Meet Lupita Karizma, Lupillo Rivera’s Daughter

Lupita Karizma is the daughter of Lupillo Rivera, the famous singer and songwriter, and his former wife, Mayeli Alonso. Lupita Karizma is a 19 year-old internet personality born on August 4, 2004, however, she is most famous as Lupillo Rivera’s daughter. 

Beyond being an internet personality, Lupita is also a woman of many callings. She is an entrepreneur, a makeup artist, and a singer, among other things. She was born into a famous family that has big names in the entertainment business, right from her grandfather, Pedro Rivera, to her uncles and aunts, including Jenni Rivera. Nonetheless, Lupita is gradually making a name for herself in her own niche.

Summary of Lupita Karizma’s Biography 

  • Full name: Lupita Karizma Rivera
  • Nickname: Lupita Karizma
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: August 4, 2004
  • Lupita Karizma’s Age: 19 years old
  • Ethnicity: Mexican
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Leo
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Lupita Karizma’s Parents: Lupillo Rivera (father) and Mayeli Alonso (mother)
  • Siblings: Ayana Rivera, Abigail Rivera, Baby Rivera, Angélica Rivera, L’Rey Rivera
  • Lupita Karizma’s Height in Inches: 5 ft 4 in
  • Lupita Karizma’s Height in Centimetres: 163 cm
  • Lupita Karizma’s Weight: 55 kgs (121 Lbs)
  • Lupita Karizma’s Net worth: $500,000
  • Famous for: Being the daughter of Lupillo Rivera
  • Lupita Karizma’s Instagram: @karizmarivera
  • TikTok: @Karizmarivera 
  • Facebook: @karizmarivera

How Old is Lupita Karizma?

Lupita Karizma is 19 years old as she was born on August 4th, 2004, to her parents, Lupillo Rivera and Mayeli Alonso. Of American nationality and Mexican ethnic extraction, she was born in the United States, where she was also brought up alongside four siblings.

The social media star is very proud of her heritage and has often spoken up against how Mexican Americans are being treated in the United States. In 2020, she revealed on her Instagram that she was not going to celebrate July 4th because of how the country was treating Latinas, including the murder of a Hispanic female soldier who was allegedly killed by her colleague, Vanessa Guillen.

Lupita’s parents were not yet married at the time of her birth, but two years after she arrived, the pair got married in 2006. The Mexican-American had both her parents in her life in her early years until her teenage years when their marriage came to an end in 2019, by which point she had already built a great relationship with both.

Lupita has been famous since birth thanks to the kind of family into which she was born. Her family has been well known in the entertainment business, stretching from her grandfather and her other family members, such as the celebrated singer Jenni Rivera, who is her aunt, to Juan Rivera, Gustavo Rivera, and Pedro Rivera Jr, who are all her uncles.

In spite of her fame, her parents have shielded her away from unnecessary media attention while growing up, even though it is clear that she had a happy childhood. The earliest parts of her educational pursuits are not known, but in June 2023, the social media star graduated from high school in Los Angeles. It remains to be seen if she will decide to continue with her educational pursuits or if she will continue on her path of entrepreneurship and entertainment.

The Marriage Between Lupita Karizma’s Parents Ended After 13 Years

Lupita Rivera had a very stable childhood as her parents were together and happy for the most part of her childhood before they divorced when she was 14 years old and 12 years after their marriage. While her father’s marriage to her mom was his second, it was the first for her mom.

Lupillo and Mayli’s relationship had its start in 2003 after she attended his concert. Immediately the pair set eyes on each other, they fell in love, and soon started a whirlwind romance that would culminate in the birth of their first child together only a year later.

Lupita’s parents did not waste so much time before they got engaged and continued dating before getting married three years after they first met. For the most part, their union seemed to be a very happy one, but it wasn’t one that was designed to last forever as 15 years after they met and 12 years into their marriage, the union came to an end in divorce in 2018.

Lupillo Rivera took to his social media following the sad demise of the union to make it known to his followers that he was no longer with Mayeli Alonso Rivera, with whom he had two kids. The official reason given for the divorce was irreconcilable differences. However, other reports claimed infidelity was the reason why the pair walked their separate ways. The claim was that Lupita’s mom was having an affair which Lupillo found out after he questioned her over her strange behavior, and she admitted to seeing someone else. This was said to have broken not only the singer but also their beautiful family.

Following the divorce, Lupillo and her younger sibling remained in the joint custody of their parents. Court documents revealed that while Mayeli was given physical custody of the kids, the American singer had visitation rights.

Who Is Lupita Karizma’s Mother?

Mayeli Alonso is the mother of Lupita Karizma. Her main claim to fame came following her marriage to Lupillo Rivera, with whom she had two kids, but there is more to her. She was born on December 1, 1984, to her parents, Mario Alonso Ibarra and a mother whose name is not known. Now 39 years old, Lupita Karizma’s mom is of Spanish ethnicity and Mexican nationality, although details about her childhood, education, and other family members have all remained hidden from the public domain.

Mayeli was 19 years old when she first met the man who became her husband, Lupillo Rivera, who was 31 years old at the time. Their 12 years age difference did not stop Mayeli from having a child with the Mexican American singer only a year after they met, and they later got married.

After her marriage to Karizma’s father, there was the claim that she was not faithful to her former husband. The rumor thrived for a while and was allegedly confirmed by her close friend. However, she soon took to her social media to make it clear that there was no truth to the claim, threatening that she was going to sue anyone who made any such claims again.

Mayeli would later make it known in an interview that rather than infidelity, the issues that led to her divorce from her former husband were linked to financial differences. She stated that they were always arguing about issues relating to money, and so she decided it was best to walk away from the marriage.

After Lupita Karizma’s parents got divorced, her mother went on to date the much younger Mexican singer, Jesus Mendoza, who is 31 years old. They began dating in 2018, the same year she divorced her husband and were later engaged before the relationship came to an end for reasons unknown. All that remained after the relationship were threats that Mayeli gave in an interview, warning that her name must never be mentioned in a sentence with her former lover.

She is Not The Only Child Between Her Parents

Even though Lupita Karizma is arguably the most famous of Lupillo Rivera’s children, she is not the only one he has. She has a younger brother from the marriage between her parents and four more siblings from her father’s previous relationship.

The oldest sibling of Lupita is her half-sister, Ayana Rivera, who was said to have been born between the 1980s and the 1990s. A product of Rivera’s marriage to his first wife, Maria Gloria, Ayana is a fashion model and social media personality with more than two hundred and twenty thousand followers on Instagram.

Next is Angelica Rivera, whose date of birth is also not known. She is the daughter of Lupillo from his first marriage, and she prefers to maintain a very private life. The youngest sibling Lupilla has from her father’s union with Maria Gorola is Areana Perez. Areana has stayed away from the limelight, choosing to live a very quiet life, although it is known that she has a career as a Social Worker.

From the marriage between her parents, Karizma Rivera is the oldest child. She has just a sibling, L’Rey Rivera, born on August 8, 2008. Now 15 years old, L’Rey is the only son of Lupillo and the youngest member of the family. Considering his age, L’Rey is yet to make any serious career move that is known to the public, and the belief is that he is still in school.

Abigail Rivera is the next sibling of Lupita Rivera. Her date of birth is also not known, but it is no secret that she was also born to Lupillo from his first marriage to Maria Gorola. While she is not as famous as other members of her family, she still has a fair following of more than a thousand followers on Instagram, although what she does is not known.

Although her father is now with Gisello Soto, a woman who is over 20 years his junior and to whom he has been married since 2021, Lupita does not have any siblings from the union. Her mother has not gotten married again since her divorce from Lupillo and has not had any children afterward.

What Does Lupillo Rivera’s Daughter Do for a Living?

As regards her career, the celebrity kid has achieved so much more for herself than many in her age bracket. One of the things that has been a part of her since she was a child is music due to the nature of her family. It is thanks to this that she started singing when she was a little girl, with the support of her parents. She shared a video of herself as a little child singing on stage, and her father rushing to give her a hug.

Although Lupita Karizma has grown to pursue a musical career, it has not been as elaborate as that of her father and other family members. In fact, she has only released a song, which dated back to 2014. The track is titled Los Niños Inocentes, which she dropped under Sin Marca Records. She featured her father in the track.

Apart from her musical career, Lupita is also a social media star. She has accumulated hundreds of thousands of followers on various social media platforms. She has more than 242,000 followers on her personal Instagram page and 376,000 followers on TikTok. On her business page, she has more than 55,000 followers. She has used her social media handle to partner with different brands, including Evolution Fit.

Lupita Karizma also makes a living as an entrepreneur. She is a makeup artist and has been in the cosmetic business for some time. The social media star has her own beauty brand, which is known as Karizma Beauty, a makeup and skincare brand. She has a store in her mother’s online store, Drama Queen Makeup. With all that she is involved in, Lupillo Rivera’s daughter has a net worth that is estimated at $500,000.

Lupita Karizma Is Very Active On Social Media

Karizma does not just have a good following on social media, but she is also very active on different platforms. On Instagram, she shares pictures of herself, her family, her travels, and more.

Following in the footsteps of her mother, who is also a social media personality with more than 1.2 million followers on Instagram and over 780,000 followers on TikTok, Karizma also has good numbers, as shown, but she is still lagging behind her mum. More than just having good numbers on social media, she is also very active.

Is Lupita Karizma Married or Single?

Lupita Karizma is still not married at the moment and has never had any child. Even though she has kept her personal life away from the public, it is believed that she is either currently single or in a private relationship.

She once shared a video together with an individual known as Trd Jarib on TikTok, whom she described as her bestie. The two are very close as they have been sharing videos of each other on their individual TikTok, but it is not known if they have anything beyond the usual friendship she revealed.

Apart from the man she referred to as her best friend, Lupita has not been publicly linked to anyone else in the past in terms of relationships. Having just completed her high school education and with her business to worry about, it is likely that the beautiful internet personality may just be interested in pursuing her education and continuing with her business before getting into a relationship.


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