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Leanne Morgan’s family includes her husband, Chuck Morgan, an American construction worker and businessman born in the early 1970s. He and Leanne have been married since 1993 and share three children: a son, Charlie, and two daughters, Tess and Maggie. 

Besides Leanne Morgan’s immediate family, she also has a good relationship with her birth family, which includes her parents, James Fletcher and Lucille Fletcher, and one sibling, a sister named Beth Mabry.

Leanne Morgan is an American stand-up comedian, actress, and author well-known for her Netflix comedy special, Leanne Morgan: I’m Every Woman. Her family-friendly humor has earned her a lot of attention, and many people are interested in knowing much more than her professional life, such as her family background and her life with her husband and children.

Leanne Morgan’s Family Photos

Leanne Morgan has a family of five, which includes herself, her husband, and their three children: a son and two daughters. Her birth family includes her parents, herself, and one sister.

Leanne Morgan Immediate family
Leanne Morgan family

Who is Leanne Morgan’s Husband?

Leanne Morgan’s husband is Chuck Morgan, an American construction worker who has gained a wealth of experience in his profession over several years. Chuck has worked in various positions for different construction companies and engaged in several construction businesses.

He was reportedly born in the 1970s in the United States, but his birth details are unclear to the public. Much information about Chuck Morgan, especially regarding his early life and birth family background, is currently unavailable. This is so because he only gained public and media attention after he married the famous comedian. And having been in the spotlight, regardless, Chuck still does not discuss or disclose his personal life to the public.

He is, from indications, a private person and comfortably living his life away from public eyes. However, it is seen that much of his career/professional life is an open book. Chuck Morgan graduated with a major in Finance from the University of Tennessee and currently works as the vice president at a Maryville-based homebuilding company, Clayton Homes.

Chuck Morganimage sourceBefore now he previously worked as a general manager at Oakwood Homes, where he spent three years from 1996 to 1999 before he rose to the position of regional manager at the same company and served for the next 11 years. Chuck Morgan has also worked as vice president of Retail Strategies at Clayton Homes from October 2010 to June 2012 and as the vice president of Sales Productivity Operational Efficiency at Clayton Homes Inc.

Alongside working at Clayton Homes as the vice president at the moment, Leanne Morgan’s husband has since September 2018 been serving as the vice president of Site Construction at Clayton Homes.

Leanne Morgan’s Children

Leanne Morgan’s children are three, all of whom she had with her husband Chuck Morgan. According to the comedian, her children have been one of her biggest sources of inspiration for many of her comedy routines. In many ways, they have supported her career and have also appeared in some of her comedy sketches.

Leanne and her husband met for the first time at the University of Tennessee during their early years. While Leanne graduated with a Child and Family Studies degree, Chuck majored in Finance. The two started dating afterward, and a few years later, they walked down the aisle in a private wedding ceremony in April 1993. Their marriage has today lasted 31 years and still counting.

Leanne Morgan’s Son

Charlie Morgan is Leanne Morgan’s son and only child. Born on August 19 1993, Charlie is 31 years old as of 2024. He was born and raised in Tennessee and received his basic education there. After that, he proceeded to Berry College, located in Rome, Georgia, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in an undisclosed course.

Charlie Morgan is now a media coordinator, freelance digital marketer, fly shop manager and outdoor writer. He started his career in 2015 in digital marketing and copywriting and has worked with a couple of multimedia agencies and companies. Charlie is active on various social media platforms and has since 2016 been involved in social media advertising.

Charlie Morgan
image source

Furthermore, Charlie has a day job at Clayton Home Retail Centers, where he works as a manager and optimizer of over 1200 search campaigns. His major responsibilities include comprehending marketing and business ideas for normal consumers. Moreover, Leanne Morgan’s son is also thriving in his personal life. Though details of how and when they met are not known, Charlie and Mary got married on September 9 2016.

His wife, Mary Morgan, also works at Clayton Homes. Their marriage has been blessed with two sons, Charles Wilbur, born on December 8 2020, and James Morgan, whose date of birth is yet to be revealed. The family of four is living together happily in Knoxville. 

Who is Leanne Morgan’s Daughter?

Leanne Morgan’s daughters are two: Maggie and Tess Morgan.

Maggie Morgan is Leanne Morgan’s First Daughter

Maggie Morgan was born on April 2, 1996, in Tennessee, United States. She is now 28 years old as of 2024. After her elementary and high school education in schools in the neighborhood of Tennessee, Maggie moved to the University of Tennessee, where she studied from 2014 to 2018.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Communication and Media Studies in 2018. After that, she started her career as an IT business analyst at Clayton Homes. She started working with the company in May 2016 and worked barely three months. In May 2017, she joined Make-A-Wish East Tennessee as a program intern.

From late 2017 to 2019, Maggie was associated with several institutes and organizations, including AC Entertainment and Chi Omega Fraternity Pi Chapter. Meanwhile, she returned to Make-A-Wish East Tennessee and then worked as a development coordinator for one year. Maggie Morgan currently works as a Major Gifts Officer at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital.

Leanne and her daughter, Maggie

image source

She previously worked as a Development and Cause Marketing Specialist and Annual Giving Officer at the same hospital before she was promoted to her current position. Talking about her personal life, Maggie is presently in a relationship with Tristan Winters, a Knoxville, TN-based nutrition coach and personal trainer.

Tristan Winters is also the owner and CEO of The Daily Pursuit, a fitness center. He is a graduate of Pellissippi State Community College in Knox, Tennessee. It is not known when he and Maggie started dating, but their relationship was discovered through Maggie’s social media pages. Her Instagram page features a good number of Tristan’s photos and the ones they took together.

The duo has yet to enlighten the public about their relationship, and they may be making wedding plans sooner or later. They do not have any children together yet. From indications, they are quite committed to each other and have occasionally been photographed together at public events.

Tess Morgan is Leanne’s Second Daughter

Leanne Morgan’s second daughter and youngest child, Tess Morgan, was born on January 20, 1998, and is 26 years old in 2024. Tess is a professional makeup and hair artist based in Nashville, TN. She attended Samford University and the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, but her field of study is not revealed.

Tess Morgan specializes in events, bridals, and special FX. As a makeup artist, she debuted in Hollywood in the 2023 movie Big George Foreman. Tess seems to be a private person, so not much is known about her personal life, including whether or not she is married or in a relationship. Although none of Leanne Morgan’s children is following in her career footsteps, the ace comedian has always been very supportive of her children and their different areas of endeavors.

Is Karen Morgan Related to Leanne Morgan?

Karen Morgan is not in any way related to Leanne Morgan. They are only following the same career path in the American entertainment industry as stand-up comedians. While Leanne Morgan is from Middle Tennessee, Karen Morgan is from Athens, Georgia. Kareen Morgan’s professional comedy career started after she became a Finalist on Nickelodeon Television’s Search for the Funniest Mom in America.

But before then, she was a trial attorney and is still, to date, licensed to practice law in Maine and Georgia. Kareen and Leanne met through a mutual friend, Trish Suhr, another Southern comedian based in California, after which they formed a comedy trio dubbed Country Cool. Through the comedy trio, which aims to promote their different perspectives on life as Southern women, Trish, Leanne, and Karen occasionally tour together and perform at theatres, fairs, and casinos.

Karen Morgan and Leanne Morgan
Karen Morgan and Leanne Morgan

Together, they also run a podcast Sweaty and Pissed, where they discuss menopause and other matters that relate to women over 50. Meanwhile, although they are not in any way related, the two Morgans share a couple of other things in common. They are both married and are mothers of three grown children. Both of them credit their husbands as the breadwinners and heads of household.

They are both Southern, well-raised women, and their timing is known to be unhurried and garlanded with “y’alls.” More significantly, Leanne Morgan and Kareen Morgan deploy almost the same comedy style and are very observant about domestic life. It is, however, believed that some people think they are related in a sort of way because they have the same surname, are both from the South and are both blondes.

However, that is not the case, as these are apparently coincidences. Karen Morgan and Leanne Morgan are not related by blood or marriage. They are only friends and professional colleagues who support each other’s careers and personal lives. They are named among the most popular and successful female comedians in the States.

How Leanne Morgan Balances Her Comedy Career with Motherhood

Leanne Morgan is most famous for her hilarious anecdotes and Southern charm about joggling her roles as a wife, mother, and grandmother. Regardless, her journey to fame and success has not been all that glamorous, especially at the early beginning when she had to balance her career with her life on the home front.

Talking about the challenges in balancing work and motherhood in an interview with Lovin Life, Leanne pointed out that there was a time when she stayed away from her family and that it was a struggle for her. However, she believed her kids would understand that she was working hard and setting an excellent example for them.

In her words, she wants to be a good role model for her kids by letting them observe the dignity and value of hard work and pursuing one’s dreams. Today, she has achieved success and also raised her children well. A rare grandma working stand-up, Leanne Morgan does decently in striking a balance between her career, family, and marital life with her husband, children, and grandchildren.

She has a good relationship with all her children and grandchildren, as occasionally portrayed on their social media accounts. Although she does not share many details about her children’s lives on the media, Leanne occasionally posts their photos, and they do the same on their pages. 

According to the comedian, her children have often made the subject of her jokes on stage, and this goes a long way to show how much of a close bond and great sense of humor the mother and children share.

Who are Leanne Morgan’s Parents?

Leanne Morgan’s parents are James Fletcher and Lucille Fletcher. While her mother is a stay-at-home mom, her father is a businessman and a retired farmer who managed a postal route. Jimmy, as he is commonly called, also owns a meat-processing plant in his backyard.

Leanne has only one sibling, and her name is Beth Mabry. She is a graduate of Business Administration from Austin Peay State University. Beth is happily married to Lawson Mabry, and together, they have two children: a son, Will, and a daughter, Elizabeth.

Leanne, her parents, her husband Chuck, and their grandson, image source

Despite being married with her kids and having a busy career, Leanne Morgan still maintains a healthy relationship with her parents and sister. Once in a while, she posts photos of herself and her family having some good moments together.

FAQs About Leanne Morgan

Where is Leanne Morgan From?

Leanne Morgan is from Middle Tennessee. She was born and raised on a farm in Adams, a small town nearly 170 miles from the Kentucky border.

Does Leanne Morgan Have a First Husband?

Leanne Morgan had reportedly been married and divorced before her current marriage to Chuck Morgan. The name of her first husband is not publicly known, but some unverified records show that the marriage ended as a result of verbal and physical abuse from him. The marriage reportedly happened in Leanne’s early twenties and was very short-lived. Other than these, nothing else is known about it.

Who is Leanne Morgan’s Grandson?

Leanne Morgan has two grandsons named Charles Wilbur and James Morgan. They were born to her only son, Charlie Morgan, and his wife, Mary. Charles and James are currently 3 and 2 years old as of 2024.


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