What is the Longest Streak on Snapchat? Here are Top 12 Contenders

Hannah and Lauren Luckey are the current holders of the record for the longest Snapchat Streak. The two friends have done a good job of maintaining their streak since the 6th of April 2015, when the developers of the app first introduced the feature on Snapchat. By December 2022, the duo recorded about 2794+ Snapchat streaks, and this record is taken from their eight-year activities on the app. The number has continued to increase with the passage of time.

Hannah and Lauren Luckey surpass the first runner-up duo, Cassidy Waller and Andrea Alfaro (2739+ days/7.5 years), with 55 snaps, which is a huge difference. They are ahead of the second runner-up, Hannah Garrett & Lauren (2700+), with 94 streaks, and the third runner-up, Kristen & Emily (2697+ days/7.3 years), are way below them with a difference of 97 streaks.

What is a Snapchat Streak?

Also called Snapstreaks, Snapchat streaks is simply a measure of the frequency with which friends or users snap pictures or videos and send them down to each other.

The Snapchat app is a creation of three distinguished individuals – Evan Spiegel, Reggie Brown, and Bobby Murphy, and was developed by Snap Inc. The first time it was released to users on the internet space was in 2011, and since then, it has been evolving by adding new features to make the Snapchat experience more exciting for users.

The developers of the app, Snap Inc., announced the inclusion of the Snapstreak feature on the 6th of April 2015. Though the announcement came on April 6th, it was observed that users had already started enjoying the feature 12 days prior to the official announcement day, as many people had already started recording streaks but didn’t fully understand what it meant. However, the official announcement was a sort of clarification, and it set the ball of competition rolling.

The Snapstreak feature is fun and very exciting to try, as millions of users all over the world have gotten the hang of it and are actively competing to top the longest Snapstreak list.

Two friends can start a streak by snapping or recording and sending snaps back and forth between each other at least once every 24 hours for 3 to 4 days straight. When they have done this, the Snapchat streak will appear in the form of a small fire icon very close to the friend’s name.

The fire icon comes with a number that will continue to increase as you keep exchanging snaps. This is what tells a user the number of days they have been on a streak. At this stage, the onus is on the users on both ends to maintain their Snapstreak by continuing to exchange videos and photos with each other. The exchange must be done before 24 hours elapse, or else your Snapchat streak might just break, and when that happens, you may have to start afresh if you wish to maintain another streak with a friend.

If a user wishes to view their current streak, he or she will only need to check their partner’s name on the chat list, and the fire emoji next to it will give you all the information you need as it features the number of days you have maintained a Snapstreak.

Friends who wish to maintain long Snapchat streaks must also recognize the fact that it requires time and dedication. The people who top the list of the longest streak on Snapchat didn’t achieve it overnight, as most of them started immediately after the feature was announced in April 2015, and some even started 12 days before that time.

With Snapstreak, maintaining connections and friendships has been made easier as friends and acquaintances only need to snap and send pictures or videos without necessarily having to sit down and compose a text to go with it. Below is a bullet list of the Longest Streak on Snapchat.

The Longest Streak on Snapchat

  • The current longest streak on Snapchat is by Hannah and Lauren Luckey – which is about 2794+ days/7.5 years long.
  • Cassidy Waller and Andrea Alfaro 2739+ days/7.5 years
  • Hannah Garrett & Lauren, 2700+
  • Kristen & Emily, 2697+ days/7.3 years
  • Lisa Glogower and Carol Pappas, 2695+ days/7.3 years
  • Missy Krieger and Carly Schwartz, 2681+ days/7.3 years
  • Justin & Carolann, 2666+ days/7.3 years
  • Fatmis & Samko, 2655+ days/7.2 years
  • Shelby Granath and Emily Hagans, 2638+ days/
  • Tom and Hannah, 2629+ days/7.2 years
  • John & Harley – 2616
  • Samko and Fatmis, 2492 (March 24, 2022)

Note this: When your streak with a friend is about to die, Snapchat will let you know through an hourglass icon that will appear close to your contact. Once you see the icon, it tells you that time is fast running out for you and that particular contact. Though Snapchat has yet to establish the duration of time for the hourglass, it may be less than four hours before your streak will finally die. What this means is that the hourglass shows up like 20 hours following your last Snap exchange with a friend.

The essence of the streak is for the users of the Snapchat app to experience the fun element of competition inherent in participating in the context. It also serves to encourage people to constantly be in touch with their loved ones.


What Happens after a 1000 Streak on Snapchat?

In the past, users who managed to exceed the 1000 streaks on Snapchat were assigned virtual trophies by the app developers, and the same also applies to those who earned high-score badges. However, the assignment of trophies has been withdrawn in recent times. The reason for its removal was that people became obsessed with scoring the trophies, and it was causing a lot of issues for the app developers.

What kills a Streak?

You can kill a Snapchat streak when you quit sending snaps, which is the easiest way of terminating a streak. Once you quit, the streak will terminate after 24 hours; this happens from the other end.

Another way to terminate a streak is to unfriend a Snapchat friend; whatever streak you have going with the person will end.

Does Deleting the Snapchat App Break the Streak?

Thankfully, the answer to the above question is “No”. When you delete your Snapchat app, your streak will not be broken even when you decide not to reinstall the app immediately.

The reason behind this is that your streak is never tied to the device you are using but to your account. When you delete the Snapchat app from one device and send a snap from another device, your streak will still be intact. The important thing is that you must send one before the stipulated duration of 24 hours before a streak would naturally die.


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