What is Kevin O’Connor’s Net Worth?

Kevin O’Connor’s net worth is estimated at $5 million as of 2024. He accrued his wealth mainly through his TV career as a host and also from stock investments.

Kevin O’Connor is an American television personality and former banker best known for being the host of the PBS home renovation series This Old House. His TV career started in 2003, and today, it has spanned two decades and still counting. He has not only been successful and earned fame over these years, but O’Connor has also gathered fortune for himself. This article reveals a breakdown of his net worth and how he accrued it.

How Much is Kevin O’Connor Worth?

Kevin O’Connor is worth an estimated 5 million dollars as of 2024. He makes most of his wealth from his position at This Old House Ventures, Inc., where he reportedly makes an estimated $10,000 for every episode of This Old House. Besides being a TV personality, Kevin has also earned a sizeable sum of his money from other endeavors, including;

  • Podcast hosting
  • Stock Investments
  • Real estate acquisition
  • Social media influencing
  • Writing

Even though he is today best known by many as the host of This Old House, O’Connor has since extended his endeavors to other businesses and money-making ventures, which have largely earned him a keep and contributed to his impressive net worth of $5 million. But before all these endeavors, Kevin O’Connor first served in the banking sector.

Kevin O’Connor’s Net Worth Growth

Below is Kevin O’Connor’s net worth growth over the years. This table systematically shows that he is currently worth almost seven times more than his net worth in his early career days.

Kevin O’Connor’s Net Worth in 2023 $5 million
Kevin O’Connor’s Net Worth in 2022 $5 million
Kevin O’Connor’s Net Worth in 2021 $2 million
Kevin O’Connor’s Net Worth in 2020 $1 million
Kevin O’Connor’s Net Worth in 2019 $1 million
Kevin O’Connor’s Net Worth in 2018 $800,000
Kevin O’Connor’s Net Worth in 2017 $700,000

His Career Kicked Off in the Banking Sector

Kevin O’Connor, born on 1st January 1968, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in history from the College of the Holy Cross in 1990. He went further to study Business Administration at Boston University, and in 1999, he graduated with a Masters degree. Following his graduation, he started working in the banking sector.

He landed his first professional job as the vice president of the Sports Finance Group for Fleet Bank based in Boston, Massachusetts. After that, he got his next job at Bank America as a Senior Vice President. O’Connor gathered a wealth of experience in the banking sector before he switched to the media industry.

Kevin O’Connor Has Had Quite a Successful Career as a TV Host 

While working at Bank America, Kevin was approached by the producers of This Old House, a documentary reality TV series that popularized the home improvement genre on TV. This was in 2003, and the show’s former host, Steve Thomas, had just left. The producers of the series then wanted Kevin O’Connor to become their new host.

Without much ado, O’Connor agreed to their proposal, and this was when he left the banking industry and moved into television hosting. He and his wife, Kathleen, appeared in season one, episode 22 of the show titled Ask This Old House, wherein painting contractor Jim Clark assisted them with a wallpaper removal project. However, O’Connor made his official TV hosting debut in season 25, episode one of the show.

Today, Kevin O’Connor has hosted more than 400 episodes of the reality show. This Old House has been running on TV since the late 1970s. His outstanding presenting expertise has endeared him to many admirers and fans. Many people have reportedly been watching the show solely because Kevin O’Connor is its host.

Meanwhile, besides being the host of This is Old House, Kevin O’Connor has also appeared in other movies and TV shows, some of which are Get Fresh, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Hidden History in Your House, etc. More than two decades after leaving his banking job to take on a new path, O’Connor has no regrets and has never looked back as he is doing well.

He is also a Podcaster

Kevin O’Connor is also a podcaster. Impressed with his impeccable hosting talents, the producers of his Old House saw it fit to hand him the saddle of this old house spin-off show, Ask This Old House. He hosts This Old House podcast, Clearstory, one of the most popular podcasts on the platform, which is aimed at helping homeowners understand their properties from a new perspective.

In each of the episodes, Kevin and his guests discuss various topics such as Uses for construction waste, Modern plumbing and its impact on human health, and Water and its uses for building and maintaining homes. Thanks to him, Clearstory ranks in the top 5% of most downloaded shows and is highly acclaimed for being educative and informative, offering practical advice, and, more significantly, making people laugh.

Real Estate and Social Media are Contributors to Kevin O’Connor’s Net Worth

Kevin O’Connor makes money as a social media personality. He has an active presence on various social media platforms and has a significant fan following on all of them. And being an expert at home renovations, Kevin uses his social media platforms to do online marketing.

The TV host has over 30 years of experience in acquiring and leasing real estate in Central Florida. He is a managing member of NAI Realvest, one of the leading commercial real estate brokerage and property management firms he joined in 2001. His posts mainly cover things like remodeling and renovation tips and tricks.

Most of his videos gather lots of views, which earns him money, considering that some of these social media sites pay their top users. Kevin also shares some glimpses of his personal life, hobbies, and career on his pages.

Published Author

Kevin O’Connor is a published author, an endeavor he also earns from. He published his first book, The Best Homes from This Old House, in 2011. The book meets the desires and needs of his fans from the renovation series. It contains and remains the only place where viewers can see a library of the most popular renovated homes from the show, all in one place.

Kevin O’Connor is a Serial Stock Investor

In addition to all of the above mentioned, Kevin O’Connor has proven to come from a banking and investment sector and understands the need for investment. O’Connor owns a unit stocks investment that is said to be worth about $5 million at Bridge, where he served as the CEO. 

Reportedly, he takes home a whooping sum of $1.5 million for being the CEO and president of Bridge.


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