Is SSSniperWolf Married or Single? Who Is Her Husband or Boyfriend?

SSSniperWolf is not married, so she does not have a husband. She was previously in an on-and-off relationship with Evan Sausage, a fellow YouTube star, but now, she seems single. 

SSSniperWolf is a 31-year-old British-American YouTuber born on 22nd October 1992. Here, we have divulged everything there is to know about her love life, especially regarding her relationship with Evan Sausage.

Is SSSniperWolf Married?

SSSniperWolf is not married and has never been married before. Since her relationship with Evan ended, she has remained single and has not showcased any man as her love interest. Despite being in a relationship with Evan for about nine years, the duo never made it to the alter. This is against some unverified reports that they once tied the knot and divorced after a while.

SSSniperWolf, whose real name is Alia “Lia” Shelesh, is an American YouTuber known for her gaming commentary skills. While her burgeoning YouTube career launched her into the spotlight, her love life has also contributed to her popularity. Her relationship with Evan became a subject of interest among many people who were curious to know everything about her.

Who Is SSSniperWolf’s Boyfriend?

SSSniperWolf does not have a boyfriend at the moment, but her ex-boyfriend is Evan Sausage, an American YouTube personality and vlogger born on 28th March 1992. Evan uses the pseudonym @MisterSausageBoy, and on his channels, his most popular content is collaborations with Sssniperwolf, especially his series Scaring Ssniperwolf Prank, where he pranked Sssniperwolf. The video currently has gathered more than 4 million views.

Sausage is also known for his creative vlogs and gaming videos, which have earned him over 500k subscribers on the channel. He started his YouTube career in March 2014 and has grown in fame and fortune. He has over 13 million views on his YouTube channel. Evan has displayed his expertise in his YouTube career, earning him the admiration of many and a huge fan following.

How Did SSSniperWolf Meet Her Boyfriend?

SSSniperWolf and her ex-boyfriend, Evan Sausage, first exchanged communication in 2013 on social media. Evan sent SSSniperWolf a message via one of her social media platforms and said, “I’d pull my b*lls through shattered glass to hear you fart through a walkie-talkie.” Upon seeing the message, SssniperWolf got flattered and responded to him. From there, their conversation started, subsequently leading to a relationship.

From speculations, Evan had been crushing on SSSniperWolf and silently following her on all her social media handles before he could gather the courage to send her that message. They got connected on YouTube and quickly developed an online rapport. As the day went by, their communication continued to grow, even though they were yet to meet each other for the first time. They mainly communicated via text and Skype.

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From there, they exchanged contacts, which led to further intimate conversations and friendship. Meanwhile, SSSniperWolf is known to be short-tempered, and her anger issues posed a big challenge in their relationship, although they both agreed to work on it together.

SSSniperWolf and Evan Sausage’s Relationship Started in 2015

SSSniperWolf and Evan Sausage reportedly met one year after they connected on social media. Their friendship blossomed into a serious relationship, and shortly after, they officially became a couple. However, despite having been friends for years, Evan Sausage and SSSniperWolf’s relationship was not without challenges.

SSSniperWolf’s anger issue was one of the major challenges they had to deal with. They tried to manage through this challenge and remain together, but it continued to cause pain and rough patches for them. Meanwhile, a few years after they met, in a bid to take their relationship a step further, the couple bought a house in Henderson, Nevada, worth $2.9 million.

They lived together in the house, indicating a more serious commitment to each other. They often appeared on each other’s social media pages. However, despite all their efforts to make things work, they kept on falling apart. They broke up and reconciled multiple times, and their relationship became a popular topic of discussion, keeping both of them in several news headlines.

In May 2016, SSSniperWolf posted a video on her YouTube titled We Broke Up wherein she announced that she had broken up with Evan. Two months later, in July, she posted another video titled We Got Back Together, announcing they had managed to patch things up and move on with their relationship. Yet again, they faced another breakup in September of the same year.

The drama did not end there as she later in the same year claimed they had reunited and got back to living together in the same house. During this time, they engaged in many fights, one of which got them into trouble with the law. At a time, Sssniper shared a video titled Arrested and explained how they got into a fight, which resulted in both of them getting arrested for their misconduct.

The incident happened after Sausage changed his phone’s background to a picture of another girl, leading to a heated argument. Following their release, SSSniperWolf and Evan Sausage finally decided to go their separate ways and officially ended things as a couple. While their relationship lasted, they shared both pleasant and unpleasant memories.

Though exactly when they parted ways is unknown, Lia publicly confirmed in November 2022 that they are no longer together after nine years as a couple. Since then, nothing further has been heard or seen about them as a couple, and it has become apparent that they are no longer together.

Did SSSniperWolf’s Boyfriend Cheat?

Alongside SSSniperWolf’s shirt-tempered nature being the major challenge they faced in their relationship, there are also rumors that they broke up due to infidelity from Evan’s side. Following their final breakup, rumors became rife that Sausage cheated on SSSniperWolf. However, to date, no evidence substantiated the claims, and it is also not known who he cheated on her with. Moreover, neither SSSniperWolf nor Evan ever said anything about the rumors. Hence, it remains unconfirmed.

Who Is SSSniperWolf Dating Now?

As much as the public knows, SSSniperWolf is currently single and not dating anyone. The YouTube star is also not romantically linked with any man. SSSniperWolf had a high-profile relationship with Evan Sausage, and that has since remained her most-known romantic relationship ever and, in fact, her only publicly known relationship. There is no information about her previous love life and the men she dated in the past.


What Was SSSniperWolf Boyfriend’s Name?

SSSniperWolf currently does not have a boyfriend, but the name of her ex-boyfriend is Evan Sausage, an American YouTube star.

Is SSSniperWolf in a Relationship?

No! SSSniperWolf is not in a relationship at the moment.


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