Has Ashley Liliana Botello Been Found?

Ashley Liliana Botello is believed to be alive and leading a great life, as she was never missing or found, contrary to reports that claimed she had gone missing in 2020. While there were worries about her safety when the fabricated story about her disappearance first made the rounds, it was later confirmed that reports about her were only concocted.

Not much is known about the true identity of Ashley, but she attracted so much attention when an alleged report by the City of Riverside Police Department was released claiming that she had gone missing several days before the report. Although there have been mixed reports about her case, here is all there is to know about it.

How Did Ashley Liliana Botello Get Missing?

According to the reports that claimed she had gone missing, Botello disappeared from her community of Riverside County on November 3, 2020, when she was last seen. She was said to have disappeared alone and not in the company of anyone.

23 years old at the time of the alleged disappearance, Ashley, who was wearing blonde hair in the photo shared, was said to be last seen in her community dressed in blue jeans and a hoodie. There were other photos of her that were shared on the internet where she wore a black wig.

Apart from the social media circulations, there have been no police statements or any other serious investigations that detailed how she supposedly disappeared.

What Happened To Ashley Liliana Botello?

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Based on social media postings, Ashley Liliana Botello went missing. A Grand Prairie, Texas residence, she allegedly left home on October 4, 2020, for what seemed like a casual walk. She was claimed to be in a black hoodie and shorts, and she carried a backpack.

That was the last time she was supposedly seen. By November of that year, the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department released a missing person alert to help her family in finding her.

For a long time, nothing more was heard about her and it was assumed that she was never found. Also, nothing more appeared on the platform on the social media platforms of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, which allegedly made the first report.

It was years later before another report linked to her surfaced, with what would be the worst fears in the case of any disappearance. This was when some online news website claimed she had been killed.

Has Ashley Liliana Botello Been Found?

There are conflicting reports, with some claiming that Ashley had been found dead while others claimed she was found alive. Nonetheless, as already stated, Ashley Liliana Botello was never missing.

Since it has been established that she was never missing in the first instance, it means that all media publications claiming she was found either dead or alive are false.

Ashley Liliana Botello Update

The last major update about Ashley Liliana was provided by a website known as snbc13.com. The site reported that Ashley’s remains were found on March 1, 2022, and a man was arrested in connection with her abduction and murder.

Apart from the man whose name they gave as Nina Marano, others alleged to be known as 31-year-old Charles Beltran and 57-year-old Lisa Dykes were also wanted in connection to the crime.

However, it turned out that there was no truth to the report, and the website was found to be linked to many hoax stories and fake reports.

Where Is Ashley Liliana Botello Today?

Although the story about Ashley is fabricated, the family of the real Ashley, whose picture was also used, has come out to say that she is alive and well. She is living a normal life in the United States, although her exact whereabouts remain unknown.

To finally lay the matter to rest, her family reportedly issued a statement debunking all the initial claims that she was missing. They made it known that it was all false news that started on social media and continued beyond.


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