Who Is Stephanie Soo’s Fiance, Husband or Boyfriend?

Stephanie Soo’s fiance is Rui Qian. They popular South Korean YouTuber and mukbanger confirmed her engagement to her long-time boyfriend in 2019 Rui Qian.

The Mukbang and ASMR video creator has openly documented her journey and significant dating moments with her devoted followers, allowing them to share in her private life. However, she has been partially secretive about the identity of her fiance and has not revealed his face to her millions of fans and followers. So who is Stephanie Soo’s Fiance?

Is Stephanie Soo Really Engaged?

Stephanie Soo is currently engaged to her long-time boyfriend as reported by multiple sources. She frequently refers to him as MisterMangoButt on her YouTube, Instagram and vlog channel. Although they have been together for a very long time, the two have chosen to go serious.

Stephanie Soo’s engagement with her fiance was confirmed in 2019. The YouTuber took to her Reddit.com account to confirm the exciting news to her teeming fans who could not wait to ask her when the actual wedding will be taking place. One of Stephanie’s fans posed the question, noting that she has been engaged for over three years (as of 2020).

The YouTuber revealed what seems to be their explanation in a vlog titled “Why we haven’t had our wedding yet”. She claimed that their disagreements with their families about how their wedding should be conducted are the main cause. In contrast, it is accurate to say that Stephanie Soo is engaged to her fiancé, who is a man about whom not much is known.

If some YouTube videos are to be taken as seriously as we see them, then Stephanie’s wedding to her longtime fiancé, Rui Qian is just around the corner. In one of her videos uploaded on her YouTube page, she is seen doing dress rehearsals as she prepares for the occasion. The video titled “LAST DAY before I GET MARRIED” was uploaded on the 14th of July 2023.

What Is Stephanie Soo’s Fiance’s Name?

Stephanie Soo’s fiance’s name is Rui Qian. However, it remains to be seen if that is his real name. Following the manner she introduced him to her fans on her various social media accounts, many still raise eyebrows about the validity of that information.

To this very moment, many go along with the provided details and just assumed that her fiancé’s name is Rui Qian, whom she always refers to in her vlogs as MisterMangoButts. As much as the YouTuber and her fiancé are very open about their relationship, she is very secretive about the identity of her fiancé.

Not much information about Rui Qian or MisterMangoButts is available on the internet. Nevertheless, it is possible that he is also from Korea and of Asian ethnicity too. According to some reports, Stephanie Soo’s fiancé has worked for Harry Winston as a sales executive and watch expert since 2015. And on his Instagram account, ‘mistermangobutt’, Rui is also a fashion model.

How Stephanie Introduced Her Fiancé and Why She Decided To Hide His Identity

Stephanie introduced her fiancé to her teeming but curious fans across her various social media platforms. However, she chose to keep his identity private and off social media. This decision was likely made to protect his privacy and maintain a sense of normalcy in their relationship.

The decision to keep her fiancé’s identity hidden has raised different opinions from the public. Some of their supporters think it’s simply the approach they want to take to capture the audience’s attention. Others, though, think it might be a ploy to keep her fiancé’s private life out of the public eye. Others similarly think she is merely trying to protect her fiancé.

Despite all of these differing views, it is, nevertheless, true that they have chosen to keep his facial identity a closely-guarded secret. Whatever the motivation, we think it must be significant enough to warrant more than just online fame. Given that her fiancé is actively participating in her social media career, some people would have seized the chance to become famous on social media, but he didn’t.

Has Stephanie Soo Done a Face Reveal of Her Fiance?

The answer is No, she has not. To this day, Stephanie Soo has not done any face reveal of her fiancé. Be that as it may, the Korean-born social media star has made some videos that have given clues to what her fiancé looks like. However, she has been very clever while at it, as none of her clues can actually get one closer to confirming the real identity of her fiancé.

Some people decided to reveal the identity of Stephanie Soo’s fiancé as he is a secret. This has so far resulted in a picture of a certain ‘Rui Qian’ going viral, who is thought to be her fiancé and who is also an agent advisor and sales professional. Both the discovered Rui and the YouTuber have remained silent. Because of this, the general public thinks he might be the elusive fiancé.

Whatever the situation, the Youtube Vlogger and her mysterious fiancé and husband-to-be seem to continue with plans and preparations for their long-awaited wedding. The wedding, according to Stephanie’s recent YouTube videos posted in the month of July 2023, is likely to hold in the same month. It remains to be seen if that will be the case eventually.


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