Where is SZA From and Who Are Her Parents?

SZA is from the United States and is of African-American ethnicity. SZA’s parents are Abdul Mubarak-Rowe and Audrey Rowe. They welcomed her on 8 November 1989, and she is now 34 years old.

Growing up in a black community with a conservative father, SZA was not allowed to listen to music. However, her parents have now become a great pillar of support for her since she was signed to Kendrick Lamar’s Top Dawg Entertainment label. Here is a look at all about her identity, parents, and where she is coming from.

What Is SZA’s Full Name?

SZA’s full name is Solána Imani Rowe. The singer was born on 8 November 1989, which makes her 34 years old. Her birth place is St. Louis, Missouri, United States. Although she is a practicing Muslim, her first name is not Islamic in nature. It is a Spanish name that means sunshine or strong sun.

It is her middle name, Imani, that is religious in nature. The name has its history in Arabic, and it is a name popular among Muslim kids. The meaning of SZA’s middle name is “belief of faith” or “faith”.

What Does SZA Mean?

Although she was born Solána Imani Rowe, it is as SZA that the R&B singer has come to be known with. The meaning of the name has left many confused, but it has been revealed that it is just acronyms and a little more.

The first letter of the name, S, stands for Self or Savior. Z in the name is for Zig-zag, which means enlightenment and acknowledgment of oneself. The last letter of the name, A, is used to represent Allah, the almighty.

Before she settled on using the name SZA, the singer’s initial nickname was Sosa/Sos. She loved the name and wanted to use it professionally, but that was impossible as it was a name similar to what American rapper and singer Chief Keef was using, and she was not interested in causing any confusion.

It was after this that she stumbled on the name SZA or “siz-uh” and fell in love with it because of the meanings attached to it. She picked the name because of the Supreme Alphabet she linked to it: Self or Savior, Zig-zag, Allah.

SZA’s Ethnicity

SZA is African-American. She has this heritage from both her mother’s and her father’s side. SZA is very proud of her African-American heritage as she was raised by a mother who is very passionate about improving the lives of black communities.

Her mother is also involved in various race-related activities, being the Program Director of the South Orange/Maplewood Community Coalition on Race. The non-profit body works towards establishing a society that is free of segregation.

SZA’s Nationality

The nationality of the American singer is American. She is first an American because it is the country of her birth and it is also the country of her parents. In fact, she has never been publicly linked to any other country in the past.

The R&B singer and songwriter has always been in the United States, which is where she was brought up, specifically in leafy Maplewood, New Jersey. She was one of the very few black kids in the neighborhood where she was raised.

She also got her education in the United States, where she switched colleges four times before deciding it was time for her to quit, so she dropped out. She made it known that all she did was smoke and fail, which forced her to become a dropout.

SZA’s Parents

SZA’s parents are Abdul Mubarak-Rowe and Audrey Rowe. The pair have been together for more than 30 years. Although there has been no detailed information as regards how they met and got married, they have continued to remain very close.

The Rowes have just a daughter together. However, Abdul-Mubarak has two children from previous relationships. They are a daughter, Panya Jamila Rowe, and a son, Daniel “Manhattan” Rowe, who is a rapper. SZA and her half-brother have released some songs together in the past.

SZA’s family is quite unique because while her father is a devout Muslim, her mother still practices Christianity. The couple raised their daughter in a very conservative home where she understands both faiths, although she practices Islam. During Christmas, they had small celebrations, and their father allowed them to have a Christmas tree, even though it would have no light.

SZA has a great relationship with both her parents, who have been very supportive of their daughter in her pursuits of music. More so, their children have also come to share a similar bond as established by their parents.

Who Is SZA’s Mom?

Audrey Rowe’s date of birth and age have not been made known. What is known, however, is that she was born in St. Louis, Missouri, to teenage working-class parents. They had her when they barely completed their high school education. Because of this, her father had to take multiple jobs in order to get her a better life, and he moved them to a predominantly white neighborhood.

SZA’s mother attended Soldan High School, and from there, she went to the University of Missouri, where she got a degree in Medical Technology. Not done, she moved to Kent State University Graduate School, where she got a Master of Arts degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology.

Audrey Rowe has had a great career life thus far. Her first known job was with AT&T, where she worked as the District Manager of the Business Communications Services Division. Next, she joined Mary Kay Cosmetics as an Independent Skin Care and Beauty Consultant, something she continues to do to date. In 2000, she joined the South Orange/Maplewood Community Coalition on Race as a Program Director.

Interestingly, SZA has also taken after her mother in trying to defend blacks and end segregation. She insisted that contrary to what anyone might think about black excellence, she believes it is also NBA Youngboy dropping hits and telling things he wants to talk about.

Who Is SZA’s Dad?

As stated, the father of SZA is Abdul Mubarak-Rowe. Details surrounding his birth and age remain unknown. Also, his family members and early life are unknown to the public.

He got his education from the University of West Florida, where he obtained a degree in broadcast journalism in 1980. He would go on to take a job with CNN, where he worked from 1989 to 2006. SZA’s father was an Editor and producer for the News Network.

From there, he has had several other jobs, including with Creative Concepts Childcare Center, where he was the director of Operations for less than a year. In 2015, he joined the Council on American-Islamic Relations in New Jersey as its communications Director. He is still with the council.


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