Felix Mallard’s Girlfriend: Who is The Actor Dating at The Moment?

Felix Mallard’s girlfriend is currently not known. The Australian-born actor may have indicated that he was off the singles market in 2021; however, he has kept the identity of his partner under wraps.

Mallard’s love life has been pretty much in the dark as he has not publicly linked himself to anyone in the past until 2021 when he hinted to fans that he has a girlfriend. He has nevertheless been the subject of love speculations as he has been reported to be entangled with many ladies. Here is what we know of the love life of the Neighbours star.

Who Is Felix Mallard Dating Now?

Felix Mallard’s current girlfriend is unknown. The Australian model and actor has not let the cat out of the bag on who he is currently dating. In 2021, while granting an interview to Young Hollywood, Mallard may have indicated that he has a girlfriend. In response to a question, Felix replied, saying that his girlfriend was among the first to congratulate him for being on the Netflix show Ginny and Georgia.

“Yeah, my girlfriend was straight on the jump. As soon as it was out, she binged it straight through,” he said. Felix’s statement gave fans something to work on, and as soon as he gave the hint about his relationship status, many started trying to decipher the identity of the lucky lady. A lot of names popped up as everyone wanted to be accurate about it. However, one name that was constant was New Zealand actor Zoe Crammond.

Some media have also reported that Mallard is currently dating an Australian model and fashion designer called Xanthe Huynh. Xanthe and Mallard, as reported, met at a fashion event in Melbourne in 2018 and started dating a year later. Not much is known about this alleged girlfriend, as information about her is hard to come by. Whether Xanthe is the mystery girlfriend of Felix Mallard or not remains to be seen, as the actor is still mute in regard to his dating life.

While names continue to pop up in speculations of them having a relationship with Felix, the Melbourn-born actor has remained tight-lipped about his love life. Felix keeps that part of his life private, and not even his social media accounts can give him out as he only shares photos of himself. As far as it goes, Felix is still single until otherwise confirmed.

Mallard’s Love Life Has Been The Subject of Much Speculation

When Felix Mallard first gained public attention, he had opted for a private and quiet life far away from public scrutiny. That move only made people begin to assume that he opted to live a private life because he was gay. However, Felix has managed to put off those speculations with several interviews he has had with the media.

In his interview session with Young Hollywood, Felix made it known that he liked girls and had a girlfriend at the time the interview was carried out. During that same interview session, Mallard talked about his first crush during high school and how he spent weeks obsessed with a girl who didn’t even have an inkling about his feelings.

When asked about the first individual who messaged him and Antonia Gentry after Ginny & Georgia‘s Netflix premiere in another interview, Felix responded with a heartfelt “Yeah, my girlfriend” and clapped his hands collectively in response. Fans concluded that he wasn’t gay at this point and that he could be involved in a committed relationship with a transgender person.

Are Felix Mallard and Zoe Cramond Still Together?

Felix Mallard and Zoe Cramond are currently not dating. There are no indications that the duo is dating at the moment, and even though they have been linked with each other in the past, it is unclear if they ever dated in the first place. Zoe Cramond is a 39-year-old New Zealand actress who co-starred with Felix on the set of the TV series Neighbors.

While Felix Mallard and Zoe Cramond were depicting the characters of Ben Kirk and Amy Williams in the series, many viewers claimed to have seen the chemistry between the two on-screen thus, it goes without saying that Felix and Zoe were immediately viewed as a couple. Although Felix and Zoe were not an item in real life, the fact that they were spotted together a few times further made it impossible to debate otherwise.

On a particular occasion, Zoe and Felix were seen gracing the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras parade, however, they were also spotted with the other members of the cast of Neighbors. It’s important to note that until the rumors ultimately died down, neither Felix Mallard nor Zoe Cramond felt the need to acknowledge or deny their claimed romantic involvement.

Having said that, we must also recognize the 14-year age difference between the two co-stars, with Zoe being the older. The 26-year-old Felix Mallard would join the list of famous men who have dated ladies far older than them if the dating rumors surrounding him and Zoe prove accurate.

Antonia Gentry Was Rumored To Be Felix Mallard’s Girlfriend.

Zoe Cramond is not the only lady to have been rumored to be Felix Mallard’s girlfriend in the past; Antonia Gentry has gotten her share of the “Felix girlfriend” rumor. Antonia Bonea Gentry is a 26-year-old American actress who is best known for her role as Virginia “Ginny” Miller in the Netflix series Ginny & Georgia.

Ginny & Georgia was quite popular and made Felix Mallard and the rest of its cast overnight celebrities. Over time, curious viewers started to pay closer attention to the on-screen relationship between Ginny, played by Antonia Gentry, and Marcus, played by Felix Mallard, two of the show’s leading cast members.

The way that Ginny and Marcus were portrayed by the two primary actors seemed increasingly questionable as the plot developed. Even though they were not dating in real life, the fact that they were together in season one and then broke up in season two somehow made it easy to see the complexity of their relationship.

Felix and Antonia were so good together onscreen that the scene where they broke up left fans in tears. However, while it would look like they were dating and very much in love while acting, the same cannot be said for their off-screen life, as Antonia Gentry was never Felix Mallard’s girlfriend in real life, and they have never dated each other.


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