Who Is Mel Sarmiento’s Ex-wife and Does She Have Children?

Mel Sarmiento’s ex-wife is a Filipino woman to whom he was married long before he came into the limelight. During the course of their marriage, the couple did not have any children.

Although his career and subsequent relationships were very open to the public, Mel had a different disposition towards his first marriage and chose to leave many things about it away from the public. This includes the name and identity of his first wife. Here is all you need to know about the famous politician’s past and present relationships.

Mel Sarmiento’s First wife is a Filipino Woman

Mel Senen Sarmiento, otherwise popularly known as Mel Sarmiento, is a Filipino businessman and politician. All along, the name and identity of the famous politician’s first wife have remained a mystery. There is no information on how, when, or where the couple met, or even how long their marriage lasted.

However, we do know that Mel Sarmiento’s first wife is a Filipino woman and that they were married for some time. Some years after they got married, the couple fell apart and decided to end their marriage through a peaceful divorce.

Did Mel Sarmiento Have Any Kids With His First Wife?

As peaceful as his first marriage might have been, Mel and his first wife did not have any kids together. They went their separate ways on mutual grounds, and since then, there has been no information on the two ever being spotted together.

Mel Sarmiento’s Relationship with Kris Aquino

Mel Sarmiento is not married currently. Although the popular politician was previously engaged to popular actress Kris Aquino in 2021, the union between the two sadly came to an end even before they could make it to the altar.

Just like Mel Sarmiento’s ex-wife, Mel also kept his relationship with the popular actress on a low-key level. On the other hand, Kris Aquino, who is fondly known as the Queen of All Media by her numerous fans, was the first to shed some light on their romantic relationship. The proud mother of two sons started by sharing cryptic posts which hinted at the presence of a significant other on her Instagram page.

In August 2021, she left her fans speculating as to who her Mr. Right could be after she shared an Instagram post on her birthday thanking him for coming into her life. The next day, she posted a picture of her son Bimby holding a bouquet from her mystery lover, mentioning that her boys had welcomed him into the pack.

Although Kris never gave Mel’s name as her lover then, her fans soon noticed that he frequently commented on her posts as he was ever ready to defend her from online haters. And it did not take long before they figured out that he was the knight in shining armor.

Mel and Kris Aquino Got Engaged in October 2021

Kris Aquino finally revealed the identity of her mystery lover later in October 2021. The Crazy Rich Asians star posted a video of herself and her lover together on her Instagram account. Under the post, the popular actress also revealed that she had said yes to spending forever with Mel, whom she called her best friend.

Although the internet was awash with the news of the engagement, it was not long before fans started noticing that there might be trouble in paradise when after some months, the two love birds did not share any information on wedding preparations.

Between October 2021 and January 2022, the couple was completely silent about their relationship. While Mel was not very active on social media during that period, Kris, on the other hand, kept her page active with posts on different endorsement deals and charity works.

Are Mel Sarmiento and Kris Aquino Still Together?

Mel and Kris are no longer together. The one-time celebrity couple broke things off in January 2021 after their months-long period of silence. In January 2021, Kris broke the silence and officially acknowledged rumors of their breakup on her Instagram page.

In a post she shared on her Instagram page on January 3, 2021, the celebrity actress formally announced her break up with her businessman fiancé. In the post, she also shared Mel’s breakup text to her, where he revealed that he was breaking off the relationship because he could not continue to live inside a bubble with her.

Kris concluded the post by revealing that the breakup and her incurable autoimmune condition were taking a toll on her health and that she needed to take some time off to heal from both.

Mel Sarmiento and Kris Aquino Have Been Remarkably Successful in their Careers After Separating

Unlike Mel Sarmiento’s marriage to his ex-wife, his relationship with Kris Aquino shook the internet mostly because the two lovers were celebrities in their chosen fields. While Mel was making waves as a businessman and politician, Kris was making some cool cash from her career as an actress and also from the numerous endorsement deals she was closing at the time.

At the time of his relationship with Kris, Mel’s net worth was estimated to stand at around $4 million. Also, at this same time, his income consisted mostly of his salaries as a politician and also of what he made from his various business ventures. Since his break up with Kris, however, Mel has consistently continued to grow in his career ventures. His current net worth is estimated to stand at about $5 million.

Kris was About $6 Million Richer than Mel While They were Dating

At the time of their relationship, the queen of all media had a net worth of about $10 million which she made from her acting career and also from the various endorsement deals she was closing steadily. This means that at the time, she was approximately $6 million richer than her then-politician boyfriend.

Just like Mel, Kris’s career growth did not end with their relationship. Rather, she has continued to make more awe-amazing steps in her career. Her net worth as of this year is estimated to be about $12 million. This still comes from her endorsement deals and acting career.

Is Mel Sarmiento in Another Relationship Now? 

Since his relationship with the popular Filipino actress ended in 2021, Mel went back to living his quiet lifestyle. He is mostly seen out on official occasions and has not shared any information on the possibility of him getting into an amorous relationship anytime in the future.

Rather, he seems to dedicate most of his time to building his career and businesses to greater heights. Also, with regard to Mel Sarmiento’s ex-wife, nothing is known about her relationship life or even if she has had children with another man.


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