Is Murphy Really Blind in Real Life? 5 Things To Know About Her

Is Murphy really blind in real life? Murphy Mason the main cast of the hit TV show In the Dark is blind. However, the actress who portrayed Murphy, Perry Mattfield, is not blind in real life.

Perry Mattfeld is not actually blind, despite how convincingly she portrays a blind woman. She is a sighted actress who has demonstrated her abilities by fully committing to the role of Murphy and skillfully capturing the difficulties and hardships of a visually impaired person. Here are things to know about Perry Mattfeld and her character in the series titled “In the Dark.”

Is Murphy on In the Dark Really Blind in Real Life?

Perry Mattfeld who portrays Murphy in the TV series “In the Dark,” is not blind in real life. Despite convincingly playing a blind character on the show, Mattfeld is fully sighted. This raises questions about the casting choice and how accurately the character’s blindness is portrayed.

To begin with, Perry Mattfeld has put in a lot of time studying and training to portray a blind character convincingly. This entails gaining the ability to move about without using visual clues, utilize a white cane, and communicate with others. Both viewers and the blind community have praised her for her effort and commitment to correctly portraying the realities of blind people.

Murphy as portrayed by Mattfeld in “In the Dark” is not simply characterized by her blindness. She is a deep, multifaceted character, and her blindness is only one facet of who she is. The show covers a range of subjects, including friendship, love, addiction, and criminality, so blindness is not the only aspect of Murphy’s plot. The program highlights both Murphy’s daily struggles and victories as it portrays a realistic and authentic depiction of a blind person’s life.

Although Perry Mattfeld is not blind, her performance of Murphy in “In the Dark” has helped to highlight the opinions and experiences of people living with disabilities. She has brought a complex and captivating picture of blindness to the screen through her commitment, study, and acting abilities, igniting relevant discussions and raising awareness of the difficulties experienced by the community of those who are visually impaired.

Perry Portrayed Blind Murphy Mason Very Convincingly

In In The Dark, Perry does an incredible job of being the main cast of the show. Although several actresses with visual impairments auditioned for the role, the producers found her more suitable. The 16-year-old actress and producer has acted in several TV episodes and films, but it was her depiction of Murphy Mason that made her a well-known actress.

Murphy Mason is a visually impaired lady who stumbles across her friend’s body and gets sucked into a murder case. Many spectators found Mattfeld’s portrayal of a blind character to be believable, which raised the question of whether or not she was genuinely blind. However, she is not truly blind.

Mattfeld explained that the show had consultant Lorri Bernson, who is blind and who partly inspired the series, on set with her guide dog Captain while they were filming most days. Mattfeld understudied Bernson and her daily routine, watching her wake up, clean up, take coffee, and even follow her to do groceries. This move enabled her to be a bit conversant with Bernson’s life as a visually impairment person.

Mattfeld made the most of her acting abilities to convey the difficulties and experiences that visually impaired people go through. She was able to portray a blind person’s daily problems and convey realism to the character through thorough research and close collaboration with advisors.

Mixed Reactions Followed the Show After Fans Realized That Perry was Not Blind in real Life

Those who think that representation in the entertainment business is crucial have criticized the casting of a sighted actress to play a blind character. They contend that to give an accurate representation of their experiences, blind actors should be given the chance to play blind characters.

However, those who support choosing actors based on their talent, as opposed to personal characteristics, justify their decision by pointing out that acting is about portraying many personas, independent of the actor’s personal history. It is important to note that Perry Mattfeld closely collaborated with the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) to prepare for her part in “In the Dark.” The NFB was essential in making sure that blindness was accurately and truthfully represented in the program.

By working with the NFB, the creators intended to strike a balance, giving blind actors the chance to participate in other areas of the production while still creating a realistic and nuanced portrayal. This group effort is an illustration of attempting to balance representation with authenticity.

Perry Mattfeld is From Long Beach, California.

American actress Perry Mattfeld is well-known for playing Murphy Mason in the television series “In the Dark.” She was born on March 29, 1994, in California to Shelly Garcia, a Hispanic mother, and Kenneth Mattfeld, a deputy city attorney for the city of Los Angeles. Before taking the position of deputy city attorney, her father worked as a naval architect for the Los Angeles port.

Perry grew up with her parents alongside her two sisters in Long Beach California. From the age of five, she started taking ballet dancing lessons and spent the next nine years of her life doing so. Her dance instructor, Ms. Debbie Allen, taught her more dance styles that were incorporated into the Alice in Wonderland musical stage production. Additionally, Perry took singing and piano classes.

Later, she attended the Long Beach Polytechnic High School, a public high school in Long Beach, California, located at 1600 Atlantic Avenue. She then received her degree from the University of Southern California. Perry graduated from The USC School of Dramatic Arts – Massman Theatre (where she also participated in cheerleading) with a Bachelor in Fine Arts (Acting Major, Cinema Arts Minor).

Perry’s acting career started in her early years when she appeared in American Girl Theater productions of original musical stage plays by Mattel. In 2006, she began performing in movies and television shows. She will play Layla in A Little White Lie and will also appear in The Idea of You. She also modeled for the Grayse clothing line after being introduced to the industry by Kelly Gary, a fellow USC student.

5 Things To Know About Perry Mattfeld

  • Perry Mattfeld was born on March 29, 1994, in California, United States.
  • While Perry Mattfeld portrays a blind character, Murphy, on the TV show “In the Dark,” she is not blind in real life.
  • She began her acting career at a young age, starring in various theater productions, commercials, and modeling.
  • Perry has appeared in other popular TV shows like “Shameless,” “Wizards of Waverly Place,” and “Escape from Polygamy,” but “In the Dark” made her more famous.
  • In addition to acting, Perry is a skilled dancer who has studied ballet and jazz among other genres.


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