Is David Spade Gay and Does He Have A Wife or Girlfriend?

Contrary to popular opinion, David Spade is not gay as he hasn’t been romantically involved with any man. However, the comedian’s relationship life has been scrutinized ever since his breakthrough and his lack of commitment in relationships. 

David Spade (born 22 July 1964; age 58) is one of Hollywood’s most famous comic book actors. He is also an American actor, television host, stand-up comedian, and writer. The Michigan star first rose to prominence as an actor on SNL in the ’90s. He has also appeared in numerous stand-up comedy shows and TV series and has won several awards for his excellent works.

David Spade is Not Gay

With his relationship history, it’s evident that David’s sexual orientation is straight. Known as the “ladies’ man”, the actor has dated over 20 women in the past. However, he has never been married. 

Moreover, in all his dating history, Spade has never been linked with any man which puts a big question mark on if David Spade is gay. The actor obviously prefers hanging out with the opposite sex and not the other way around.

Is David Spade Married?

Currently, David Spade is not married. Despite his fame and achievement, the American entertainer has remained single and has never been married. However, he’s had plenty of pretty ladies to keep him company all the while.

David spoke about his almost eternal bachelor status in 2019, before appearing in the debut of his show Comedy Central show Lights Out with David Spade. It turns out the SNL star isn’t open to the idea of a long-term relationship commitment. He is more focused on this career development instead.

David revealed that “It’s hard” for him to settle down, but didn’t disclose the reason. But the comic book actor said he prefers to maintain his past reputation as a “seducer” to keep his career running.

Who is David Spade Dating?

David is not so charming with his physical appearance but has with no doubt managed to woo several ladies. He is one of the most notorious Hollywood bachelors. He’s never married but has been in relationships with multiple prominent women over the past several years.

His lengthy dating history includes relationships with blonde damsels like Pamela Anderson, Carmen Electra, and Heather Locklear, as well as “Modern Family” star Julie Bowen, Nicollette Sheridan, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” star Kristy Swanson, and late “Glee” actress Naya Rivera.

In May 2020, Spade revealed in an interview with Page Six that he’s in a relationship. However, he didn’t disclose further details but promised to make it work.

David Spade Is Great at Attracting Ladies 

Even if it doesn’t work out, it’s evident that David will never be lonely. He once joked on Howard Stern Show that he’s got plenty of tricks up his sleeve to keep luring lovely ladies.

According to his ex-girlfriend Heather Locklear, David is falsely modest. In 2017, she told TMZ the reason why she thinks he’s a “chick magnet.” “It’s an NSFW thing, but let’s just say Dave’s secret weapon is in his pants,” she concluded.

As long as David and his former girlfriends enjoyed their time together, it’s safe to say he is a ladies’ man. And one of his weapons is his great sense of humor which he uses to drive the girls “crazy.”

More so, the American comedian has been described as a “comedy Casanova,” and others call him “George Clooney of the comedy world”— which are all well-deserved. Throughout the years, he’s been linked to a host of (mostly blonde) babes.

David Spade Has Dated Several Female Celebrities 

One of David Spade’s first public relationships was with Kristy Swanson in the mid-1990s. However, his relationship with the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer was short-lived. A few years later, the actor was linked to American Pie and Sharknado sensation Tara Reid.

David and Lara Flynn Boyle had a romantic relationship in the late 1990s until he discovered she was unfaithful. He moved on with Krista Allen when the pair met at the “Joe Dirt” premiere in 2001. However, their romance didn’t last long as the duo eventually got into a legal battle over the ownership of a reality show they created.

Spade then dated Julie Bowen from 2002 until 2003. The actor later confessed that he “messed up” the relationship. Nonetheless, the comedian got into a relationship once again with “Joe Dirt” co-star Brittany Daniel. However, their relationship only lasted for less than a year, with Brittany saying they remained close friends after the split.

The American actor and Heather Locklear began seeing each other in 2006, but it ended after the pair agreed that the timing was wrong. In 2007, there were rumors of a romance with the beautiful Pamela Anderson, but it wasn’t ever confirmed.

Furthermore, from 2008 to 2009, there were rumors that David and Nicollette Sheridan were romantically linked, but both stars waved the speculations off. Also, Charlotte McKinney, another “Joe Dirt” co-star, was reportedly in a relationship with Spade in 2016, but it wasn’t confirmed.

Then there came the late Naya Riviera, and while sources reports that the pair were seeing each other, there was no confirmation from either of them.

Does David Spade Have Children? 

Given his multiple dating life, it’s easy to forget that the SNL star is also a dad! David Spade has a daughter named Harper Spade from a relationship with former Playboy playmate star Jillian Grace. She was born on August 26, 2008. However, even with his not-so-exemplary dating lifestyle, the comedian has a rock-solid relationship with his daughter.

David once revealed that having his daughter, Harper, wasn’t planned. Nonetheless, he loves and adores the pretty girl. He also describes her as the “best thing” in his life. However, David and Harper’s mother, Julian, broke up shortly after she was born.

Who is the Mother of David Spade’s Daughter, Jillian Grace?

Jillian Grace is an American model and social media personality. She is a former “Playboy” and the mother of Harper, David Spade’s daughter. She was born and raised in Washington, Missouri. The presence of Jillian in his life also cast doubt if David Spade is gay or was at a time.

David dated Julian in 2007, and their relationship only lasted for a few months. But it led to the birth of their daughter, Harper, on August 26, 2008. To date, Harper remains the only child of the widely-recognized comic and the infallible evidence of his and Julian’s short-lived relationship.


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