What Happened To Meg Foster’s Eyes? Genetic Mutation?

Meg Foster’s pale blue eyes are a genetic disorder that results from a unique combination of gene sequences. Blue eyes are uncommon, and Meg Foster possesses this unique feature. While many people appreciate her striking eyes, some find them unsettling and creepy.

Meg Foster became well-known as a theatre actor in 1968 when she acted in plays like John Brown’s Body and The Empire Builders. She continued performing in plays such as Barrabas, Three Sisters, Extremities, King Lear, and others. She still performs to this day. Her most striking feature remains her blue eyes. Interestingly, she mentioned that her eyes were not “so distinctive” back in 1979 after her striking pale-blue eyes were dubbed “the eyes of 1979” by Mademoiselle magazine. Hers is all you need to know about Meg Foster’s eyes.

Meg Foster’s Eye Condition

Meg Foster’s eye condition is a result of a genetic trait, not a disorder or mutation. This unique eye characteristic arises from the intricate interplay of specific gene sequences, expressing itself through a recessive gene rather than being a flaw. The pale blue eyes of actress Meg Foster are a genetic trait among the rarest individuals rather than a defect or mutation.

What Happened To Meg Foster's Eyes? Genetic Mutation?
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Her appearance has stirred debates due to this uncommon trait, sparking discussions about the origin of her blue eyes. The captivating nature of her stare has left a lasting impression on many viewers. Some question whether she uses contact lenses, while others believe it is a genetic mutation. There are no records of mutations or genetic issues.

What’s clear is that Meg Foster’s blue eyes are quite typical and haven’t undergone any surgical changes. In 1979, despite being called “the eyes of 1979” by Mademoiselle magazine, she claimed her eyes weren’t that unusual. However, some producers in the film and TV industry suggested she wear contact lenses to minimize what they considered the distracting impact on her eyes.

Meg Foster Eye Color

Meg Foster’s eye color is pale blue. Her uncommon pale blue eyes are a genetic trait and not a mutation. Meg’s eyes stand out as her most alluring feature, and interestingly, she has attracted offers for numerous horror movie roles because of her blue eyes. Similarly, Directors value the intensity her eyes bring to such characters.

Also, a lot of people have stated that she is very easily capable of appearing creepy in horror movies because of her eyes. People think she has creepy eyes because she often plays bizarre characters. The shade of pale blue in her eyes is one of the uncommon variations, adding to her unique appearance. While green eyes are considered the rarest, pale blue eyes, like Meg’s, are also uncommon in most people.

Has Meg Foster’s Eye Color Affected Her Acting Career Negatively?

The answer to this is both yes and no. The actress has openly discussed the impact of her distinctive eyes on her acting career. She acknowledges that while their uniqueness helped her secure specific roles, she also lost out on several others. Despite the challenges, her eyes remain just as stunning as they were fifty years ago.

To those who find her gaze unsettling, she offers a straightforward piece of advice: “Deal with it,” as her eyes are here to stay. Moreover, Meg’s blue eyes are not a flaw or mutation; instead, they are a rare outcome of the body expressing a recessive gene. These blue eyes are genuinely authentic, and there has been no involvement of surgical procedures to make them the way they are. 

Key Facts About Meg Foster’s Eyes

Eye Color Meg Foster’s eyes are a very distinctive pale blue, often described as “striking” or “piercing.”
Public Reaction Her eye color has garnered significant attention and is often a focal point in descriptions of her appearance.
Influence of Meg Foster’s Eyes on her Career Foster’s unique eyes have contributed to her on-screen presence, making her memorable in various roles.
Notable Roles Influenced by Meg Foster’s Eye Color Foster’s roles often leverage her intense gaze, such as her performances in “They Live” and “Masters of the Universe.”
Perception in Film and Television In the film and television industry, her eyes are often seen as a defining feature, adding to her character portrayals.
Myths and Misconceptions There have been myths about her wearing contact lenses to enhance the color, but her eye color is natural.

Are Meg Foster’s Eyes a Genetic Mutation?

Meg Foster’s pale blue eyes are not because of a genetic disorder or mutation. Rather, the actress has a rare and unique genetic combination that gives her eyes the unique blue colors they have. Eyes like Meg’s are typically because of low levels of melanin in the iris.

Meanwhile, Meg’s appearance has sparked ongoing debates due to her possession of a rare trait, which is her distinctive blue eyes. Her gaze is memorable, leaving viewers captivated. People often wonder if her eyes are natural or if she wears contact lenses.

Despite the discussions, there are no reports of mutations or genetic defects in her eyes. They are simply the most normal blue eyes one might come across, devoid of any surgical enhancements. To this day, there’s no definitive explanation. Meg Foster neither has a genetic mutation nor wears colored contacts.


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