How Old Is Moana? (Her Real Age in The Movie)

Moana first appeared as a 2-year-old toddler at the time the film was released in 2016, but after a few subsequent scenes, she is seen as a 16-year old and she remained 16 until the movie ended.

Moana is a character and protagonist in a Disney animated movie of the same name. The film is a 2016 American action-adventure and computer-animated musical fantasy produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios. Moana was born with a passion for the sea and voyaging so she was the one chosen to journey across the sea to save her Island when it became endangered by a life-threatening darkness.

How Old is Maui Moana?

Maui Moana was voiced by Auliʻi Cravalho, an American actress and singer originally born on 22nd November 2000. So, it is no arguing the fact that she was 16 years old as of 2016 when the movie was released. Her real age is also the age she portrayed in the movie. Although a few sources have recorded that she was 14 years old at that time, there is no truth in it. By the time the movie ended, the Moana character was the same age as her real self.

Auliʻi Cravalho is a Kohala, Hawaii native who has a passion for singing, swimming, acting, and horseback riding. Since her role in the movie as the Disney princes, she has made her way into other significant projects, including live-action films, and performed at The Oscars. Although Moana is still her best-recognized acting role to date, Auliʻi Cravalho has since been showing the world her talents when it comes to acting.

Auliʻi Cravalho who played the character of Moana, image source

At the age of 16, the Moana character had a strong and, yet slender build that sets her apart from other Disney heroines and princesses. She has brown eyes with thick eyebrows, long wavy brown hair, and brownish-pink lips. The Disney princess modeled a fictional role for the young girl who doesn’t know how to back down from those she cares about.

Is Moana 8 years Old?

Although it is commonly known that the ages of Disney Princesses are rarely discussed in their movies, Moana’s age was given as 16. “I’m turning 16 the day before the film [is released], and Moana’s 16,” Cravalho said. The movie presents her as a character defined by her age both in good and bad ways. She acted like a real 16-year-old would in her exact situation. Although she has a self-will, Moana also considered it fit to seek validation from people around her.

She was already 16 by the time she gained enough confidence to set out on the journey of rescuing her people from impending poverty. Even though her role is similar to other Disney princesses, the way her age factors into her character is the reason the script has remained fresher and more realistic than other Disney classics that portrayed princess characters.

The movie doesn’t intend to hide the fact that Moan is quite young and a teenager. Despite being drawn towards adulthood and adventure, Moana is still portrayed to be somewhat playful like other younger children. Disney Princess characters mostly find themselves getting married in their movie’s third act, but Moana accomplishes much more as she is driven by her desire for exploration and adventure rather than for the affection of a man.

Critics applauded the female protagonist for changing the narrative which is usually restricted to a life-long search for Prince Charming. Moana might have been released seven years ago, but it still boosts a lasting legacy among Disney Princesses. It won several awards and grossed $645 million against a $150-175 million budget. According to Deadline, it ranked as the second most streamed movie title of 2021 behind Luca.

To say the least, Moana’s adventure in the animated film shows that younger women can still achieve much more than only being the prize of a prince. The Oscar-nominated movie was released to overwhelming critical reviews and praise.


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