What is Jase Robertson’s Net Worth?

Jase Robertson’s net worth is $10 million as of 2024. He made his money mainly from his career as a TV personality, professional duck hunter, and real estate mogul.

Jase Robertson is an American television personality, businessman, and professional duck hunter. He is well-known for starring in the A&E reality TV series Duck Dynasty and Fox Entertainment’s Duck Family Treasure. Here, you’ll get to know more details about his income sources and how he built his net worth.

How Much Is Jase Robertson Worth?

Jase Robertson is worth an estimated 10 million dollars as of 2024. Over the past years, he has been able to build for himself an impressive career that has not only earned him fame and recognition but also made him a millionaire.

Meanwhile, there are different reports about his net worth; while some sources peg it a little below $10 million, other sources report that he is worth even more than $10 million.

But whichever be the case, and even though he has not declared his net worth himself, the fact is that Jase Robertson is successful in his diverse areas of endeavors, and his net worth runs in millions of dollars.

How Much Was Jase Robertson Paid on Duck Dynasty?

How much Jase Robertson was paid on Duck Dynasty is not publicly known. However, having previously worked as the COO of Duck Dynasty and considering his $10 million net worth, it will be safe to believe that Jase takes home a decent sum from the family-owned business. Summarily, the Robertson family has made a fortune from the Duck Dynasty.

Meanwhile, apart from appearing in the family TV show, Jase Robertson has a few other income sources that have also helped round off his net worth to $10 million, which we have discussed below.

He is a Duck Hunter

Jase was a skilled duck hunter before he started starring on TV shows. He was born into a family of five, including his father, Phil; his mother, Marsha; and his brothers, Willie, Jep, and Alan. Growing up in a family where his father is the town’s Duck Commander, Jase developed an interest in hunting trips with his father and enjoyed spending much time in the woods. As a result, he missed the maximum amount of school days allowed.

His father founded the Duck Commander company, which has grown into a flourishing business empire today. Jase fully joined the family business after graduating from high school and Bible college. Since then, he has been able to explore his hunting skills and passion, and by the early 2000s, he had become a professional hunter.

He is the Executive of Duck Commander

Robertson is one of the executive members of Duck Commander, alongside his three brothers. Although the business was founded by their father, Phil Robertson, other members of the family have since got a decent position in it. Meanwhile, a multi-million dollar company, Duck Commander, is a business that focuses primarily on duck calls and duck hunting machines.

Currently, Jase Robertson serves as the chief operating officer of Duck Commander and is also a major stakeholder in the company. With this position, he believably earns an enviable salary and wages.

Jase Robertson Makes The Bigger Part of His Money From The Duck Dynasty Show

Duck Dynasty Show is the primary source of Jase Robertson’s net worth. Duck Dynasty is an American reality television show that aired from 2012 to 2017 on A&E. The show portrays the lives of the Robertson family, who became highly successful from their family business, Duck Commander.

Even though the actual amount the cast members were paid at the beginning of the show in 2014 is unclear, they reportedly received a major salary of $200,000 per episode before the fourth season. 

Meanwhile, Forbes Magazine reported that Duck Dynasty has so far generated at least $400 million in merchandise sales. This undoubtedly boosted Jase Robertson’s net worth, considering that he appeared in all 130 episodes of the show. Furthermore, Robertson has appeared on other movies and TV shows such as Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Fox, and Friends, The Doctors, Lary Now, Into the Woods With Phil, Jep, and Jessica, and Going Si-ral.

Alongside His Wife, Robertson Owns a Historic Estate House in Louisiana

Jase Robertson is married to Missy Robertson, and together they own a historic estate house in Monroe, Louisiana. The celebrity couple acquired the edifice in 2017, and it was Missy who came across it while she was searching for a wedding venue for her friend. She saw it and liked it, and the moment she showed it to her husband Jase, they decided to purchase it, describing it as love at first sight.

Today, the historic estate, which sits on 11 acres of land, is fully restored and is now open for renting. The couple’s fans can rent the property for different uses, such as weddings and other parties and events. The property offers merchandise sales and bed and breakfast services, among other things.

Meanwhile, they renovated the estate eight months after its purchase, and it is located at 1463 Logtown Loop Road, Monroe, LA71202. According to Jase’s wife, she did the most to retain the property’s historic features during its renovation. The house boasts a 10-foot dining table constructed with the ceiling of the old barn, a spacious brick-lined front porch, a parlor attached to the kitchen area, and several rooms, each with its own bathroom.

His Logwood Estate is Solely For Commercial Use

Jase Robertson’s Logwood house is one of the pillars of his impressive net worth, being solely a commercial property. Indeed, Jase and his wife invested a lot in renovating the property to ensure it has a commercial appeal. One of the rooms, the Camelia Room, which is said to be the least costly room, rents for $250 a night, while another room, named Magnolia Cottage, rents for $426 a night.

Renting the entire house, which can contain as many as 25 people, will cost $1250 for two nights. Furthermore, Jase and his wife also make money off their estate by renting it as a reception venue to couples. For such use, the renting costs are between $ 1,1000 and $5,500. In addition to the commercial value of the estate, the couple also offers merchandise for sale on the property.

Jase Robertson Historic Estate, image source

They display waffle blankets, amber coffee, market bags, cozy cedar, blueberry jam candles, herringbone throws, and bottle openers, among other things. Prices for these products start from as low as $4, and each of the items has a unique story behind it.


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