Did Moana Die in The Storm?

Moana died in the storm at the beginning of the movie. She set on an adventurous journey in order to save her people when life-threatening darkness threatened her Island, only to be struck by a devastating storm.

The question about whether Moana died in the storm would certainly be strange to someone that doesn’t know about the movie. Moana Waialik is the titular protagonist of Disney’s 2016 animated feature film of the same name. She is the daughter of Chief Tui and Sina born on the Island village of Motunui. In this post, we will get into the details of how she died in the storm and the theories that argue against her death.

An Overview of Moana, The Movie

Upon the release of Moana in November 2018, it quickly became a favorite film among fans of Disney princesses. One of the reasons the film gained so much popularity and audience is because of its strong female protagonist. Also, the visually striking and beautiful animation alongside its catchy songs helped to win the hearts of its viewers.

The film stands against racism and colonization and also portrays the importance of family and community life. It is directed by Ron Clements and John Musker, Auli’l Cravalho features as Moana and it stars other Hollywood actors like Dwayne Johnson, Nicole Scherzinger, Alan Tudyk, and Jemaine Clement, among others.

With Moana being the protagonist in the film, many people wonder why the movie would start with the death of its lead character. Based on this, some fans have come up with several theories about whether or not Moana really died die at the beginning of the film and in the storm. In fact, one needs to watch the film to be able to understand better all the concepts.

Moana Died in The Storm At The Beginning of The Movie

The film Moana, which is a narrative of colonization, follows the story of the exploration and bravery of a young girl called Moana who had to cross the ocean to reunite with a goddess named Te Fiti with a mysterious artifact.

At the very beginning of the film, a haunting shipwreck is seen and Moana’s face emerges from the havoc but quickly disappears into the dark. This is the very scene upon that gave rise to the question about whether or not Moana died in the storm.

The next scene that immediately follows shows the same Moana in an encounter with Maui, a demigod and shape shifter. In fact, in the rest of the film, Moana is seen conversing with only non-human beings like demons, demigods, and other legendary characters like Kakamora and Te Ka that are not within the human realm.

The fact that she subsequently began to operate beyond human capabilities is the major premise that is used to back up her death theory. Moana was severely seen in spaces where no human being could ever set foot. For instance, she easily found her way to the realm of monsters known as Lalotai. So, many believed it is an image of a supernatural Moana.

She Later Came Back to Life

Some other fans believed that Moana did not die in the storm but only ended up in the land of the gods. Even Maui began to speak about her excessive powers with the suggestion that she turned into a demigod as no human can survive what she did during the shipwreck.

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Meanwhile, before Tala, Moana’s grandmother, died, she gave her a necklace that was presumed to contain Te Fiti’s heart, the life giver of the Island. And, this particular necklace is presumed to have the magical power of restoring life. So, some believe the ornament automatically restored her life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did Moana Die in The Beginning?

Yes, Moana died at the very beginning of the film; she perished in the storm.

Did Moana Die in The Storm?

Yes, Moana died in the storm. She got shipwrecked while journeying to save her people

Did Moana Come Back To Life?

Yes! Moana came back to life with the help of the necklace her grandmother, Tala, gave to her.


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