Who Is Harper Spade, David Spade’s Daughter With Jillian Grace?

Harper Spade is a 15 year-old American actress and model who was born on August 26, 2008, in Washington, Missouri. She is the only daughter of David Spade and Jillian Grace. Her father is a renowned American comedian, writer, actor, and television host, while her mother is an actress, model, and gym trainer. 

Before Harper’s birth, her parents were sweethearts. Their affection towards each other couldn’t go unnoticed. As such, one would almost predict the duo’s relationship to end in marriage. Sadly, that didn’t happen. However, the pair are doing a great job in co-parenting their daughter. Here are more mind-blowing facts about Harper Spade.

Summary of Harper Spade Biography

  • Full name: Harper Spade
  • Nickname: Harper 
  • Gender: Female 
  • Date of birth: August 26, 2008
  • Harper Spade’s Age: 15 years old
  • Ethnicity: Mixed 
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo 
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christian
  • Marital Status: Single 
  • Harper Spade’s Parents: David Spade and Jillian Grace
  • Harper Spade’s Height in Inches: 4 feet 4 inches 
  • Harper Spade’s Height in Centimetres: 132 cm 
  • Harper Spade’s Weight: 45 kg 
  • Harper Spade’s Hair color: Golden 
  • Harper Spade’s Eye color: Brown 
  • Famous: for being the only daughter of David Spade and a kid model

Harper Spade was Born 15 Years Ago in Missouri

Harper Spade was born on August 26, 2008, in Washington, Missouri, to her parents, David Spade and Jillian Grace. She is of mixed ethnicity and an American by nationality. While her parents were not married to each other, they are doing a great job raising her. Besides, it’s possible to tag them as the best parents ever.

Harper Spade grew up having so many happy childhood memories; her dad being a comedian would seem to be the icing on the cake. Asides from that, she was and still is a kid model as she has worked with different well-known brands and companies. Be that as it may, information about her educational background isn’t available to the public yet.

Harper Spade’s Parents met in 2007

Before Harper Spade’s parents became love birds in 2007, David Spade had been in a good number of relationships with different celebrities. In 2005, Jillian Grace met David Spade in Deli but remained friends as she was still in a relationship with her boyfriend then. But shortly after her breakup, the duo became the center of attention as they displayed their feelings publicly. They went on various dates all around Los Angeles. 

Meet David Spade, Harper Spade’s Dad

David Spade is a 59 years old American actor, writer, television host, and comedian. He was born in Birmingham, Michigan, and was raised alongside his brother by his mother Judith J (nee meek), in Scottsdale, Arizona, as his parents divorced when we were only four years old.

Harper’s Dad grew up in a Christian household and graduated from saguaro High school. Afterward, he proceeded to Scottsdale community college and later transferred to Arizona state university. Sadly, he dropped out of school as he was making good earnings as a comedian.

David Ventured into Entertainment Business in 1990

David Spade began his voyage in the entertainment industry as a comedian. While he was performing at improv in Los Angeles, a talent agent spotted him and thought him good enough to be cast on Saturday Night Live. Not just that, David Spade began writing and acting alongside it!

In 1995 and 1996, he appeared in comedy movies, namely Tommy Boy and Sheep. Ever since, he has worked on various hit movies such as Joe Dirt, Former Child, The Benchwarmers, Grown Up, and the Wrong Miss. Furthermore, he gained more recognition after he starred in the movie Just shoot me!

In recognition of his talent, David Harper was nominated for the Golden Globe award for the character he played in the movie Just Shoot Me!, and likewise, he also got Emmy nominations.

He owns His own Show – Lights Out with David Spade

In 2019, David opened his show Lights Out with David Spade, and of course, he hasn’t disappointed as he entertains with hilarious content. Before his show, however, Harper did host a Spike TV video game and teen choice award and a couple of others in subsequent time.

Also, David was behind the voice of Griffin, the invisible man in Hostel Transylvania, and many more.

Facts About Jillian Grace: Harper Spade’s mum 

Jillian Grace was born and named Jillian Grace on the 20th day of December in the year 1985, in Arkansas, United States. She is an American model, actress, and professional gym trainer.

Growing up, she was raised by her parents, however, there is little to no information about her early life, educational background, parents, and siblings. She is of Caucasian ethnicity and American by nationality.

Harper Spade Took After Her Mother’s Career in Acting and Modelling

Harper’s mum came to the limelight as a model when she worked for PlayBoy. Afterward, she starred in a couple of movies which, includes The Girl next door, The church bunny, The comebacks, and many more. In addition to her profession, she is also a professional gym trainer.

Furthermore, just like her daughter, she hasn’t identified with any social media platform as she prefers to live her life discreetly and off the paparazzi. Just like her mum Jillian Grace, Harper is a beautiful young girl with the potential to do exploits in the modeling/fashion and entertainment business.

For now, Harper is standing at a height of 4 feet 4 inches which is equivalent to 132cm, and weighs about 45kg. Also, Harper has brownish eyes and long golden hair like that of a Disney princess. Besides, her charming smile is one of her most attractive features.

Harper Spade Has a Beautiful Relationship With Her Dad

Three months into their romantic relationship Jillian Grace got pregnant for their only child Harper Spade. David’s response to the news wasn’t how she imagined it to be, as he was shocked and bewildered at first. Reluctantly, he accepted the child.

But guess what! David Spade turned out to be one of the best people Harper Spade has ever had. Currently, David and his daughter are inseparable. More so, Harper is reportedly living with her father in his Beverly Hills home in California’s Los Angeles County.

She is Seen Mostly on Her Father’s Social Media Page

Tales about the celebrity kid owning and actively participating in the various social media platforms have gone viral. Just to be clear, all of the tales about Harper Spade owning a social media account are false as the kid model only appears on her dad’s social media platforms, especially his Instagram – davidspade. In addition, Harper Spade’s lifestyle is still evolving as the kid model is still young.


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