Who Is Von Miller’s Wife or Does He Have a Girlfriend?

Von Miller’s wife has been a topic of speculation of late, but the Buffalo Bills outside linebacker is still not married. It is, however, known that Von came very close to getting married in the past after he got engaged to his former girlfriend, Megan Denise, with whom he has a kid.

The NFL star has been in some interesting and rather controversial relationships in the past, and for some reason, there are those who have had reasons to question his sexuality. Here is all we know about the love life of the American football star.

Is Von Miller Married?

At 33 years old, Miller has recorded some impressive achievements in his professional life, and he is also blessed with good looks to attract most women. However, it is no secret that he is still not married.

He made a huge stride at getting married in the past after he became engaged to his then-girlfriend, Megan Denise, in 2018. The two were said to have met at the ESPY Awards and soon after they became lovers who did not hide their relationship from the public. Interestingly, Von did not waste so much time before going on a knee to ask Megan to be his wife which she agreed.

Unfortunately, things did not go too well for them as at the start of 2021, it was reported that there was trouble in their paradise and they were no longer together. What was more, Megan was already carrying Von’s child when they broke up and she claimed the NFL star wanted her to have an abortion but she insisted on having the child.

Complicated Relationship Between Von Miller and Megan Denise and Their Messy Breakup

Although Megan was the only woman that came close to becoming Von Miller’s wife, their relationship was not the smoothest. Before their paths first crossed, Denise who is a stripper in Las Vegas was said to have worked with Floyd Mayweather at his ‘Girl Collection’ strip club.

It was after this that she met and started something new with Von Miller. The relationship seemed healthy at first and they were always eager to share each other’s photos on their Instagram handles. This was not to last a very long time before they ended the relationship when she took in.

According to Insta story posts she made to her over 1 million followers on Instagram, the social media influencer claimed that her former lover wanted her to have an abortion but since she was not willing, he sent her a message praying for a miscarriage. In messages he allegedly sent to her, he stated that it was the biggest mistake of his life and he was very disappointed in himself.

Making the breakup messier, Denise revealed that she was tired of protecting Von, before revealing that her heart was going out to all women and men who have been victims of mental, physical, or verbal abuse, suggesting she went through that in the hands of Von. The cops got involved but he was not charged because she later backtracked on the abuse claims.

In response to Megan’s allegations on social media, Von Miller claimed it was fake news. In a now-deleted Instagram post, he stated that the reality of someone leaving some people could really drive them crazy.

Von Miller Has a Child with Megan Denise

Von Miller’s Wife
Megan Dennise and Valor Miller (Image Source)

Miller may still not have a wife, but he is now a father with his former fiancee, Megan Denise. As indicated, she was pregnant when they broke up and some reports claimed they came back and tried working on the relationship after the public feud, but things did not work out for them.

The Denver Broncos linebacker and his ex-fiancee welcomed their son, Valor Von Miller on August 16, 2022. Even before the birth of the child, Von had already selected a name for the baby and had tattooed it on himself. However, it was later revealed that he was changing the name of the child to Legacy Von Miller, even though he could still have Valor as a nickname.

As against hopes that the birth of their son would bring an end to their unending drama, Denise dragged Von in March 2022 for being a deadbeat dad. She claimed that he only saw his son once every four months before suggesting that the Super Bowl champ was using drugs when she asked if the NFL tests for cocaine was she was trying to see something real quick.

Who is Von Miller’s Girlfriend?

Von Miller’s girlfriend at the moment is not known, but after his breakup with Denise, he flaunted the picture of a new woman on his Instagram, getting fans to believe he had found a new woman. He was spotted with the unknown woman while he was holidaying in Cabo and he took to his social media to share the images. However, he kept the woman’s face away before deleting the pictures a few hours later.

That said, he has dated a number of women in the past apart from the unnamed woman and his former girlfriend and baby mama. In 2016, he was linked to model and actress Elizabeth Ruiz. They reportedly had an affair after they met in Cancun, Mexico, but things soon turned messy after she requested $2.5 million from the footballer to destroy an intimate tape she had of them. She denied this, but it still led to a legal battle in the end.

In April 2022, Von Miller and Lira Galore got people wondering if they were dating after they posted their photos together on Instagram. Von, while sharing her picture on his Instagram story, assured Lira who is also a model that no one was going to play with her when he is with her. Lira Galore has dated many men in the past including Pierre Pee Thomas and rapper Rick Ross, both of whom she was engaged to. She also dated Earl Thomas, Meek Mill, Quavo, Pat Beverly, Le’Von Bell, and Key Glock amongst others.

In another twist, it was claimed that the American footballer ended the relationship with Lira and blocked her on Instagram because he wanted to return to Megan who was allegedly seeing NBA player, Bol Bol.

Is Von Miller Gay?

33 years old, successful, and not being married has raised so many questions on the sexuality of Von Miller, with some asking if he is gay. To add to the curiosity, the NFL star appeared on Kevin Hart’s Celebrity Game Face series with a man.

It was shocking for many to see him on the show with a man because most guests appear with their spouses or partners, hence people assumed he was gay when he appeared on the show with a man.

Contrary to the rumor and assumptions, Von Miller is not gay; he is straight. Looking at the details of his past relationships, the father of one has always dated women and he has never come out to state that he was attracted to men, neither did he state any other sexuality.


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