150 Most Evil Male Demon Names and Their Meanings

Demons are very popular in almost every religion of the world and culture. For whatever culture or religion that believes or has these supernatural spirits, there are male demon names as well as female demon names, all of which may have their meanings.

Such names are either given in religious texts, traditional materials, or even exorcists who have got such demons to say their names during exorcism. Because of this, while the meaning of some of the names of the demons are known and clear, others are not so clear. Here is a look at some of the evil male demon names out there that cut across many cultures, traditions, and religious beliefs.

Here Are Some Evil Male Demon names

Evil Male Demon Names
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1. Aamon

  • Origin: Various Grimoire
  • Meaning: Who induces eagerness

This demon is considered to be one of the ranking members of hell. He has 40 infernal legions under his control.

2. Abaddon

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: The destroyer

This is one of the male demon names that stand for a being and a place. It is the name ascribed to one of the angels of the abyss as well as a place of destruction.

3. Abduxuel

  • Origin: Jewish Tradition
  • Meaning: Not clear

He is one of the angels who fell from heaven with Lucifer. This demon is considered to give knowledge.

4. Abezethibou

  • Origin: Jewish

This is one of the fallen angels from heaven that were chased together with Beelzebub due to rebellion. Abezethibou has just a wing and is one of the most important demons of hell. The meaning of his name is not clear.

5. Abigor

  • Origin: Christian mythology 
  • Meaning: Demon of war

He is a ranking member of hell and one of the warrior demons with sixty legions under his control. According to mythology, this demon had his being from the remains of the horse from the Garden of Eden and he knows the secrets of war.

6. Abraxas

  • Origin: Kabbalistic origins

With snake feet and the head of a rooster, Abraxas is worshipped as a god by the Basilides religion but has been described by others as a demon.

7. Adramalech

  • Origin: Judeo Christianity
  • Meaning: Magnificent king

This is one of the male demon names that have great meanings but the personalities behind them are terrible. Adramalech is considered to be the chancellor of the underworld. He is a fallen angel who is described as the head of the Senate of Demons.

8. Agaliarept

  • Origin: Jewish Mythology
  • Meaning: Commander of armies

This name is associated with a demon who began as an angel of God but later became one of the fallen. He is directly under Lucifer in ranks.

9. Agares

  • Origin: Ars Goetia

This demon is considered to be one of the Great Dukes of hell and has thirty-one to thirty-three legions under his control.

10. Agramon

  • Origin: Gnosticism
  • Meaning: Demon of fear

Recognized as the demon of fear, he is believed to appear to one in the form of whatever one fears the most. Most people die of fear and for those that do not, he finishes them off.

11. Aka Manah

  • Origin: Zoroastrian mythology
  • Meaning: Evil thinking

This demon is seen as the creature behind sensual desires and devilish thoughts and purpose.

12. Ahriman 

  • Origin: Zoroastrianism

This demon is considered in the early Iranian religion of Zoroastrianism as the lord of darkness and he is behind human confusion and strife.

13. Allocer

  • Origin: Demonological grimoires

This demon teaches astronomy and liberal sciences. He is regarded as a Duke of Hades. He has the function of leading people into immorality. The name of this demon is sometimes spelled as Alocer, Alloces, Alocas, Allocen, or even Alloien. While his name is popular, the meaning is not clear.

14. Alp

  • Origin: German folklore
  • Meaning: Nature demon

This being is often seen as a demon, but in some cases, it is believed to be the spirit of dead relatives. Whatever the case, the being attacks women at night and it causes them to have nightmares.

15. Alu

  • Origin: Ancient Mesopotamia
  • Meaning: Vengeful demon

This demon’s name is believed to cause fear among people. Although the demon has no mouth, it has many ways of tormenting humans and it does it sometimes for the fun of it.

16. Aquiel

  • Origin: Christian mythology
  • Meaning: A bright star

This demon is believed to be the one who sees over Sunday in Christian mythology. He has the responsibility of ensuring that the sabbath day is not kept holy.

17. Arunasura

  • Origin: Hindu mythology

Arunasura is referred to as a malevolent spirit who got slain by the goddess Bhramari after he captured some deities. He is a hater of all heavenly beings and holiness.

18. Asmodeus

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: King of demons

Prince of demons and hell, he has a place above other demons as well as daemons. He is recognized as the demon of sexual sin and lust.

19. Astaroth

Origin: Ars Goetia

This demon is known to be behind the spirit of laziness, self-doubt, and rationalized philosophies.

20. Awar

  • Origin: Islamic faith
  • Meaning:

In Islam, it is believed that the leader of demons, Ibilis, has five sons, and Awar is one of them. This demon is considered to be behind debauchery.

21. Azazel

  • Origin: Jewish mythology
  • Meaning: The rage of God

Azazel is a fallen angel in Jewish legends who is at the forefront of evil in the world. He is said to marry women and has taught them the art of deception.

22. Baal

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Owner

One of the worst demons, he is believed to be among the seven Princes of Hell and a Duke of Hell.

23. Baalberith

  • Origin: Canaanite roots
  • Meaning: God of the covenant

This was believed to be an angel or even god at some point before he fell and became a demon. He is considered by some as a Duke in the kingdom of darkness.

24. Babi

  • Origin: Indonesian mythology
  • Meaning: Boar

Known as Babi Ngepet, this is an Indonesian demon that is referred to as Pig Demons and they are a manifestation of anyone who is into black magic to become rich. According to mythology, such people sacrifice their humanity and take the form of this demon.

25. Baka

  • Origin: Haitian voodoo
  • Meaning: Tricky soul of the dead

The name of this demon is quite popular among people even though in the voodoo tradition, he is considered to be very dangerous and evil. When he gets angry, different animals are sacrificed to him, but sometimes he has intercourse with virgin girls.

26. Bakasura

  • Origin: Hinduism
  • Meaning: A ravenous appetite

This demon was sent to kill Krishna, a major deity in the Hindu religion, because of a prophecy that the deity, who was still a child, was going to grow up and kill King Kamsa. He killed and swallowed the child, but because it burnt his throat, he had to vomit him back, and the deity defeated the demon.

27. Balaam

  • Origin: Ars Goetia
  • Meaning: Destroyer of People

Balaam is a very popular name in the bible. For the demon, he is known to be behind avarice, idol worship, and immorality.

28. Baphomet

  • Origin: Knights of the Templar
  • Meaning: Sabbatic Goat

Baphomet is a well-known demon in the occult world. He has a goat head and was popular among the knights of the Templar before he became a part of other cult organizations.

29. Baraqiel

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Lightning of God

He was sent to the earth with the assignment of observing the activities down below but must not interfere. However, like other watchers, he had intercourse with mortal women, leading to his fall.

30. Barbatos

  • Origin: Grimoire tradition
  • Meaning: Bearded

This demon has the power to make one understand the language of animals. The Lesser Key of Solomon sees him as one of the 72 demons.

31. Beleth

  • Origin: Hebrew tradition
  • Meaning:

He is seen as a king of hell who can be very fierce. He has knowledge of music and math. The demon controls 85 legions of demons.

32. Beelzebub

  • Origin: Hebrew Mythology
  • Meaning: The chief devil

Also known as Belzebuth, he is referred to as a demon of gluttony, which is one of the 7 deadly sins. He is also referred to as the demon of idolatry.

33. Behemoth

  • Origin: Jewish mythology
  • Meaning: Lord of the gap

This demon is linked to helping people in making important discoveries. At the same time, he makes it possible for people to find ingenious ways of making wealth. He slows down anything that is not from him, as he is seen as the demon behind one of Christianity’s 7 deadly sins, Sloth.

34. Bhuta

  • Origin: Indian tradition
  • Meaning: Ghost

This demon is considered to be a supernatural being or sometimes a ghost and spirit of the dead. The demon is malevolent primarily but it can also be helpful to humans.

35. Bilwis

  • Origin: Bavarian and Austrian folklore

Although he started out as a trickster of children, Bilwis grew into a demon that appears in cornfields to damage crops.

36. Birsha

  • Origin: Judaism
  • Meaning:  Son of Wickedness

This is not a very popular name, although there are still people that bear it. While it is not exactly the name of a demon it is a name considered to be very evil as it was linked to the king of Gomorrah.

37. Buer

  • Origin: Pseudomonarchia Daemonum

A very popular one among male demon names, this is the name that is given to the demon referred to as the president of hell. He is said to have 50 legions of lesser demons under him.

38. Coyote

  • Origin: North America

This demon has been linked to many cultures in North America. It is said to have some features similar to the animal bearing the same name. The demon is revered as a trickster like none other.

39. Dagon

  • Origin: Sumerian tradition

This demon is also referred to as the Prince of Depths and is considered one of the oldest demon lords. He is said to be the creation of Lucifer. A lord of the sea, he is a monster.

40. Daevas

  • Origin: Ancient Iranian mythology
  • Meaning: A being of shining light

These demons are also referred to as the gods that should be rejected. They are known to cause chaos and are malevolent. The demon has a very disagreeable characteristic and is also considered to be the helpers of the prince of demons.

41. Dajjal

  • Origin: Islam
  • Meaning: Deceiver

Dajjal is seen as a deceptive demon who is coming before judgment day. It is believed in Islam that he will come imitating the miracles of Christ and will claim to be the Messiah.

42. Dantalion

  • Origin: Ars Goetia
  • Meaning: The Star Emperor

This demon is one of the most powerful archdukes of hell. He is one of the 72 spirits summoned by King Solomon and has thirty-six legions of demons ready to do his bidding.

43. Dasim

  • Origin: Islamic religion
  • Meaning:

Yet another of the sons of Ibilis, the meaning of Dasim is not clear but he is a demon that is known to cause issues and hatred between a man and his wife.

44. Deber 

  • Origin: Jewish Mythology
  • Meaning: pestilence

As the meaning behind the name of this demon suggests, all he is after is pestilence and death.

45. Diabolus

  • Meaning: Evil One

This is one of the most evil male demon names out there, and its simple meaning is “evil one.” The demon occupies hell, and he stands to corrupt the souls of humans.

46. Dibbuk

  • Origin: Jewish mythology
  • Meaning: To Cling or attach

Sometimes spelled Dybbuk, this demon can possess humans. He is believed to sometimes be the souls of the dead, and they only get to leave after they have been exorcised.

47. Div

  • Origin: Persia
  • Meaning: Idol

This demon is monstrous in nature and is said to also be recognized in Islam. The demon is cruel and cold-hearted. He is also said to enjoy human flesh.

48. Djinn

  • Origin: Islamic religion
  • Meaning: To hide

Djinn can be demons or otherwise, according to the Islamic faith. They can influence the activities of men in a good or bad way, and they will be judged by God.

49. Dowadiru

  • Origin: Hindu Mythology 

This demon is a giant that lives in the desert but can be summoned through fire. With a horn, it is easy to terrify humans.

Some More Evil Male Demon names

Evil Male Demon Names
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50. Dre

  • Origin: Tibet mythology
  • Meaning: Harmful

Dre is a very popular name among humans which is sometimes used as the short form for Andre. However, it is also the name of a male demon in Tibet mythology that is known to cause harm and bring death.

51. Dumuzid

  • Origin: Sumerian Mythology
  • Meaning: Faithful son

Also referred to as Tammuz of Dumuzi, this demon began as a god but was later dragged to the underworld.

52. Eligor

  • Origin: Ars Goetia
  • Meaning: Extract

While he appears as a good knight, Eligor is a fallen angel that is also among the dukes of hell. He has 60 legions of spirits under his command and can cause love or lust.

53. Euronymous

  • Origin: Greek Mythology
  • Meaning: Prince of Death

While he is not a major demon, he is also evil. He lives in the underworld and feeds off the rotting flesh of the dead, leaving behind their bones.

54. Flauros

  • Origin: Ars Goetia

This demon is believed to be behind tome, magic, and fire. He is one of the fallen demons and great dukes of hell. He has 36 spirits under his command. He appears as a leopard.

55. Gadreel

  • Origin: Book of Enoch
  • Meaning: Wall of God

This name has a positive energy behind it, but it is actually the name of one of the angels that have fallen, according to the Book of Enoch.

56. Geryon

  • Origin: Greek Mythology
  • Meaning: Son of the steward

Geryon is a popular demon in Greek mythology. He is a monster who has either three bodies and three heads or three heads in one body.

57. Ghoul

  • Origin: Pre-Islamic Arabic religion
  • Meaning: To cast a spell

Ghoul has made it to modern fiction, but it has a very long history. The demon can take any form just to lure people to isolated places where it can destroy them.

58. Iblis

  • Origin: Islamic Religion
  • Meaning: Devil, Enemy of man

Considered to be the leader of demons according to the Islamic religion, this demon was once in heaven, but he lost his place after he refused to bow down before Adam.

59. Incubus

  • Origin: Mesopotamian Mythology
  • Meaning: To lie upon

This demon is well known in many other traditions around the world, and it is linked to the female demon known as Succubus. This demon is after sleeping with women, leading to the birth of witches. He can cause an impaired mental state.

60. Irfit

  • Origin: Islam
  • Meaning: To rub in dust or to create

Irfit is another popular name for evil demons in the Islamic religion. He is seen as ruthless and wicked. There are some works that claim he is made from smoke and fire.

61. Iya

  • Origin: Lakota mythology
  • Meaning: Storm monster

A very dangerous demon, he devours everything on his path, including humans, animals, and villages. He has an insatiable appetite.

62. Kali

  • Origin: Hinduism
  • Meaning: Suffer or confuse

This demon is known to be one of the strongest demons in Hindu mythology. He is very powerful, and he is against the Hindu religion.

63. Kasha

  • Origin: Japanese mythology
  • Meaning: Burning chariot

According to Japanese mythology, when people’s bad deeds cost them their lives, this demon ends up stealing their corpses.

64. Keṭeb

  • Origin: Jewish Mythology
  • Meaning: Smiter

This demon begins governing from 10 in the forenoon until 3 in the afternoon. If you have the misfortune of ever coming across this demon as a human or animal, you will immediately fall and die.

65. Kishi

  • Origin: Angolan Folklore
  • Meaning: Spirit

This demon is one who has two faces; that of a man handsome man and that of a hyena. He uses his human face to lure women and then uses his other face to devour them.

66. Kobal

  • Origin: Christian mythology
  • Meaning: Demon of hilarity

Initially starting out as an angel of Laughter, Kobal was expelled from heaven with Lucifer and he became the demon of dark humor and prince of mockery and sarcasm.

67. Kokabiel

  • Origin: Book of Enoch
  • Meaning: Star of God

To those who follow and do his bidding, this demon teaches constellations. His name is an indication that he was once an Angel of God before he joined Lucifer and his legions to be expelled from heaven after their rebellion.

68. Krampus

  • Origin: Central European mythology
  • Meaning: Claw

This demon is a demon that is claimed to punish kids who misbehave during Christmas. He is a half-demon and half-goat creature.

69. Kumbhakarna

  • Origin: Hindu mythology
  • Meaning: Pot eared

The demon is a powerful malevolent character often seen as a virtuous character. He has an unrivaled appetite.

70. Leonard

  • Origin: Dictionnaire Infernal
  • Meaning: Hardy

Among other male demon names, Leonard is probably the most used. He has a three-horned goat head and is said to seduce young women who give birth to stillborns when he successfully sleeps with them. The child is seen as an offering for sin.

71. Leviathan

  • Origin: Hebrew mythology
  • Meaning: Twine

This demon comes as a serpent that is linked to the seas. Mentioned several times in the Hebrew bible, he brings destruction and is considered to be one who will have no problems feeding on damned souls after death; in Christianity, Leviathan is considered to be the demon behind one of the deadly sins, envy.

72. Lucifer

  • Origin: Judaism and Christianity
  • Meaning: Shining one

Also referred to as the bringer of light, Lucifer is not a name that is popular amongst humans. He is the chief demon who was once one of the ranking angels of God. However, he rebelled and tried comparing himself to God, which led to his eviction from heaven to hell.

73. Malacoda

  • Origin: Europe
  • Meaning: Evil Tail

This demon is one of the lieutenants of Satan and is considered to be monstrous and evil.

74. Mammon

  • Origin: Hebrew mythology
  • Meaning: Money or Wealth

This demon is linked to materialism and greed. He promises his followers unending wealth.

75. Mantus

  • Origin: Etruscan Religion
  • Meaning: God of the dead

In the Etruscan religion, Mantus is a major demon who is considered to be the god of Hades.

76. Maricha

  • Origin: Hindu epic

The father of this demon is the demon known as Sunda. Maricha gained infamy after he kidnapped the goddess Wita, Rama’s wife. It was what led to his death as Rama killed him.

77. Marid

  • Origin: Islamic traditions
  • Meaning: Rebel or Rebellion

This is a demon that is recognized in Islam for his rebellious tendencies. He has the power of predicting the future but that is only after spying into heaven.

78. Mazzikin

  • Origin: Hebrew mythology
  • Meaning: Hammers or damagers

This name is linked to the demons that are out to create annoyance and danger. The demons are encountered in the daily life of humans and they are dangerous.

79. Merihim

  • Origin: Unclear origin
  • Meaning: The red death or Prince of Pestilence

Merihim is the name of a very evil demon who is interested in causing suffering to humans. He is referred to as the prince of the pestilence as well as the demon of infernal storms.

80. Mictlān

  • Origin: Aztec Mythology
  • Meaning: Lord of Mictlan

This demon is known as the god of death or lord of Mictlan or the underworld. He sometimes appears in the form of a bat.

81. Moloch

  • Origin: Hebrew tradition
  • Meaning: Child Sacrifice (loosely)

This demon was once worshipped by the Canaanites before they were forbidden by Moses in the bible. He is known to be a demon who has a very strong appetite for the children to be sacrificed to him.

82. Mbwiri

  • Origin: Central Africa

This demon is believed by some places in Central Africa to possess people. According to them, when the demon takes over one’s body, such a person would be diagnosed with epilepsy.

83. Namtar

  • Origin: Mesopotamian tradition
  • Meaning: Fate

Namtar is often regarded as a demon and sometimes as a mini-god. He is linked to diseases.

84. Narfi

  • Origin: Old Norse
  • Meaning: Corpse

Although the mythology surrounding this demon claims that he has been killed, his name is still not forgotten. It is believed that he is the demon of the dead.

85. Nysrogh

  • Origin: Amnish fable

This demon has been described as the chief of staff of the government of hell, even though his name is not the most popular.

86. Orobas

  • Origin: The Goetia
  • Meaning: Fallen angel who appears as a horse (loose meaning)

Orobas is described as one who gives true answers to things when asked, but that does not change his status as a demon. He is one of the most known demons and princes of hell. He has 20 legions ready to do his will.

87. Pan

  • Origin: Greek mythology
  • Meaning: Fear

Yet another popular male demon name, Pan started out as the god of lust, wild pasture, shepherds, flocks, and rustic music, but he later became a demon. He strikes fear in his enemies.

88. Paimon

  • Origin: Ars Goetia
  • Meaning: A tinkling sound

This demon is considered to be one of the kings of hell most obedient to Lucifer. He teaches different things, including the mysteries of water, air, and land, and he also teaches arts, science, and philosophy.

89. Pazuzu

  • Origin: Mesopotamian religion
  • Meaning: In the open air or King of wind demons

This name belongs to the king of the wind demons. He is a wind spirit as well as a domestic spirit. Pazuzu can be very malicious.

90. Penemue

  • Origin: Judaism
  • Meaning: The inside

This demon is believed to have once belonged to the class of Angels who healed people. However, he has lost his place and has fallen alongside other rebellious angels driven out of heaven.

91. Pluto

  • Origin: Greek mythology
  • Meaning: Hades

This name is a very popular one, although, in Greek mythology, it belongs to the god of hell. It is claimed that his former name was Hades.

92. Popobawa

  • Origin: Zanzibar mythology
  • Meaning: Devil

This is another name that the highest demon, the devil, bears in Zanzibar. A malevolent spirit, he caused a massive hysteria on the Island of Pemba in Tanzania in 1995.

93. Puca

  • Origin: Irish roots
  • Meaning: Spirits

Also considered to be some form of ghosts, these creatures from folklore may also mean goblins and can either bring good or bad fortunes to humans.

94. Qemuel

  • Origin: Hebrew tradition
  • Meaning: God has risen

Qemuel is another angel who has a very powerful name but has also been speculated to have ended up becoming a demon. While unclear, it is claimed that he joined the rebellion against the throne of God, leading to his fall.

95. Qutrub

  • Origin: Arabian folklore
  • Meaning: Arabian Werewolf

This demon is not very popular. He is, however, believed to be a monster who mostly feeds on the remains of humans, which is why he makes the graveyard one of his abodes.

96. Rahab

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: Arrogance and pride

This name is associated with the demon of the sea, who is arrogant and tumultuous. He is believed to have been among the angels who had fallen from grace to become demons.

97. Raum

  • Origin: Ars Goetia

This demon is a Great Earl of Hell who was previously an Angel. He lost his place when he joined in the rebellion of Lucifer.

98. Rimmon

  • Origin: Syrian tradition
  • Meaning: Roarer

This demon was once believed in Syria to be a good angel but he later lost his place. The demon is linked to thunder and storm, and he is considered to be one of Asmodeus’ most loyal followers. He is disliked by other demons.

99. Ronove

  • Origin: Ars Goetia
  • Meaning: Grim Reaper (not direct meaning)

Ronove is among the great earls of hell. He has 20 demons under his control and is believed to teach arts, languages, and rhetoric. One thing with this demon is that he can reward those loyal to him, but is seen as a demon that comes to earth to harvest the souls of the aged and the sick.

Additional Evil Male Demon Names

Evil Male Demon Names
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100. Rosier or Rosiel

  • Origin: Dictionary Of Angels
  • Meaning: Rose of God

This demon, according to the Dictionary Of Angels, used to be a lesser-ranking angel who was in the order of dominations before becoming a demon. He is a tempter of men into sexual immorality. He is a fallen angel.

101. Ruaḥ ẓeradah

  • Origin: Jewish Mythology

Another demon name whose meaning is not clear, Ruaḥ ẓeradah, is known to be behind catalepsy, a medical condition that causes trance or seizure.

102. Samael

  • Origin: Jewish
  • Meaning: Venom of God

In Jewish mythology, he is seen as the main angel of death, and he is believed to be the head of Satans. Unlike most others, he is also seen as the servant of God.

103. Satan

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: The accuser of men

In the Christian teaching, there isn’t any demon above satan. He is referred to as the accuser of men and the one who tempts people to commit sin. Satan is a fallen angel.

104. Satanacia

  • Origin: Jewish Mythology

Also considered to be a fallen angel, Satanacia is not the same as Satan. The demon has a place together with Agaliarept, the two demons closest to Lucifer in ranking.

105. Sedit

  • Origin: Wintun Mythology

This demon is very important in Wintun mythology because it is believed that after the creator created man, Sedit brought death upon humans, and when he tried to escape, he became the first victim of death.

106. Semiaza

  • Origin: Abrahamic traditions
  • Meaning: My name has seen

This demon, who is also referred to as Samyaza, used to be the leader of the watchers, but he has joined the rebellious angels who were chased from heaven to hell.

107. Shabiri

  • Origin: Jewish mythology
  • Meaning: Demon of blindness

In Jewish mythology, this demon is considered to be behind blindness. He removes the eyeball as a form of ritual.

108. Shaitan

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Demon

Of all male demon names, there is hardly any as evil as this. It is believed to be the satan version in Arabic mythology and Islam. He leads humans astray and rebels against God.

109. Shedim

  • Origin: Jewish mythology
  • Meaning: Laying waste

The interesting thing about these demons is that while they are not evil in themselves, Jewish mythology sees them as demons because they are gods of foreigners.

110. Shetani

  • Origin: East Africa (Swahili)
  • Meaning: Devil

This demon is classified as the devil himself among the Swahilis. He is a malevolent spirit that appears in different forms.

111. Shuten Dōji

  • Origin: Japanese Mythology
  • Meaning: Drunken Demon

This is a shapeshifting demon that is considered to be very important in hell. Sadly, there aren’t many facts that are available about him.

112. Sonneillon

  • Origin: Hebrew mythology
  • Meaning: Demon of hate

This is one of the male demon names that have been adopted by metal rock bands.  Sonneillon is a demon who is very vengeful and gives people a reason to punish. He is all about hate and envy. There are some sources that put him among the fallen angels.

113. Stolas

  • Origin: Ars Goetia
  • Meaning: Beetle

This demon is one of the princes of hell. He is believed to be in control of twenty-six legions of demons.

114. Supay

  • Origin: Inca mythology

This name belongs to a  being that is considered the god of death as well as the ruler of the world below. He is one of those that the meaning of their names is not clear.

115. Surgat

  • Origin: The Secrets of Solomon
  • Meaning: Rise

He may be one of the minor demons, but Surgat is a very dangerous fellow. He has the power to open all locks.

116. Sut

  • Origin: Islamic demonology
  • Meaning:

In the Islamic religion, this demon is known to be a strong demon who is out to make people lie. Sut is yet another of the 5 children of Iblis.

117. Tamiel

  • Origin: Book of Enoch
  • Meaning: Perfection of God

He was one of the angels of Heaven, but he fell together with Lucifer. This demon is said to be the one who has taught humans to commit abortion and also how to be wicked.

118. Tchort

  • Origin: Slavic Tradition
  • Meaning: To Cut

Often referred to as the Black god, this demon is considered to be a lesser version of Satan, although he has horns, tails, and other features similar to Satan.

119. Thoth

  • Origin: Egyptian mythology
  • Meaning: He who is like ibis

Although Thoth was once considered an Egyptian god, he is now seen as a demon. He is in charge of magic, judgment, the moon, science, and more.

120. Tir

  • Origin: Islamic faith
  • Meaning: Abomination

Tir is also one of the children of the chief demon, Iblis. He has the duty of causing calamities and other destructions to humans.

121. Toyol

  • Origin: Asian origins
  • Meaning: Undead infants

This demon is popular in the Mayan traditions as well as in Indonesian mythology. He comes from undead children and can be summoned by black magic by people who want financial gains. The demons make it easy for people to gain wealth by robbing others of their riches.

122. Typhon

  • Origin: Greek mythology
  • Meaning: Serpent of the abyss

Typhon is often believed to be in the rank of Satan. He is a monstrous being that has the form of a serpent.

123. Udl

  • Origin: Austrian mythology

Although this is not a very popular demon, he is believed in Austrian mythology to be a carrier of bad news and war.

124. Udug

  • Origin: Mesopotamian mythology
  • Meaning: Demon

This demon is believed to cause diseases. Nonetheless, the little material about the demon shows that there are bad Udug spirits, and there are some that may be a little good.

125. Ukobach

  • Origin: Christian demonology
  • Meaning: Fire demon who keeps the fire of hell

This demon is not one who has a will of his own. Because of that, he is always following in the footsteps of higher demons as he is in the class of lesser spirits. The only thing he can do on his own is to start a fire.

126. Umi Bozu

  • Origin: Japanese tradition
  • Meaning: Sea priest

Umi Bozu is considered to be a dangerous sea spirit who attacks sailors when the sea is calm. He makes the water tumultuous and destroys their ship.

127. Ummar

  • Origin: Islamic religion

Not to be confused with the popular Islamic name of Umar, Ummar is a demon who is believed to haunt homes. They may decide to live in bedrooms or toilets.

128. Valac

  • Origin: Christian demonology

Also known by several other names, including Calak the Nun and Valak, this demon is also among the fallen demons. He takes the form of a little kid with wings, and he rides on a two-headed dragon. He is also a president of hell and has at least 30 demons under his control.

129. Valefar

  • Origin: The Goetia

This demon is one of the demons of hell. He has 10 legions of demons under his control and is considered to be the demon who gets people involved in thievery.

130. Vampires

  • Origin: European Folklore
  • Meaning: Corpse that feeds on humans

Movies have somehow changed the meaning of Vampires, but according to European folklore, the beings are actually demons. They are reanimated dead bodies that feed on humans by sucking their blood, thereby making them vampires as well.

131. Vassago

  • Origin: The Goetia
  • Meaning:

Often referred to as a prince “of a good nature,” Vassago is another demon who was previously an angel before his fall. Under his direct control are twenty-six legions of demons.

132. Vetis

  • Origin: Etruscan origin
  • Meaning: Tempter of the holy

As the meaning of his name rightly suggests, this demon is out to tempt and corrupt humans and, most especially, those doing right. His aim is to spread darkness in the world.

133. Vritra

  • Origin: Hinduism
  • Meaning: Enveloper

Vritra is a power-seeking demon who causes drought. He is also recognized in various other traditions, including the Greek and Norse.

134. Vual

  • Origin: Ars Goetia

This demon is considered to be among the fallen angels. He is recognized as a great Duke of hell. Vual makes people love women.

135. Wendigo

  • Origin: Great Lakes Natives
  • Meaning: Owl

This is a malevolent spirit that sometimes takes possession of humans. The demon is believed to cause greed and insatiable hunger.

136. Yama

  • Origin: Japanese mythology 

This demon is considered to be the god of hell. He has been adopted into many other mythologies, including Buddhism and Hinduism. He is considered a god in some cultures.

137. Yamale

  • Origin: Hindukusch

This name is very popular in different parts of the world, although it doesn’t have anything to do with this demon who is known to hunt and feed on humans.

138. Yeqon

  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Meaning: He shall rise

One of the fallen angels, he was a watcher who led others to have intercourse with humans leading to his fall as he was cast out of heaven. This demon is considered to be the leader of the 5 Lesser Satans.

139. Yen-Lo-Wang

  • Origin: Chinese mythology
  • Meaning: King of hell

This demon is very popular in Chinese mythology, where they consider him to be the ruler of the kingdom of death, and he stands above the Ten Kings Of Hell.

140. Yipon

  • Origin: Guinea
  • Meaning: Hunting Demon

This demon is believed to control the luck of hunters in some parts of Guinea.

141. Zaebos

  • Origin: Dictionnaire infernal
  • Meaning: Slow

This is one of the male demon names associated with the Dukes of Hell. Among the fallen angels, he is seen as a handsome soldier riding on a crocodile.

142. Zafrire

  • Origin: Aggadic mythology
  • Meaning: Morning spirits

This demon is believed to cause famine as well as storms and earthquakes. He operates under the powers of Asmodai.

143. Zagan

  • Origin: Ars Goetia

This is one of the male demon names associated with one of the demons said to be the President of Hell. Zagan has 33 legions of demons under his control. He can turn fools into wise men.

144. Zalambur

  • Origin: Islamic mythology

The final of the five children of Iblis, he joins his siblings to disrupt the spiritual growth of humans. This demon is very dishonest, and he puts the spirit of fraud and deception into humans.

145. Zepar

  • Origin: Christian demonology
  • Meaning: Just

He is one of the angels that have fallen and is said to have 26 legions of demons under his control. Zepar is said to make people fall in love, but at the same time, causes barrenness.

146. Zipacna

  • Origin: Mayan mythology

This demon is known to be very arrogant and violent. In fact, he is believed to be the personification of the earth’s crust while his brother is earthquake.

147. Zmeu

  • Origin: Romania
  • Meaning: Dragon

These creatures are said to invade the homes of young girls, where they try to seduce or even marry them. It spits fire at night.

148. Zombie

  • Origin: Haiti mythology
  • Meaning: Corpse

These are demons recognized in the voodoo traditions that reanimate a dead person and feed on living beings.

149. Zozo

  • Origin: Ouija
  • Meaning: Jester

This is one of the demon names that people have adopted as nicknames. He is a demon that can be summoned by playing the Ouija board and if not well handled, he kills whoever summons him.

150. Zupay

  • Origin: Inka

This demon is one that is found in hell according to the Inka where he tortures damned souls. He is the personification of bad violence.


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