Truth About Big Meech’s Brother Terry Lee Flenory

Terry Lee Flenory (born on 10th January 1970; Age: 53 years old) is an American drug lord, investor, entrepreneur, businessman, and Big Meech’s younger brother. Terry is currently serving his remaining jail sentence in home confinement.

Different people gain fame for different reasons; while some are for their successful careers and positive contributions to society, others gain theirs as a result of their notorious activities. In the case of Terry and his brother Big Meech, they fall into the category of the latter.

Big Meech, whose real name is Demetrius Edward Flenory, is actually the driving force of a drug ring business that he co-founded with his brother Terry. However, in this post, we focused on everything about Terry Lee, his involvement in illegal drug activities, the legal issues that followed, and his current whereabouts.

Summary of Terry Lee Flenory’s Bio

  • Full name: Terry Lee Flenory
  • Nickname: Southwest T
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: 10th January 1970
  • Terry Lee Flenory’s Age: 53 years old
  • Ethnicity: Mixed (African-American)
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Terry Lee Flenory’s Children: N/A
  • Terry Lee Flenory’s Parents: Shelly Meech (Lucille) and Charles Flenory
  • Siblings: 2 (Demetrius Edward aka “Big Meech” and Nicole Flenory)
  • Terry Lee Flenory’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 8 inches
  • Terry Lee Flenory’s Height in Centimetres: 173 cm
  • Terry Lee Flenory’s Weight: 80 kg (176 pounds)
  • Terry Lee Flenory’s Net worth: $40 Million
  • Famous for: Drug trafficking
  • Profession: Drug dealer, businessman, entrepreneur
  • Terry Lee Flenory’s Instagram: @southwest263

Terry Flenory was Born 53 Years Ago in Michigan

Terry Flenory was born on the 10th of January 1970 in his home country, Detroit, Michigan, United States of America. He is presently 53 years old. Terry was born into a Christian family and belongs to a mixed ethnic background. He is an American citizen of African American ethnicity. The name of his parents are Charles Flenory and Lucille Shelle.

There is no further information about Terry’s parents regarding if they are still married or alive. Terry was raised alongside his two siblings Demetrius Edward aka Big Meech, and Nicole Flenory (sister). Nicole is an actress and is known for her recurring character on the Starz original crime drama BMF wherein she is portrayed as Laila Pruitt.

Furthermore, Terry has a nephew named Demetrius Flenory Jr. (Big Meech’s son), who is a well-known American actor and rapper. Meanwhile, in an overview of his IG post, you will find out that Terry Lee likes to spend time with his family members and has a lot of photos of them across his social media pages.

Terry is a high school graduate. Although the exact details of his educational background have not yet been disclosed, some sources have reported that he completed his high school education at the same college as his brother.

Terry Lee’s Relationship with His Brother, Big Meech

Terry Lee and his brother once had a good relationship before they split in 2005. Big Meech is barely two years older than his brother Terry. He was born on 21st June 1968 and so is 42 years old at the moment. Terry shared his childhood with his brother, and it was quite worthwhile.

As we mentioned earlier, the two reportedly attended the same high school. Moreso, Terry, even though is also involved in the drug business, first came to the limelight for being Big Meech’s brother, who is the original founder of the drug business. The two brothers had a cordial relationship and did almost everything together.

They were close to the extent that they never failed to wish each other happy birthdays on social media. For many years, the two brothers maintained the family and business relationship they started. However, they later began to feud over their drug trafficking business and would later split in 2005.

Terry Flenory Involvement in Drug Trafficking and Money Laundering Business

Terry Lee Flenory started a drug trafficking business with his elder brother Big Meech during their high school days. They began selling $50 bags of cocaine on the streets of Detroit. Then in 1985, they jointly founded The Black Mafia Family (BMF), a drug trafficking and money laundering organization based in Detroit, Michigan, USA.

They would later expand their illegal trade networks to other parts of the state and across the country. As of then, BMF had more than 500 agents and employees smuggling hundreds of thousands of kilograms of cocaine throughout the USA, including California, Kentucky, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Mississippi, Ohio, Missouri, Tennessee, North Carolina, Alabama, and Louisiana.

By the year 2000, the drug-pedaling duo had well-established cocaine distribution sales in the state via their direct connections to Mexican drug cartels. Specifically, BMF operated from two main hubs. While Big Meech was in charge of the one in Atlanta for distribution, Terry Lee was running the one in Los Angeles, which handles incoming shipments from Mexico.

Terry Lee Flenory and his older brother Big Meech
Terry Lee Flenory and his older brother Big Meech

Also, in early 2000, in a bid to legitimize itself, The Black Mafia Family made an entrance into the hip-hop music business with the name BMF Entertainment. Their primary aim was to serve as a front organization so they would be able to launder money from cocaine sales.

BMF Entertainment also served as a record label for their sole artist Bleu DaVinci as well as a promoter for several high-profile music artists, including Jay-Z, Diddy, Young Jeezy, Trina, T.I., and Fabolous. The Black Mafia Family would later become very popular in the hip-hop culture due to their lavish lifestyle.

However, Terry and his brother began to experience disputes in 2003, which ultimately resulted in the division of The Black Mafia Family. Consequently, Terry moved to Los Angeles, California, to privately head his own organization, while Big Meech stayed back in Atlanta, which is the main distribution center. The duo completely fell out and barely spoke to each other.

The Brothers’ Arrest, Charges, and Sentence

In a conversation recorded by the DEA on the wiretap, Terry Flenory was heard expressing his worries over his brother’s excessive partying, which in turn was bringing the wrong kind of attention to their business and eventually got it exposed. As of the time charges were filed against them in 2005, the government already had over 900 pages of transcripts of wiretapped conversations from his phone.

In November 2007, Terry Lee Flenory and his brother Big Meach pleaded guilty to running a continuing criminal enterprise. Then in September 2008, they were sentenced to 30 years in prison for involving in a nationwide cocaine trafficking ring that ran from 2000 to 2005.

However, after twelve years, on the 5th of May 2020, Terry was released to home confinement after he was granted a compassionate release as a result of his poor health condition and the generally increased spread of ailments in prison. This was an effort from the Federal Bureau of Prisons to free some inmates so as to reduce the spread of the coronavirus pandemic in prison.

Meanwhile, Big Meech has continued serving his own sentence at Federal Correctional Institution, Sheridan. He is slated to be released on 5th May 2029. He also sought release under the same lowdown, but a federal government judge rejected the motion with the claims that his prison records show that he has not changed; hence, it would be premature to authorize his release.

According to the judge, Big Meech has, even in prison, continued to acclaim himself as a drug lord as well as violating the prison rules, which include owning cell phones and weapons as well as drug usage.

Terry Lee Flenory is a Businessman in His Own Right

Away from The Black Mafia Family drug trafficking business, Terry Lee Flenory is also a successful entrepreneur and businessman. Following the disagreement he had with his brother, which led to his moving to Los Angeles, Terry founded an apparel line known as Southwest Black Magic.

What is Terry Flenory’s Net Worth?

Terry Lee has, over the years, amassed a whopping amount of fortune. There are varying reports as to how much he is actually worth, but according to News Unzip, Terry Flenory’s net worth as of 2022 is estimated to be between $40 million and $50 million. Although this figure is not verified, how he could have made money is really not farfetched.

Terry’s revenues from the drug business and money laundering activities were chiefly responsible for his wealth. Moreover, he and his brother Big Meech made a huge profit from the sale of their entertainment. For the record, prosecutors alleged that BMF made more than $270 million in the course of its operation. In addition, Terry also earns decently from his apparel line.

Terry Flenory has collaborated with many high-profile companies in the US, wherein he also has investments. Moreso, the drug kingpin may have a few other businesses he runs by the side from where he would also be cashing out, even though they are not public knowledge. Having said that, there is no arguing the fact that Terry Lee Flenory is a millionaire.

Did Big Meech’s Brother Snitch on Him?

No! Terry Lee Flenory did not snitch on his brother Big Meech. According to Netline, William Marshall and Omari McCree were the individuals that allegedly snitched on Big Meech. The police reportedly used them to make a case against Big Meech and his younger brother Southwest T for their association with the Black Mafia Family.

According to the former BMF associate Dexter ‘Sosa’ Hussey, McCree made a revelation that Big Meech supplied him with cocaine. Even though he allegedly later changed his mind about the revelation and did not appear in court at the time of the trial, the evidence that was needed had already been given.

On the other hand, Marshall William was described as the prosecution’s star witness. It was his decision to cooperate with the government which eventually forced Terry’s hands in carrying on appeal on the morning of their trial. Marshall William is believed to be a witness to an unverified number of exchanges, but it remains unclear if he had any direct dealings with the Black Mafia Family.

Omari McCree was a member of BMF who, according to the local dealer, is in charge of supplying the organization’s clients with multi-kilogram quantities of cocaine on a regular basis. McCree was sentenced to 15 years in prison, but he served less than 5 years and secured a release on parole. Ever since his release, information about his whereabouts remains scarce.

Meanwhile, Marshall died in a prison cell in Westland, Michigan states as a result of a cocaine overdose. He reportedly started having a seizure just after he was arrested for possession of cocaine and marijuana.

Who is Terry Flenory’s Wife and Does He Have Kids?

Terry Flenory is rumored to be married to Tonesa Welch. In fact, there has not been any reliable source or evidence to show that the drug pedlar is married or has ever been married before. Similarly, he is not known to have any children.

Tonesa Welch
Tonesa Welch, image source

Tonesa Welch is only known as the first lady of the scandalous Black Mafia Family. She joined BMF when she was 19 years old and is well known for being the chief maker of the Notorious Queen, a BMF show where four ladies embraced new skylines in business.

Tonesa was also arrested and jailed alongside Big Meech and Terry in 2008 but was released in 2012 after serving her four-year jail term. Reportedly, she currently works in jail change where she helps different ladies who are subsequently to be detained by assisting them with their resumes and teaching them about attire, and law, according to Hollywood life.

Was Terry Flenory Shot and Is He Still Alive?

Contrary to the rumors and speculations flying all over the internet that he died after being shot sometime in 2021, Terry Flenory is still very much alive. To seemingly give credence to this rumor, a document was at the heel of the incident released, maintaining that Terry Lee is dead, but the statistics contained in the report are purely false.

Actually, in October 2021, Terry was shot in the eye while fighting with a rival gang in Detroit. However, he only sustained some injuries but did not die.

Where Is Terry Flenory Now?

Terry Lee Flenory, who rose to fame as one of the founders of The Black Mafia Family (BMF), is currently in home confinement in continuation of his jail sentence. Regardless, Terry Flenory is still very active on various social media platforms. In addition to sharing photos and videos with his fans, Terry also promotes his clothing line on his Instagram page.


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