Meet Chris Potoski, Brandi Love’s Husband

Chris Potoski is the husband of Brandi Love, the American pornographic actress. Born in 1972, the 52 year-old Chris Potoski became known as a businessman and adult film star together with his wife who is even more famous in the industry.

Potoski may be better known for his work in the adult industry and for his marriage, but more than that, he is also a businessman with various companies to his name. Unlike many others who get into the industry or have wives therein, he has been able to build a great family life with his wife and kids. Here is all to know about him.

Summary of Chris Potoski’s Bio 

  • Full name: Chris Potoski
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: 1972
  • Chris Potoski’s Age: 52 years old
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Nationality: American
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Chris Potoski’s Wife: Brandi Love
  • Chris Potoski’s Children: Including Tracey Lynn Livermore
  • Chris Potoski’s Net worth: $10 million
  • Famous for: Being the husband of Brandi Love

How Old is Chris Potoski?

Chris Potoski is now 52 years old as he was born in 1972, although the actual date of his birth is not known. Of American nationality and White ethnicity, he was brought up in the United States. He spent a good part of his life at a facility known as Eagle Village, which belonged to the state of Michigan. This suggests that he might have been a troubled kid.

Details regarding his childhood, family members, and elementary education, have all remained elusive from the media. Some sources have it that he went to Walled Lake Western High School, but he revealed in an interview that he attended Reed City High School.

From there, he moved to obtain degrees in physiology and kinesiology from Central Michigan University. He was at the college from 1990 to 1994, and it was during this period that he obtained the two bachelor of science degrees he has. By this time, he was released from Eagle Village to start taking care of himself.

Following his education, he stepped into the corporate world and took regular jobs which he did for some time.  He took a job with Curative Health Services the same year he graduated from college and rose to the rank of director of business development before he left in the late 1990s. In 2000, he joined National Healing Corporation, which is now Healogics, Inc. Chris started out as a  phone-based salesperson and rose to become the corporation’s vice president of business development until 2005 when he called it quits.

How He Became Brandi Love’s Husband

At the time Potoski and Brandi Love tied the knot, the adult star was still Tracey Lynn Livermore as she had not yet changed her name or joined the adult business. Chris and Tracy met for the first time while they were still in college in the early 190s. They dated for some time and then a few days before Valentine’s Day, precisely on February 10, 1994, they got married. The couple left Potoski’s graduation ceremony and moved to Florida and then Mexico where they got married.

What was more interesting in their marriage was the fact that at the time, Brandi was only 19 years old while Potoski was 20. Brandi was born on March 29, 1973, and is currently 51 years old. Although it was in Dearborn, Michigan, that she was born, it was in Plymouth, Michigan, that she was raised. The actress went to Central Michigan University and it was while there that she met and got married to Chris.

The couple has been married for 30  years thus far, and according to Chris Potiski’s wife, one of the things she appreciates about her husband and which might have helped their marriage to last long is the support he always gives to her. More so, they ensure that their work does not interfere with their family life.

Chris and Brandi Love Are Blessed With Kids

The marriage between Chris and Brandi has not only lasted more than two decades but it is also blessed with amazing kids. Although it has been reported that they have just a daughter, Brandi said they have more than a child.

Their only known daughter was born in 2000, which means she is now 24 years old. Her exact date of birth and other personal details about her are unknown, but according to AmoMama, the name of Chris Potoski’s daughter is Tracey Lynn Livermore, which will mean that she was named after her mother.

The couple revealed that after they had their daughter, Love’s parents who were both religious and conservative, wanted the little child to be taken away from the parents because of their lifestyle which they felt was not healthy for their daughter.

Nonetheless, Chris Potoski and his wife have always maintained that they put their kids first in whatever they do. They spend so much time with their children since their birth, and even as they continue to grow. Brandi revealed in an interview that whenever she is not there with the kids, her husband is there every morning as well as when the kids are back from school.

Even with the nature of their work, Chris and his wife have put much effort into making sure that their kids have a very normal lifestyle. It is because of this that they also attend events with the kids and take advantage of the flexibility of their jobs for the benefit of their kids.

What Does Chris Potoski Do for a Living?

As indicated, Chris Potoski is an adult star and a businessman. Before these, he was the vice president of Regent Medical Solutions from 2011 to 2013. In between he also founded his company, InVixis. The software company ran from 2009 to 2014.

Chris Potoski founded another company, TraceyJordan Properties, which was into luxury, boutique, and vacation property development. He was the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the company until 2023.

TJC Asset Management is yet another company he founded in 2004 and Potoski now holds the position of COO. There is also TrafficSoup LLC, which the businessman founded in 2006.

Beyond his career and the business he has been involved in through the years, Chris got into the adult business in the early 2000s together with his wife. He switched his career to porn after he suffered a stress-related heart attack. Before too long, they began the company called, Parents in Adult, a company that later ended.

Chris Potoski was the president of the company which was founded in 2005 while Tracey Potoski and Blake Tsai, were listed as co-founders. They started their defunct company after family members and people close to them began judging them as bad parents because they were involved in the adult film industry. Parents in Adult came to provide resources and support to parents who were also in the adult sector and having similar challenges.

While her husband had a regular job and business before starting his business, his wife had and ran her own wine label firm, and then she became a member of the sales and marketing team of Harley-Davidson and it was from there that she and her husband joined the adult industry.

While Potoski has not taken part in many adult films, his wife has become famous in the industry and won many awards over the years. She has also published books that are adult oriented, including Love, Brandi; Thompson, Michelle which was published in 2008.

With all that Potoski and Brandi Love have been engaged in through the years, they have built a net worth that has been estimated to be more than $10 million.


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