Meet The Fastest Rapper in The World: List of Top 20

The fastest rapper in the world today is Crucified (real name: Richard Dickie Lee Mason), who rapped at 28.9 syllables to outpace Outsider and Rebel XD who had held the title several times in the past. When it comes to being the fastest rapper in the world with a No. 1 single, Eminem holds the Guinness World Record. 

A majority of those who are recognized for their speed in the rap genre of music have not achieved mainstream fame because they mostly prefer to remain as underground rappers. Some, however, have broken into the mainstream. Most of them are recognized for the Chopper subgenre of rap music which began in the mid-1990s. The main difference between this subgenre of rap is that it is centered on speed and pronunciation more than on any other thing. Here is a list of 20 other rappers that are among the fastest in the world.

Fastest Rappers in The World Today

20. Kung Fu Vampire – Turnt Up

  • Date of Birth: 1985
  • Age: 39 Years Old
  • Active Since: 1999
  • Syllables per Second: 13.03

Kung Fu Vampire started his career in 1999 and was influenced by some of the earliest names in hip hop, such as N.W.A., Eric B & Rakim, as well as Elfman. The real name of the rapper is still not known, but he was born in 1985 in San Jose, California. Like many other big names in Hip Hop, he fell in love with the genre when he was a very young chap of only 12.

By 14, he was already into music, bringing together rap and electronica. The Latin American musician, who is also seen as a Goth rapper is one of the fastest in the music genre today. In his song, Turnt Up, in which he featured Hopsin, Kun Fu Vampire delivered one of his fastest when he peaked at an incredible 13.03 syllables per second.

He also delivered another very fast rap in C-Mob’s I Got a Plan, where in the third verse, he delivered an incredible 11.2 syllables per second, outpacing both C-Mob and JL B.Hood who were also featured in the piece. Needless to say, he has been on tour with many other fast rappers, including Twisted Insane, Tech N9ne, and Brotha Lynch Hung.

19. R.A. The Rugged Man (Richard Thorburn) – Gotta Be Dope

R.A. The Rugged Man
R.A. The Rugged Man
  • Date of Birth: January 10, 1974
  • Age: 50 Years Old
  • Active Since: 1992
  • Syllables per Second: 13.44

Born Richard Thorburn and popularly referred to as R.A. Thorburn, this rapper was born on January 10, 1974. He was drawn to music from the age of 12, and by the time he was 18, he had already established himself as the fancy of many record labels. He started his career in full in 1992 and has since released several albums.

While he is not as known as others on the list, he still has his place among the fastest. In his track, Gotta Be Dope, in which he featured A-F-R-O and DJ Jazzy Jeff, R.A. The Rugged Man gave one of his fastest performances when he rapped at a max speed of 13.44 syllables per second. He also has many other tracks that are also fast, including Give It Up, in which he joined J-Live and Wu-Tang Clan.

RA the Rugged Man is more than just a rapper; he is also an actor and writer who has contributed to some major magazines, including Complex, XXL, The Source, and Vibe.

18. Twista (Carl Terrell Mitchell) – Come Again

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  • Date of Birth: November 27, 1973
  • Age: 50 Years Old
  • Active Since: 1989
  • Syllables per Second: 13.47

Twista is yet another great rapper who is also very fast and has made a name in the mainstream rap industry. Formerly known as Tung Twista, he was born Carl Terrell Mitchell on November 27, 1973. He is one of the few fastest rappers who have established themselves and have gotten formal recognition for setting the record.

In 1992, Twista was crowned the fastest English-speaking rapper in the world when he spat an amazing 598 in 55 seconds by the Guinness World Record. The rapper made the feat shortly after the release of his debut album, Runnin` Off at Da Mouth, which was released in that same year to outperform the previous holder of the record, Daddy Freddy, whose record was set at  529 syllables in 60 seconds, which translates to 8.8 syllables per second.

Twista began his career in 1989, and he is one of the most popular rappers using the chopper style of rapping. Among many popular songs that are very fast, one that tops is Come Again, which peaks at 13.47 syllables per second, and then Victory or Death, which is a little slower at 12.8 syllables per second.

17. Eminem (Marshall Bruce Mathers III) – Godzilla

  • Date of Birth: October 17, 1972
  • Age: 51 Years Old
  • Active Since: 1988
  • Syllables per Second: 13.51

Arguably the greatest rapper of all time and also one of the fastest on the mainstream is Eminem. Born Marshall Bruce Mathers III on 17 October 1972, Em’ is also one of the most consistent in the rap business. He started in 1988, and since then, he has grown into one of the best-selling rap artists of all time and has won almost everything there is to win, including multiple Grammy Awards.

Going by different other names, including Slim Shady, Eminem has many extremely fast songs, such as Rap God, which holds the Guinness World Record for the hit single with the most words; 1,560. His verse on Tech N9ne’s Speedom is super fast, even for many chopping songs. His speed in the song has got many wondering if the song was fast-forwarded as it recorded an incredible 12.5 syllables per second. That said, the song is still not his fastest performance.

His track, Godzilla, although is not the fastest song in the world, is still recorded in the Guinness World Record for the fastest rap in No.1 single. He featured Juice Wrld in the song, which is said to contain 6.46 words per second, bests at 13.51 syllables per second.

16. Tonedeff (Pedro Antonio Rojas, Jr.) – Crispy (192)

Tonedeff (Image Source)
  • Date of Birth: December 14, 1976
  • Age: 54 Years Old
  • Active  Since: 1993
  • Syllables per Second: 14.1

And then there is Tonedeff, who was born Pedro Antonio Rojas, Jr. on December 14, 1976. A rapper, producer, and songwriter, he started his career in 1993 when he was only 16 and came to be known for the many rap battles that he won, including Hookt (aka Da Cypha) Battle in 2000, The Source Unsigned Hype Battle (2001), and Lollapalooza’s Last Band Standing (2006). He is one of the underground rappers who got to break into the mainstream.

More than his talent as a rapper and his skills in rap battles, Peter Anthony Red, as he is also referred to, is also very fast when it comes to delivery. His speed was highlighted in his 2013 single, Crispy (192), in which he shocked lovers of hip-hop by delivering at an incredible speed of 14.1 syllables per second.

15. NoClue (Ricky Raphel Brown) – New West

Fastest Rapper in The World
NoClue (Image Source)
  • Date of Birth: January 28, 1985
  • Age: 39 Years Old
  • Active Since: 2004
  • Syllables per Second: 14.1

NoClue is yet another American rapper who, although not very popular in the mainstream, was once named the fastest rapper in the world by the Guinness World Records. Born Ricky Raphel Brown on January 28, 1985, the 39-year-old Seattle music star has been in the music scene since 2004 when he was 19 years old. However, he began reciting and miming rap songs when he was only 4. By the time he was 9, the rapper who grew up listening to Tupac had already started writing his own songs.

Only a year after he started professionally on the big stage, NoClue decided to aim for the Guinness World Records when he shot for the title of the Fastest Rap MC. He broke the record which was at the time held by Rebel XD when he rapped at a peak of 14.1 syllables per second. In total, he dropped 723 syllables in a shocking and surprising time of 51.27 seconds. Apart from that, his 2007 song, New West, has also set the same pace, maxing at 14.1 syllables per second.

For an underground rapper, NoClue has done well for himself as he has enjoyed the sponsorship of various brands, including Wix Music, Mercedes-AMG, and Samsung Galaxy, among others. His fast style of rap is one of the things that have helped him to get recognition.

14. DJ Tubet (Mauro Tubetti ) – Na’Babas Freestyle

DJ Tubet
DJ Tubet (Image Source)
  • Date of Birth: 1982
  • Age: 42 Years Old
  • Active Since: 1998
  • Syllables per Second: 14.36

DJ Tubet is one of the few none English speakers who have also been recognized for their fast-paced rapping skills. The award-winning freestyle rapper was born Mauro Tubetti in 1982 and has always been interested in experimenting and improvisation when it comes to hip hop. Even though he mostly makes his music in the minority Friulian language of Italy, he has still caught the attention of lovers of rap. That said, he has also made music that crosses into other genres, including dancehall and reggae.

The 42-year-old started his career at the age of 16 in 1998. Today, he is one of the beasts of rap whose speed, as captured in his Na’Babas Freestyle rap goes, peaks at 14.36 syllables per second, earning him this spot which he also shares with the American rapper, D-Loc The Gill God who is a chopper rapper who is recognized for his speed and versatility.

D-Loc, unlike many others, has so much mystery surrounding his personality, date of birth, and real name, but it is known that he started music in the 1990s. He measures the same rap speed as DJ Tubet on his Never Stop Hustlin’ track which also climaxes at a speed of 14.36 syllables per second.

13. NoneLikeJoshua (Joshua) – Crazy 210BPM Attempt

  • Date of Birth: July 5
  • Active Since: 2011
  • Syllables per Second: 14.44

NoneLikeJoshua is a rapper that is different from most other underground or even mainstream rappers. This is because he mostly raps about anime and other things around it. His music genre also includes metal. Because of this, his music attracts anime lovers and gamers. The rapper was born Joshua in Atlanta, Fulton Country, Georgia, United States. His year of birth is not known, but he celebrates his birthday on July 5.

Unlike others on the list, his main influence in music was initially not hip-hop as he was influenced by different genres while growing up. He loved classic rock and pop before the age of 9, and from that point until he was 12, it was hip-hop and pop. Later, he switched to rock and metal, then jazz and classical, before coming back to indie rock, electronica, and hip-hop.

In spite of this, the man who is described as an Anime rapper is one of the fastest in the world. In 2012, he made an attempt at doubling rap tie from 170 bpm to 210 bpm with his track titled Crazy 210 BPM Attempt. He dropped the track using different tempos, accents, and types of hip-hop. He also touched on diverse subjects. By the time he was done, he had already had 14.44 syllables per second tops at one point.

12. The Jokerr (Aithen DeJhemani)- I Don’t Fit In

  • Date of Birth: April 1, 1985
  • Age: 39 Years Old
  • Active Since: Prior to 2009
  • Syllables per Second: 15

This rapper was born on April Fool’s Day, which was why he chose to go by the name; The Jokerr. He was born Aithen DeJhemani on April 1, 1985, in the United States, where he was also brought up. He is one of the not too many rappers who are also singers.

Although he had been interested in music for a very long time and got into it much earlier, it was until 2009 that he broke into the scene. Since then, he has continued to build a great following for often polarizing lyrics, as well as the speed that still doesn’t get lost.

In 2011, he released I Don’t Fit as one of the songs in his Welcome to the Show album. Needless to say, the entire song was mostly fast, but it was in the second verse that he outdid himself when he dropped a line that heightened at a speed of 15 syllables per second.

11. The Jacka (Dominick Newton/ Saheed Akbar King Jack) – His verse in Sketti’s Charlie Sheen remix

Fastest Rapper in The World
The Jacka (Image Source)
  • Date of Birth: August 12, 1977
  • Age: 37 (at the time of death)
  • Active Since: 1998 to 2015
  • Syllables per Second: 14.85

Born Dominick Newton, The Jacka died years ago, but he is still considered to be in the class of the best when it comes to speed. The rapper was born on August 12, 1977, as Dominick, but he later changed his name to Saheed Akbar King Jack after his conversion to Islam. He started his career actively in 1998 when he was 21 years old. At the time, he was a member of the rap group Mob Figaz. The group recorded much success, but he later released some solo works.

Although he is respected for his talent and speed, which he showed in many of his songs, it was in Sketti’s Charli Sheen remix that he recorded his fastest rap performance with a speed of 14.85 syllables per second.

Following a career that lasted 17 years, one of the fastest rappers was killed in 2015 when he was shot in Oakland. He was 37 years old when he died.

10. King ISO (Tarrel Gulledge)- His verse in UGA’s Thanos

Fastest rappers
King ISO (Image Source)
  • Date of Birth: 1989
  • Age: 35 Years Old
  • Active Since: Late 2010s
  • Syllables per Second: 15.0

Tarrel Gulledge, who is better known as King ISO, was born in 1989 in Omaha, Nebraska. He grew up listening to stars such as Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony, which is one of the things that influenced his style and speed. The Nebraska born had a very tough life growing up, which got him suicidal since he was very young. It is because of this that he chose the name King ISO which means I Shall Overcome. His name before settling for this used to be Reali-T.

He began music at the age of 13, listening to the aforementioned legendary rap group as well as others in the chopping scene. However, it was until the late 2010s that he took music seriously and earned his place through hard work in no time.

In 2018, he featured in the Underground Avengers song Thanos, together with big stars like Tech N9ne. ISO took the first verse, and it was here that he registered himself as one of the fastest rappers in the world after he climaxed at 15.0 syllables per second.

9. Tech N9ne (Aaron Dontez Yates) – his Verse on BrothaLynch Hung’s Takin Online Orders

  • Date of Birth: November 8, 1971
  • Age: 52 Years Old
  • Active Since: 1991
  • Syllables per Second: 15.2

Hardly are there many rappers in both the mainstream and underground that can sustain the rap speed of Tech 99ne, who was nicknamed after the TEC-9 semi-automatic gun because of how fast he raps. He is one of the most recognized stars of chopper rap music. More so, Tech-9ne is one of the very few underground rappers who have been featured by many mainstream stars.

He was born Aaron Dontez Yates on November 8, 1971, in Kansas City, which is also where he was brought up. He started music in 1991. Since then, he has collaborated with many stars and has released numerous albums, and appeared in both TV shows and films.

In 2011, the rapper was featured in Brotha Lynch Hung’s Takin’ Orders Online. He took the third verse, and it was there that he dropped one of the fastest raps ever, topping at 15.2 syllables per second. For someone as fast as Tech, he has many other tracks that are very fast, including his 2006 song, Welcome to the Midwest where his best speed was put at 13.47, one of the best in rap music.

8. El Chojin (Domingo Edjang  Monero) – Vo-ca-li-za

  • Date of Birth: April 28, 1977
  • Age: 46 Years Old
  • Active Since: 1992
  • Syllables per Second: 15.3

This Spanish rapper and songwriter was born Domingo Edjang  Monero on April 28, 1977, but he is now known the world over as El Chojin. He started his career as a rapper in 1992, worked with the band Wild for the Night (WFN Crew), and later with the rap group 995. Beyond these and his solo career is the record he has set as one of the fastest rappers alive.

In 2008 when Rebel XD held the Guinness World Record for the fastest rapper, he made an attempt at dethroning him. Although El Chojin failed, he still managed to set his own record by becoming the fastest rapper in the world with the most syllables, 921, in a single minute. He achieved the feat with his song, Vo-ca-li-za.

The record remained until 2015, when the Korean rapper, Outsider, took it upon himself to break the record. He was successful by outdoing El Chonji with extra two syllables per second. Sadly, Outsider’s effort was in vain as officials rejected it because he rapped in Korean and not English. It is thanks to this that his record still stands.

Needless to say, Vo-ca-li-za, which is the rapper’s fastest song hits an incredible 15.3 syllables per second.

7. George Watsky- “Goat raps fast”

  • Date of Birth: September 15, 1986
  • Age: 37 Years Old
  • Active Since: 2011
  • Syllables per Second: 15.38

Another fast rapper alive is George Watsky, who is everything from a rapper to a poet, author, producer, and songwriter. He was born George Virden Watsky in San Francisco, California, on September 15, 1986. He started out as a spoken word artist but later decided to also branch into rap music before making a name for himself with his chopping style. He became a rapper in 2011 when he was 25 years old.

He is not just fast, but he has also set a Guinness World Record for the longest rap marathon when he rapped for an incredible 33 hours, 33 seconds, and 19 seconds. His song, Watsky Raps Fast, once led to an internet challenge by Netziens to see if anyone could match the speed of the track, the original of which got more than 25 million views on YouTube in 2 days before he took it down and changed the name. The initial name was Pale Kid Raps Fast.

While he has many fast songs, it was his song, GOAT Raps Fast, that places him among the fastest. The song’s top moment recorded a massive 15.3 syllables per second.

6. Twisted Insane (Michael Johnson) – “The Chop Shop” 

Fastest rappers in the world
Twisted Insane (Image Source)
  • Date of Birth: September 22, 1979
  • Age: 44 Years Old
  • Active Since: 1996
  • Syllables per Second: 15.5

Twisted Insane was born on September 22, 1979, in San Diego, California. The 44-year-old rapper has been in the music business since he started writing songs at the age of 12, and then in 1996, he started fully as a rapper. He got to be known for the chopper hip-hop music subgenre, which emphasizes speed. It is thanks to the chopping form of music that he is now respected when it comes to speed.

In 2001, he released his single, Dome Split. The two-versed song is as fast as most of his other songs, but it got to the peak when he registered 15.50 syllables in a single second. The song is not his most popular, but it still earned him a place among the best in fast rap music. He has also recorded something similar in The Chop Shop, a song in his 2015 Voodoo album. The song peaked at more than 15 syllables per second.

5. Mizury Mize

Mizury Mize
Mizury Mize (Image Source)
  • Active Since: 1998
  • Syllables per Second: 18.68

Also known as Mizury The Unholy, Mizury Mize is another chopper rapper who has been in the music scene for a very long time. He was born in Kansas City into a family that was described as typically Baptist. He found himself resorting to music around 1998 after the marriage between his parents came to an end, leaving him angry and depressed. His condition soon got so bad that he was advised by a therapist to write down every emotion he had.

The recommendation was simply to write his pains and the negative things he was going through, crumple the paper and then throw it away. It worked for a while, and then it changed from just writing to poetry to music.

From here, he chose rap and evolved as an underground chop rapper. He earned his place in the class of the fastest rappers thanks to his involvement in the Undaground Choppers 6, in which his verse topped others in speed. He gave a max of 18.68 syllables per second. He has worked with big rappers, including Twisted Insane, Kung Fu Vampire, Critical Bill, D-Loc The Gill God, and Bizzy Bone of Bone Thugs N’ Harmony. His real name and date of birth have remained unknown.

4. DJ Lil Sprite – Undaground Choppers 6

  • Active Since: Prior to 2010
  • Syllables per Second: 19.9

As his name suggests, DJ Lil Sprite is more popular as a DJ than he is as a rapper. Nonetheless, he is popular in the rap scene for working with some famous stars, including NBA YoungBoy, Crucified, and Riff Raff.

Another thing he is known for is for producing the Undaground Choppers series. The 10 series project has brought together many underground artists that have come and delivered some of the deepest and fastest rap verses.

Lil Sprite is one of the mysteries of rap music as his personal information, including his date of birth and real name, have all remained hidden. However, what is established is that there was a time when he was considered to be the fastest rapper in the world when he delivered lines at 19.9 syllables per second on the Underground Choppers 6 track that had other rappers such as Hurricane, D-SPillz, and Kaoz.

3. Rebel XD – Record Breaker

  • Date of Birth: June 06, 1973
  • Age: 50 Years Old
  • Active  Since: 1987
  • Syllables per Second: 20.28

Rebel XD is not among the rappers that the mainstream will easily know. However, that has not stopped him from officially claiming his place as one of the fastest men in the rap game for many years. He holds more than one title in the Guinness World Records, thanks to his speed and technique when it comes to the music genre.

His birth name is not known because, according to him, it is not something important. However, it is known that he was born on June 6, 1973. He started rapping in 1987, but it was until the early 1990s that he started production. He broke his first record in 1992 when he made it to the Guinness World Record with 674 syllables in 54.9 seconds. He outdid himself in 1998 when he spat 683 syllables in 54.5 seconds. The last Guinness World Record he clinched was also for the fastest rapper in 2007, when he spat 852 syllables in 42 seconds.

The rapper’s song Record Breaker is what helped him to stand taller than many others in the rap game when it comes to speed.

2. Outsider – Shin Ok-Cheol

Outsider (Image Source)
  • Date of Birth: March 21, 1983
  • Age: 41 Years Old
  • Active  Since: 2004
  • Syllables per Second: 24

Surprisingly, it is a rapper from Korea that comes as the second fastest rapper in the world thanks to his song, Loner. The rapper, whose stage name is Outsider, was born Shin Ok-cheol on March 21, 1983, in Seoul, South Korea. He is one of the biggest rappers in Asia and has been in the music business since 2004.

In 2019, he released one of his best songs, Loner, which has not only topped charts in his country but has also emerged as one of the fastest in the world, with some parts of the song peaking at 24 syllables per second. Before then, he has been involved in some fast-rap challenges and has many songs that are also recognized for their amazing speed.

In 2016, he made an attempt at officially breaking the record of Ricky Brown, who was, at the time, recognized by the Guinness World Record as the fastest in the world, with a record of 723 syllables in 51.27 seconds. Outsider came out on top at 50.26 seconds, which means he broke the record, but his win was rejected because of the differences in language. This was even after he nailed a massive 16.15 syllables per second, which is among the fastest rap time ever.

1. Crucified – Richard Dickie Lee Mason

Fastest Rapper in The World
image source
  • Date of Birth: June 19, 1987
  • Age: 36 Years Old
  • Active  Since: Before 2009
  • Syllables per Second: 28.9

The fastest rapper in the world at the moment is Crucified, who has kept many things about himself very private. The hardcore rapper was born Richard Dickie Lee Mason on June 18, 1987. He has been into music for many years, although his earliest work on YouTube dates back to 2009.

He has many songs that are very fast, including his 2016 Underground Choppers 4, which has a line that is fast as 18.66 syllables per second. However, that is not his best. He claims the spot of the fastest rapper with his song, Power Up, which was released in his Water To Wine album in 2017.

The speed of the song tops any other on the list, with the peak nailing an incredible 28.9 syllables per second. That said, the underground rapper has not received any formal recognition for this, but he is still respected in the rap scene for the feat he attained with Power Up, as well as most of his other songs that reach more than 15 syllables per second.


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