Who Are Emma Myers’ Parents? Meet His Mum and Dad

Emma Myers’s parents are Nicole Myers and Jeremy K. Myers. While Emma’s father is a businessman, her mother is a homemaker. The pair have been married for 26 years, and apart from Emma, they have three other daughters. 

For the better part, the parents of Emma made it to the limelight thanks to the fame of their daughters, Emma Myers, who started out as a child actress in 2010, and her younger sister, Isabel Myers, who is also an actress and model. Even though Jeremy and Nicole have never had a career in the entertainment business, their daughters are now known stars. Here is all we know about the parents of Emma Myers.

Emma Myers’ Parents Have Been Married For 26 Years

Emma Myers Parents
Emma Myers’s Parents and Siblings (Image Source)

Emma Myers’s parents have been married for 26 years already. While it is not clear how they met and began dating, it is no secret that they began dating in the 1990s in Dallas, Texas, and sustained for a while before deciding to tie the knot.

The two got married on January 3, 1998. The simple ceremony, which was held in Dallas, was attended by close friends and family members. At the time when they walked down the aisle, Jeremy was 26 years old while his bride was 24.

More than two decades after her parents got married, Nicole and Jeremy are still together. The rather private couple now lives in Orlando, Florida, United States, where they raised their kids.

Who is Emma Myers’ Mother?

Emma Myers’s mother is Nicole Myers. She was born Nicole Christine Cassimatis on July 20, 1973, which means she is now 50 years old. Of American nationality and of Greek ancestry, she was born in Dallas, Dallas County, Texas.

Her parents are known as John Christopher Cassimatis, who came from Athens to the United States, and Elizabeth Ann Paulk. It was in Dallas that she was born and brought up. Other information about her, such as her childhood and education available in the public domain. However, we know that she was brought up as the youngest of her parents’ six children: David, Michael, Mark, Karen, and Suzanne.

Emma’s mom’s career path is unclear, even though it is believed that she is a homemaker, as revealed by various online sources.

Who is Emma Myers’s Father?

Jeremy Myers is the dad of Emma Myers. While it is known that he was born Jeremy K. Myers, details about his parents and other family members are not known. A year older than his wife, he was born in 1972, which makes him 52 years old.

Just like his wife, Jeremy was also born in Dallas, Texas, which was also where he was brought up. He is of American nationality and white ethnicity. details about his childhood and educational pursuits are not available to the media.

The career path of the celebrity dad is also not well captured, but it is made known that he is a businessman in the United States, where he has always lived with his wife and kids.

Emma Myers’ Dad and Mom Have Been Very Supportive of Their Daughter

Jeremy and Nicole are the greatest support of their daughter, Emma Myers, in her career as an actress. The couple gave birth to the actress as their second child on April 2, 2022, in Orlando, Florida.

After they had her, they did not give her the regular school experience. Instead, her parents put her in the homeschooling program. According to the actress, she did not have a normal childhood, and she did not have social skills because of how she was brought up.

Emma fell in love with acting as a little girl, and with the support of her parents, she started out in the local community theatre. It is known that her grandmother, Elizabeth Ann Paulk, might have influenced Emma and her sister into performing as she studied theatre arts at the University of Texas.

She began booking commercials at a young age and soon got into voice acting. It wasn’t until after her family moved to Atlanta that she fully began chasing roles on TV. Emma Myers has already appeared in many productions, including Letters to God and The Glades, in 2010. The work she is now best known for is the TV series Wednesday, which she started in 2022.

Emma Myers is Not the Only Child of The Couple

While Emma is the most popular of their kids, Nicole Myers and Jeremy Myers have three other children: Avery Myers, Olivia Myers, and Izzy Myers.

The couple’s oldest child is Avery Myers, who was born on November 11, 1998, the same year her parents got married. Currently 25 years old, there isn’t much that is known about Avery.

The second child of Nicole and Jeremy is Emma Myers, and after her, the couple welcomed their third child, Isabel Meyers, also known as Issy Myers. She was born on February 21, 2005, which makes her 19 years old. Isabel Myers is also an actress just like her older sister, although she is not as famous. She is better known as a model who has worked with many brands since she began as a child model. As an actress, Issy has appeared in several films and TV shows, including Ravenswood from 2013 to 2014, No Place in This World in 2017, Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings in 2019, and 15 Minutes of Faye in 2020.

The youngest member of the family is Olivia Myers. She also happens to be the least known as details, including her date of birth and age, have remained away from the public domain.

The kids have a great relationship amongst themselves as well as with their parents.


Who are Emma Myers’s Parents?

The parents of Emma Myers are Nicole Christine Cassimatis Myers and Jeremy K. Myers.

When and where was Emma Myers born?

It was on April 2, 2002, that Emma Myers was born as the second child of her parents in Orlando, Florida, United States.

What Does Emma Myers’ Parents Do For a Living?

While the father of Emma Myers, Jeremy Myers, works as a businessman, her mother, Nicole Myers, does not have a known job and is rather believed to be a homemaker.


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