Where Exactly is Jason Worley?

Jason Worley lives in Louisiana, United States of America, where he still works as a software engineer.

Jason Worley is an American software engineer who came into the limelight after his ex-wife, Brandi Worley, murdered their two children. Following the sad event, Jason started living on alcohol and eventually landed in a hospital. He even considered suicide at some point. All these cost him his job, but he later got another one and is now gradually getting his life back on track. Here is all to know about the family tragedy and Jason’s current whereabouts.

Who is Jason Worley?

Jason Worley is the father of two children, Tyler and Charlee, who were tragically murdered by their mother, Brandi Worley, in Darlington, Indiana, on November 17, 2016. He gained public attention when he shared his story on Reddit about his wife’s infidelity in 2016, which went viral. In his post, he revealed evidence of Brandi having an affair with a neighbor. 

Jason, a software engineer, married Brandi in 2009, and they led a seemingly comfortable life in Darlington, Indiana, until the heartbreaking incident. Following the tragedy, Jason ended his seven-year marriage with Brandi Worley.

Jason Worley only gained public attention after his two children, Tyrel and Charley, were murdered by their own mother, Brandi, who happened to be his wife. Brandi took this ugly decision after Jason threatened her with divorce.

Before his ex-wife’s crime, Worley had never been in the public or media face, so specific facts about him are not public knowledge. However, records show that he is an American national, and his ethnicity is White. Also, some unverified reports have it that Jason Worley was born in 1985, which means he is 39 years old in 2024. He does not believe in God, as he is an atheist.

What Happened to Jason Worley?

Jason lost his two children after they were killed by his wife/their mother. Worley got married to Brandi Worley in 2009, and they settled in Darlington, Indiana, to raise a family. The couple welcomed their first child, Tyrel Daniel Worley, in the same year, 2009, and four years later, in 2013, they welcomed their second child, Charlee Rose Jean Worley.

The family of four continued to live comfortably and peacefully until May 2015, when Jason began to suspect that his wife was cheating on him. He noticed an unusual relationship she had with their neighbor, and all efforts he made to find out exactly what was going on between them proved abortive because Brandi was clever enough always to keep her phone on lock.

He confronted her about her secrecy, and she defended herself and lied that she was planning to surprise him by getting their neighbor to construct a home office for him. But, still suspicious of her moves, Jason found his wife’s phone unlocked one day and going through it, he discovered that she and their neighbor had been exchanging sexually suggestive texts.

However, Brandi deployed an auto-delete program, which made it difficult for him to find out all the details of their conversation. Regardless, he decided to play a fast one on his wife by installing tracking software on her device. This helped him get the evidence he needed, with which he then confronted her, and she admitted their secret affairs. Promptly, Jason proposed divorce and left their matrimonial home.

With this development, Brandi began to tell their kids that their father had kicked them out, which threw Jason into a dilemma when he learned about it. So, he decided to return home and patch things up with his wife. Yet, this did not put an end to Brandi’s infidelity; rather, it got worse as Jason continued to suspect she was still cheating.

He Sought Advice on Reddit

Jason Worley then decided to seek counsel on Reddit by explaining his situation to the community. His post gathered hundreds of responses, and while some people suggested he should seek counselling with his wife, many others simply advised him to go ahead and divorce her. Eventually, he decided to go with the suggestion of seeking counseling with Brandi, but she refused to go with him.

Hence, he had no other option than to file for a divorce, which was eventually finalized on 15th November 2016. Sadly, his final decision to divorce Brandi was what led to the family disaster. Two days later, Brandi, in retaliation to his divorce proposals, stabbed their two daughters to death and also attempted to take her own life but didn’t succeed. At that time, Jason was sleeping in the basement.

It was the scream of Brandi’s mom that woke him up and he came down to behold the tragedy. Brandi had called her mother just after she finished killing her children, and her mother suggested she call 911. When she was queried, Brandi said that she needed to kill their children so that Jason wouldn’t get custody of them after the divorce.

To date, Jason Worley still feels like he failed his children and has never stopped blaming himself for what happened to them. He found it very difficult to forgive himself.

What is Jason Worley Doing Now?

Jason Worley is still working as a software engineer and is residing in Louisiana, United States of America. He has been keeping a very low profile since his ex-wife was sentenced. His last post on Reddit was when he expressed how his life turned upside down months after his children’s death, and according to him, the grief made him start taking excessive alcohol and contemplating suicide.

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He often landed himself in hospital, and in the process, he lost his job. However, he has been able to get his life back on track and get back to work as a software engineer. He once clashed with Brandi’s parents after they used his name to create a GoFoundMe account to fund their daughter’s trial.

Meanwhile, there are rumors that Jason Worley is remarried, but no substantial information confirms that. Notably, he divorced Brandi in November 2017 while she was behind bars.


Who is Jason Worley?

Jason Worley is an American software engineer who came to public attention following the death of his two children, who were murdered by their mother/his wife.

Where is Jason Worley?

Worley is in Louisiana, United States where he works as a software engineer.

What Does Jason Worley Do For a Living?

Jason Worley earns a living as a software engineer.

What Happened To Jason Worley’s Wife?

Jason Worley’s wife is currently serving a prison term. She was arrested and sentenced to 120 years in prison for the murder of her two children.

Has Jason Worley Remarried?

There are rumors that Jason Worley is remarried, but the news is yet to be confirmed.

What Happened To Jason Worley’s Children?

Jason Worley’s children were stabbed to death by their mother, Brandi Worley.

What Crime Did Jason Worley’s Wife Commit?

Jason Worley’s wife killed their two children after Jason threatened her with divorce.


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