Who Is Moni Orife? Everything About Nadia Chaudhri’s Husband

Moni Orife is the widower of Nadia Chaudhri, a late renowned professor of psychology.

In her lifetime, which is still being celebrated to date, Nadia recorded a lot of achievements in her field and beyond. Aside from being a recognized professor of psychology at Concordia University, she also impacted a lot of lives through scholarships and other charity donations.

Even at the point of death, Nadia was said to be raising money to support a good cause. Omoni married the late psychologist in 2009 and the marriage produced one child. He is now left to mourn her after Nadia passed on in 2021.

On his own part, Omoni prefers to live under the radar and doesn’t make public appearances. However, we were able to unravel some interesting things to know about him.

Summary of Moni Orife’s Bio

  • Full name: Moni Orife
  • Gender: male
  • Nationality: Canadian
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Widowed
  • Moni Orife’s Wife: Nadia Chaudhri
  • Moni Orife’s Children: Reza (son)
  • Famous for: being the husband of the late Professor Nadia Chaudhri

How Old is Moni Orife?

While we can easily confirm that his late wife, Nadia Chaudhri, was born on January 25, 1978, in Karachi, Pakistan, and died on 5th October 2021, in Montreal, Canada, such personal information about the birth of Moni Orife is not available to the public. His date of birth, place of birth, and any other detail about his birth has been kept private.

However, there are reports that he hails from Montreal in Canada. Moni Orife looks like he comes from a mixed home but Africa seems to be part of his ancestry. This is only deduced from his physical attributes which easily give him away. Aside from that, his family members, including his parents and siblings are not known.

There is no information about the schools Moni attended or the level of education he attained but he seems well-educated.

What Does He Do For a Living?

Despite being the spouse of a popular person in the media space, Moni Orife has managed to stay away from the spotlight entirely. As a result of this, concrete information about his career has been kept private to date.

While we can say Nadia Chaudhri was an academic professor before her death, we can’t correctly say what career Moni Orife is involved in. However, he has been praised on several occasions for being Nadia’s reliable support system. The late psychologist said this during an interview where she praised her husband for being good to her even in bad times. She assured their son that Moni will be there for him after she was gone.

Moni’s Late Wife, Nadia Chaudhri, Was a Professor of Psychology

Nadia Chaudhri and Moni Orife on her sick bed image source

Born on January 25, 1978, Nadia Chaudhri was a Pakistani-Canadian psychologist who dedicated her life to helping people, especially in her final days. She worked at Concordia University as a researcher on drug and alcohol abuse. She received her first degree – BA, Biological Foundations of Behavior from Franklin & Marshall College where she graduated with a 3.9-grade point average. Nadia later got her doctoral degree in Neuroscience, in 2005, from the University of Pittsburgh.

Her professional life at Concordia University began in January 2010 when she joined the Center for Studies in Behavioral Neurobiology (CSBN) and the Department of Psychology at the institution. She started as an assistant professor and was promoted to associate professor with tenure in June 2014.

She was promoted to Full Professor on September 9, 2021, which was unfortunately her last year on earth. Her work was centered on helping people who have substance use disorders fight the effects that come with withdrawal and relapse.

Moni Orife Was Nadia Chaudhri’s Husband For 12 Years

Orife and Chaudhri were married from 2009 until her death on October 5, 2021. The former couple lived a private life most of the time, for this reason, there is nothing on their married life out there. The only clear fact about them is that they completed each other. Chaudhri was full of praise for her husband and the unwavering support he showered on her during her trial times.

The marriage between the interracial couple produced one child, a son named Reza. Their son was born in 2015 and was barely six years old when his mother passed on. Omoni and his son are the ones left to mourn the late professor.

Where is Moni Now Since The Death Of His Wife?

Many have wondered what became of Omoni Orife since Nadia passed on, but keeping up with him has been hard as he does not have a social media life. Omoni cannot be found on any social media platform at this time. However, he is probably playing the role of both mom and dad to raise his son following his mother’s death.

Chaudhri was told in June 2020 that she had metastatic ovarian cancer. After going through surgical procedures and chemotherapy, cancer came back and this time didn’t spare her life. She shared her story and journey with her thousands of followers on Twitter and also used the platform to raise a lot of money for two fundraising campaigns. One of the campaigns targets neuroscientists from underrepresented backgrounds and will support individuals who fall under this category to follow their dreams without any restrictions.

Chaudhri was able to raise more than $636,000 (around £460,900) in the short time cancer gave her to live. The money greatly surpassed the initial goal of $50, 000 that was set for the campaigns. Nadia who died at the age of 43 became popular on social media after telling her followers she is dying from cancer and also using the opportunity to help the living.

One of the most emotional moments of her battle with ovarian cancer was when she had to break the news of her imminent death to her then-six-year-old son who thought his mother was recovering. Reza knew his mother had cancer but didn’t know the terminal nature of the disease. In May 2021, Nadia tweeted about her intention to tell her son that she was dying on that day and when the deal was done, she went back to Twitter to find that her post had gone viral. She died on October 5, 2021, after about a year of battling ovarian cancer.


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