
  • Twitter: Aja Crowder

Aja Crowder was Born and Raised in Miami

For quite some time, there has been some uncertainty about the exact place where Aja Crowder was born. This is because the reality TV star herself did not talk much about her birthplace for a long time. However, we now know she was raised in Miami, a coastal metropolis and the county seat of Miami-Dade County in South Florida.

We know this because Aja revealed this information herself in an Instagram post she made in October 2022. In the post, she explained that she was raised in Miami and that she loved attending homecomings. It is also believed that Miami is where Aja was born.

Aja Crowder was born on the 10th day of June 1986. This means she is currently 37 years old. As we have mentioned, she grew up in Miami and was raised by her mother. She developed a very close relationship with her mother and was quite inseparable from the woman. Aja has often explained that her mother has always been her rock and that she has always been in awe of the woman who did everything to make sure she was raised well.

Aja was also very close to her grandmother while growing up. She would later explain that her grandmother played a very big part in raising and molding her into who she eventually became in life. Her closeness to her grandmother grew as she got older, and even as an adult, she kept visiting the older woman in Opa-Locka, a city located in Miami-Dade County, Florida, where the woman lived. When Aja’s grandmother died in 2020, she was devastated and felt like a huge part of her had left her.

Aja Crowder Didn’t Know Who Her Father Was Until She Was A Full Grown Woman

Interestingly, Aja Crowder did not know who her father was as a child. What happened was that, in the early 1980s, Aja’s mother met a man called Bruno, and they became friends. They remained friends for quite a while, but after some time, they eventually developed feelings for each other and started a relationship.

However, their relationship was very short-lived, and they soon parted ways and lost touch with each other. As fate would have it, Aja’s mother became pregnant just before she and Bruno parted ways but did not know this at the time, so she didn’t get to tell Bruno that she was with their child.

When Aja’s mother found out she was pregnant, she and Bruno had already parted ways and had lost touch so she could not reach out to him with the news of the pregnancy. She tried searching for him but failed to find him. Eventually, Aja was born on June 10, 1986, and was raised by her mother so she never met her father at all as a child.

However, even though she never met her father as a child, Aja later explained that she never felt like she lacked a father figure in her life because her mother did a great job raising her. Everything she needed to develop into a well-bred woman was provided for her by her mother. Also, she had the support of her grandparents, who doted on her and ensured she was properly taken care of.

Interestingly, while growing up, Aja Crowder thought that the surname on her birth certificate was that of her father, whom her mother didn’t want to tell her about. However, during her sophomore year at the university, she found out the very hard truth; the name on her birth certificate was not her father’s. She found out that her father didn’t even know she existed because he never got to know she was born.

She discovered this when her mother eventually opened up on the matter and told her about Bruno and that he is her father, who does not know about her. Aja was not hurt by the revelation but became very curious about meeting the man who fathered her.

Aja Embarked On A Search For Her Father

When Aja Crowder found out the truth about her real father, she decided to look for him and connect with him. However, he was nowhere to be found, and no one close to her knew where he was. All that she knew about him was that his name was Bruno and that he attended Miami High School in the 1970s.

When Aja got married to her husband, Channing Crowder, the urge to find her father became even more overwhelming. So, she started her search. She spent years looking for the man who was her father but didn’t succeed. She visited the places where he lived as a younger man and asked different people questions about him. But no one knew where he was. What was crazier about the entire ordeal was that her father, Bruce didn’t even know that she existed because he never got a chance to know that she had been conceived before parting ways with Aja’s mother.

After years of searching, Aja became exhausted and almost gave up. But, her husband Channing came up with the idea to take the search to Twitter. And this was what they did. Channing tweeted about Bruce and asked the Twitter community to help find the man.

After Channing tweeted about Bruce, Aja Crowder also went to a local radio station and told her story there, urging people to help her find her father. This eventually yielded a positive result because a few days after Channing put out the tweet, Aja got a call from Bruce himself. She was completely blown away. The man she had spent so many years looking for had finally been found. She felt like a huge gap in her life had finally been filled.

After the call from her father, they eventually got together, and Aja saw her father’s face for the very first time. Bruno later explained that when he first laid his eyes on Aja, he realized she was his daughter. Today, Aja and her father are very close, and he is absolutely fond of her children, who are, of course, his grandkids.

Aja Crowder
Aja Crowder with her father, Bruce.

She Actively Played Tennis At Howard University

Aja Crowder was a very active person right from when she was just a child. She loved sports and played a lot with other children her age. She especially loved tennis and played the game in high school. According to some reports, Aja was quite a good tennis player in high school.

After completing her high school education, Aja Crowder proceeded to attend Howard University, a private, federally chartered historically black research university in Washington, D.C. As expected, while she was at Howard University, Aja continued to play tennis as a Division 1 athlete.

Aja Crowder did not pursue a career as a professional tennis player. It is not clear why she chose to discontinue her passion for playing tennis.

How Aja Crowder and Channing Crowder Met

Aja Crowder and Channing Crowder first met each other in 2009. They met at a charity event that took place at a radio station where Aja was working at the time. Channing was struck by her beauty and decided to reach out. They got talking soon after, and Aja also became fascinated by him.

However, Aja later revealed that even though she was taken by Channing’s good looks, she did not make it easy for him the day they met. She made sure she took her time by evading him for a while at the event just to see if he was really serious with her. Channing persisted, and so she fell for him eventually.

Aja and Channing were head over heels in love with each when they eventually started dating. Aja explained that the whole experience felt like they were designed to be with each other from the beginning of time. They went to different places together and created some truly incredible memories.

One thing that really helped them bond very quickly was their mutual love for adventure. Sometimes they would just take time off from whatever it was they were doing and just go out to do something crazy. Something they had not done before. These experiences helped them to really bond.

Aja Became Channing Crowder’s Wife in 2011

After a few years of dating, Aja Crowder and Channing Crowder decided to tie the knot as a married couple. They eventually became husband and wife in 2011. It is not clear how exactly their wedding was held and where it took place as this information has largely remained out of reach.

However, it is believed that the event was attended by family and friends as well as several other celebrities, considering how popular Channing Crowder is as a football player. The couple has remained together ever since they tied the knot as husband and wife, and it appears that their love is waxing stronger.

They Have Three Children Together

The marriage between Aja Crowder and Channing Crowder has been a fruitful one; the couple is now parents to three lovely children, two boys and a girl, whom they love with everything they have. Aja and Channing’s three children are Channing Crowder III, Ava Milan Crowder, and Chaz Lee Randolph Crowder.

Channing III, their first child was born in 2011, the same year they got married. As a matter of fact, Aja was actually heavily pregnant during their wedding. Channing III is fast growing into a handsome young man and is doted on by both his parents.

Aja and her husband, Channing’s second child, Ava, was born in 2013, about two years after their wedding. Their last child, Chaz, was born in 2020. When Aja, who is very active on social media, became pregnant with Chaz, she made sure she let all her followers what was happening and kept them updated with her pregnancy journey by making frequent posts on Instagram. When Chaz was eventually born, she let everyone know about it and got tons of congratulatory messages flooding her social media pages.

Aja and Channing are Still Going Strong

Aja Crowder and her husband, Channing Crowder, have now been married for over a decade, but they are still going very strong. As a matter of fact, the couple seems to be renewing their romance on a daily basis. Based on what the couple posts about each other on social media, it is clear that they are still very much head over heels in love with each other.

They have been pictured together countless times outdoors, where they were having fun, and they have also been very vocal about their love for each other whenever they appear at live TV events for interviews.

Interestingly, Aja and Channing have not lost their love for adventure after all these years. As a matter of fact, it seems they are only just getting started. In July 2022, Channing made a stunning revelation about one of the adventures that he and his wife embarked on, and the revelation stunned many people.

He revealed that he and his wife actually make sure they go on an adventure to a nudist colony once every year, where they strip down naked in front of several other naked people and just hang out in their birthday suits. He made the revelation during a podcast that had other celebrities, including Kevin Hart, in attendance. The revelation stunned so many people, and video clips of the statement went viral on the internet.

Channing and Aja Crowder soon started getting invitations to talk shows to talk about their experiences at the nudist colony that they go to and they accepted. This has made them even more popular on social media as so many people have found their love story very interesting.

Why Aja’s Husband Channing Crowder Is Famous

Aja Crowder’s husband, Channing, is a very popular sportsman in America. He is an American former college and professional football player who was a linebacker in the National Football League (NFL) for six seasons during the 2000s. Born on December 2, 1983, Channing, who is now 39 years old, Channing picked interest in football when he was very young.

In fact, by the time he was in high school, he was already a recognized football player. According to our findings, Channing attended North Springs High School in Sandy Springs, Georgia, where he actively played football. He did so well that he became a highly regarded linebacker for North Springs High School and garnered prep All-America recognition.

He was even named to SuperPrep’s All-America Team and was ranked among the nation’s top 30 linebackers by that publication. It was clear to everyone that h was going to do great things as a professional footballer when he grew up. He won other honors and was named one of the top four linebackers in the state of Georgia by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

After high school, Channing got an athletic scholarship to attend the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida, where he continued his exploits after joining the school football team. He hit the ground running because, as a freshman in 2003, he played in 11 games with nine starts making him the player with the most starts as a freshman linebacker in school history.

He went on to emerge as the player with the most tackles as a freshman during the season throughout the country. He was also ranked first among linebackers. He won the team’s outstanding linebacker award in 2004 as tea captain after finishing third on the team with 73 tackles. He was also recognized as a first-team All-SEC selection and an ESPN All-American following his second college season.

Channing became a professional football player in 2005 when he got drafted by the Miami Dolphins in the third round of the 2005 NFL Draft. He remained with the club and played his entire professional career for the team. He did very well for the club and rose to national stardom as a result of this. Channing has also dabbled into TV and currently co-hosts the Hochman & Crowder podcast.

What Does Aja Crowder Do For a Living?

Aja Crowder is mostly known as Channing Crowder’s wife today. However, she also happens to be her own woman and has done some really stunning work over the years in different fields of endeavor. She makes her own money and is actively involved in creating her own path.

Aja is now a realtor who has closed several deals and is a reality TV star.

What Reality Show Is Aja Crowder On?

Aja Crowder is a reality TV star. In 2017, she starred in Baller Wives, an American reality television series that chronicled the lives of a group of women who happen to be the wives and girlfriends of professional football players in the National Football League. The show also touched on women who have been romantically linked to these football stars.

Aja Crowder appeared on the show alongside her husband, Channing, and stunned viewers with their love story, which they told with so much enthusiasm. Because of her appearance in Baller Wives, Aja was shot even more into public prominence and gained some fame in her own right.

Aja Crowder and Channing Crowder on Baller Wives

She was a Radio Personality

Aja Crowder used to be a radio personality. This was revealed by Channing Crowder when he was talking about he met her. According to Channing, Aja was working at a local radio station when he met her, and they eventually got together.

However, the name of the radio station that she worked for is not clear.

She Worked as an Advertiser and Marketer

Aja Crowder was also a marketer and advertiser. According to our findings, she did quite a lot of work in the Advertising and Marketing space and actually had a successful career in the field.

She is reported to have generated a positive branding presence in the Miami advertising market and worked with several big clients and companies. Some of the companies that she worked for include Universal Studios, Coca-Cola, Live Nation, and others.

Aja Crowder is Now a Realtor in Florida

Aja Crowder is now a realtor and is doing very well for herself in that sector. It is reported that she developed a flair for acting as an agent for land and house sales during her time as a student. So, after a successful career in the advertising and marketing fields, she decided to follow this passion and make something out of it.

She took a bold step and delved into the luxury real estate field and is based in Florida. She has been occasionally hailed as a true professional in the real estate business as she has always assisted homebuyers through the touring and home purchase process with great professionalism and urgency.

Because she grew up in Miami, she is so used to the South Florida market, and this knowledge and mastery have allowed her to effortlessly deliver on her real estate promises. Aja has closed several deals and has celebrated some of those deals on social media.

Interestingly, Aja Crowder’s husband has always lent her a helping hand in her real estate business. He has often been seen by her side when she closes deals and is very proud of her hustle in real estate. He once joked that he depended on his wife to successfully retire with the way she is achieving a lot of steam as a realtor.

How Much is Aja Crowder’s Net Worth?

As expected, Aja Crowder has been able to rake in quite a lot of money over the years. She is currently worth about $1.5 million, according to various reports. This is not surprising considering the amount of work she has put into making her own money.

It is believed that a bulk of her money comes from her real estate business which is doing very well at the moment. She has sold some really big mansions over the years and is respected for her craft. The money that she has made from her time on the reality TV show Baller Wives also counts, as well as her other endeavors.


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