Where Is Amy Preasmyer’s Daughter Now?

Amy Preasmyer’s daughter is named Kayleigh, and she currently resides in California with her two grandparents and her father’s sister. Amy is said to share an incredible bond with the five people whom she holds dear.

Kayleigh is 26 years old in 2024 and has chosen to live a quiet life considering the circumstances that marred her parent’s relationship. But beyond that, you will get to know more about her here and the circumstances surrounding her parent’s separation.

Where Is Amy Preasmyer’s Daughter?

26-year-old Kayleigh, Amy Preasmyer’s daughter, currently resides in California with her paternal and maternal grandparents. She was born sometime in 1998 and spent the early stages of her life with her biological mother, Amy Preasmyer.

In the next seven years that followed, Amy Preasmyer raised her daughter Kayleigh as a single parent, having lost her husband when she was 15 weeks pregnant carrying young Kay. But all that changed in the year 2005 when it was discovered and indeed proved that Amy orchestrated the death of her husband, Ricky Cowles, Kayleigh’s father. But before we go further, let’s get to know Kayleigh better.

Who Is Amy Preasmyer’s Daughter?

Where Is Amy Preasmyer’s Daughter Now?
image source – Amy Preasmyer and her daughter Kayleigh

Amy Preasmyer’s daughter, Kayleigh, is now a 26-year-old woman. She is a Caucasian woman by ethnicity and an American by nationality. We also know for certain that Kayleigh is the only daughter of her late father, Ricky Cowles, and her now-incarcerated mother, Amy Preasmyer.

There are no publicly available records of Kayleigh’s education or what career she is pursuing at the moment, as she has chosen to withhold certain information about herself from the public. Similarly, it is also not known if she has gotten married, is currently in a relationship, or has kids.

Who Was Amy Preasmyer’s Baby Daddy?

Amy Preasmyer’s baby daddy was a then-21-year-old man named Ricky Cowles Jr. Ricky. He was doing well for himself, working as an electrician in his family business while Amy was a sophomore in high school. At the beginning of their relationship, Amy and Ricky shared an incredible bond between themselves. Ricky, who had the wherewithal, would often take his heartthrob on lavish trips and frequently bought gifts for her to express his love.

However, all that soon changed when Amy became pregnant with Kayleigh in the middle of 1997. She resented Ricky, whom she had so much cherished. She didn’t like the idea of being pregnant at 16 as she felt the baby would disrupt the plans she had for her life. On the receiving end of this resentment was Ricky, whom she blamed sorely for putting her in the family way.

Reports about her had it that she often complained about Ricky to her friends, expressing how she hated him so much. Ricky, on his part, did not deny getting Amy pregnant but instead was ready to shoulder the responsibilities of having a child at 21 with a teenager. However, he did not live to tell his story.

What Happened To Ricky Cowles?

Ricky Cowles was murdered on 12th August 1997 by a hitman named William Billy Hoffman. Billy was hired by Amy Preasmyer and her friend, Jenniffer Kellog, to carry out the dastard act. Amy Preasmyers, who was 15 weeks pregnant at the time, wanted to get Ricky out of her life through any means possible. 

She revealed this to her friend, Jennifer Kellogg, and the two sought Billy Hoffman’s services. Surprisingly, Billy, who until then was known for his work as a store clerk, accepted to murder Ricky on their behalf in exchange for money.

Days later, Amy and her friend Jeniffer invited Billy over to the house to map out a detailed plan on how he would get rid of Rick Cowles. They discussed at length and were satisfied with the plan they had. Ricky would have needed something more than luck to escape not being killed by Billy in that August or after. Sadly, Amy had already made up her mind that the best way for him to pay for getting her pregnant was for Ricky to lose his life.

Billy Hoffman Beat Ricky Cowles Before Shooting Him in the Head

On August 12, 1997, after Ricky came home and entered his apartment, he was ambushed by Billy, who wasted no time in wrestling him to the ground. Ricky, who was helpless and confused, got beaten with a club hammer by hitman Billy. As he stopped trying to defend himself and passed out, Billy made sure he would never wake up again by shooting him in the head.

About an hour later, Amy Preasmyer, who already knew what would have happened that evening, came into the house and saw her boyfriend in the pool of his blood. Billy was already dead before the first responders Amy called could arrive at their house.

With the police investigation underway, it was not long before Billy was identified as the man who could have possibly murdered Ricky Cowles. As investigations into the murder progressed, he admitted to killing Ricky but pointed a finger at Amy Preasmyer. Initially, Billy’s accusations against the 16-year-old were dismissed, but with further investigation, it was discovered that Amy indeed hired Billy to kill her late boyfriend.

Where Is Amy Preasmyer’s Daughter Now?

image source – Amy and Ricky Cowles

Amy Preasmyer’s Daughter is in California Now

Amy Preasmyer’s daughter, Kayleigh, lives in California and shares quality family time with her maternal and paternal grandparents alongside Ricky’s sister. Following the death of her father months before she was born, Kayleigh was raised by her mother as a single parent and she was pretty good at it. However, with new evidence being uncovered about the murder of her father, a lot was set to change in Kayleigh and Amy’s lives.

Kayleigh’s mother, Amy Preasmyer, was arrested in 2005 and subsequently convicted in 2008 for soliciting to commit murder. She was thereafter sentenced to life in prison with no option of parole and has been serving jail time for 19 now. However, a new report has it that she may be eligible for parole by 2029 as she may have been granted clemency.

When Amy was arrested in 2005, a custody battle for Kayleigh ensued between her paternal and maternal grandparents. But when she finally got sentenced, the two families agreed to let the past be and instead give Amy Preasmyer’s daughter the good life she deserves. For the past 16 years now, Amy has been living with both of her grannies in California.

FAQs About Amy Preasmyer’s Daughter

Who Is Ricky Cowles’ Daughter?

Ricky Cowles’ daughter is known as Kayleigh. She was conceived by his then-girlfriend, Amy Preasmyer when he was 21 and Amy was 16.

How Old is Ricky Cowles’s Daughter?

Ricky Cowles’ daughter Kayleigh is 26 years old in 2024.


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